Max Ehrich Wants Selena Gomez as His Leading Lady!

Max Ehrich Wants Selena Gomez as His Leading Lady!

If Max Ehrich landed a romantic comedy role, he knows exactly who he’d want as his love interest!

Selena Gomez. I want to work with her so bad,” the 19-year-old Pregnancy Pact star tells Popstar in a video interview.

“She’s so funny and I think her comedic timing and everything is so fantastic. I just heard her song the other day and she’s so talented,” he adds. “She’s a great singer also. I’d love to sing with her. I’d love to act with her. She’s awesome.”

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Selena and Max together in a project?

Max Ehrich – Popstar Interview
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Credit: Mark Sullivan, Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • Ivy

    I certainly would. :D

  • yo

    ya know boys are crazy for selena ;)

    and not for miley ( who thinks they actually are ) or demi because….


  • blahblahblah

    Bad Choice !!

  • sunnysunny

    @blahblahblah: yeah right u wish, selena’s a great choice, aww he’s too cute in this interview

  • KElly


  • sue

    @blahblahblah whatever you say asshole!!!

  • sue

    i love how everyone wants to work with selena, i mean who doesnt? shes sooo talented, gorgeous and really amazing!!!

  • blahblahblah

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erika

    They would look good together XD

  • leal

    really good choice^^

    i agree him^^

    and i agree @sue

  • nediyon

    sooooo cute!!!!!! i would like to work with her too^^

  • napacaaaaaaan

    i hope we will see them together on tv^^

  • princessjay

    I think they would look great on screen together. From the pic showing them side by side, they seem to “match”.

  • angel

    flawless taste, tbh

  • good-one

    Hello? What? Max Ehrich Wants Selena Gomez as His Leading Lady ? Who wouldn’t? Um, well, that is, unless, maybe one could get Joy King. :)

  • Jesse

    great choice! she’s one of the most beautiful girls in the world! so pretty!!!

  • good-one

    * Joey, haha

    Selena’s adorable, she makes a great leading lady.

  • good-one

    (Joey King’s image has been my desktop wallpaper for a couple of months. The picture of the guy holding her in his arms. In order to remind me to get Ramona and Beezus.)

  • Nicole

    @yo SELENA FTW!!!!!!!! :)

  • nickj

    i love how many guys would love to work wit selena ! she’s amazing thats why :)

  • jj17

    @yo: You’re a loser!

  • Andrea

    can you blame him? selena’s an awesome actress

  • elizabeth

    who wouldn’t like to be next to Selena? Selena is amazing and so beautiful :) hopefully they will do something together. Who knows? ;)

  • Halle

    The look like brother and sister though….

    They would be great at that, but as love interests? No.

  • prizeesru

    Selena is gorgeous and they would totally look good together.

  • Julie

    @Halle yes they do look like brother and sister now that you mention it :O
    i guess anything would work. they are both good artists.

  • Chloe

    This guy is very sweet! We all know Selena is an awesome actress and very talented, plus they would look together… But who knows maybe in the future they’d meet & make a movie together.

  • chang

    lmao nobody wants to work with Demi because if she gets angry she would punch that person!

  • windy atika

    awesome if they work together i mean selena is awesome actress and singer too

  • Ella

    They would totally make a cute couple! ^^

  • Anonymous

    Selena is a good actress but maybe he should get his ears checked…
    I mean, talented singer? just no:/ She is one of the best teen actresses though..

  • none

    They wouldn’t be a good match. Any movie would bomb. Selena isn’t a slutty girl and if she went that way I would lose all respect for her and her acting and singing. This is a bad match.

  • steve

    @yo: No dummy, they are all smoking hot.

  • julia

    Great singer Max? Hahahahaha As Keke Palmer would say… “shut up stop lying”

  • Chezki

    Can a woman get pregnant if say she shakes the hand of a guy whom just beat one off and then she goes home an fingers herself?