Justin Bieber is the Mustache Man!

Justin Bieber is the Mustache Man!

Justin Bieber shows off a drawn-on mustache and fools around with a toy helicopter while leaving dinner on Thursday (December 2) in London, England.

The 16-year-old singer ate at the posh La Porte Indes in the Mayfair neighborhood of London.

Earlier in the day, Justin, who was just nominated for a Grammy, stopped by Maida Vale radio studios for a quick appearance.

The music video for Justin‘s song “Pray” was recently released.

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  • kaye

    How old is he again? A 10 year old would have been better behaved.

  • Lisa


  • http://www.thenewsgrind.com Rich

    Justin Bieber has more talent in his little finger than most have in their whole body. Though I was amused to see THAT incident in the jumper (seehttp://bit.ly/dYAuCe).
    What an embarrassment.

  • ashley

    Wow. u must love bieber. Cuz uh “LISA” if u think hes a girl and has no talent then why read this. If u hate him then y brother reading this. Wow it looks like u have no talent.

  • ashley

    @kaye: o ur cool hating on the internet

  • Miia

    Behaves like a kid. And I guess kids don’t draw mustaches while they’re having dinner OUT.

    He just likes to SHOW OF himself !!!

  • http://@biebercheeks Katie

    Umm hes sixteen. Let him be a kid. No one should have to pass up their childhood and act like an adult because everyone expects them too. Plus, this is kinda funny lol

  • Jenaycm

    He’s a SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOY. Their all immature, lol.

  • Marie

    He can be adored by teenagers but has no talent is just a spoiled child engaged singer will

  • good-one

    Clark Gable?

  • http://justjared lele

    If you have nothing nice to say about justin bieber then why do you waste your time commenting on his stuff he doesn’t give a crap about what ya’ll haterz say or think. He’s just being himself. He’s funny, cute , and very talented. And that is my opinion.

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella


  • you (;

    almost every guy is immature like this.. you guys are probably just making up stupid shit to hate on him.
    jeez, just give him a break and realize what kinda talent he has.

  • Gary white

    What a little twit! It’s sad though, he’s next in line for a male version of Lindsay Lohan!

  • viviana

    the stache was for MOVEMBER, google it.. idiots… ahaa.
    But he drew it cuz he couldnt grow one on his own

  • Jackiiee

    @Lisa: Wow, Yur Stupied, Like Really If Yu Don’t Like Him Then Why Yu Looking At Thiss ?

  • Seabreeze

    Be a kid Justin. In a couple of years you’ll be 18,then you can join the Army,Navy or the Marines. You’ll grow up in a hurry then,believe me. You probably won’t have time to grow a Mustache,you’ll be dodging boooby traps etc.!!!! Have fun while you can !!

  • alex

    I just hope international fans realize that he’s from Canada, not the US…I’d hate to be associated with him.

  • Seabreeze

    @Seabreeze: I’m a Senior citizen & i thought this was a pretty sensible comment. A little better than some of them I have read. And the spelling is atrocious !


    Hey he looks marvelous! so cute!
    and I am an old bag of 35 !

  • heyjessie

    It would’ve been nice if he had a real moustache.

  • Lisi

    I love how people think it’s so immature and ridiculous that he drew himself a mustache… It was a joke between him and some guy or whatever… But anway so WHAT!? Who cares? He’s a teenager most of my guy friends would do same thing. Why? Because they can and they thinks it’s funny. So don’t get your pantys in a bunch over it. ;)

  • Lisi

    @kaye: Apparently you don’t know anything about boys… I have 2 brothers ages 12 and 17. And I don’t recall drawing a mustache on yourself being categorized as unbehaved.

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