Selena Gomez Jingles All The Way in Madison Square Garden

Selena Gomez Jingles All The Way in Madison Square Garden

Selena Gomez poses next to‘s own Jared Eng backstage at the Z100 Jingle Ball 2010 held at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Friday night (December 10).

The 18-year-old actress/singer was overheard backstage as Bruno Mars went on stage to perform his hit song, “Just The Way You Are,” “Oh my God, I love him!”

Selena dished to JJJ, “This is the first time I’ve been to Madison Square Garden and I’m so excited. It’s been tiring but I’m too excited to be tired.”

Selena was also spotted dancing with Jaden Smith backstage while Justin Bieber performed!

FYI: Sel wore a Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress in Black by ASOS for her performance.

15+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez at Z100′s Jingle Ball…

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Credit: Jason Kempin, Kevin Mazur, Brian Ach, Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • mmbop

    So pretty! <3

  • Salman

    I think Selena is amazing, and I think it would be awesome if Bruno Mars worked with her. I like both of their music.

  • Disnet InfoNet

    Wow! DisneyInfoNet posted these over 2 hours ago. Jared is there and we still posted them before they did? Everyone needs to follow us on Twitter @DisneyInfonet for up to the minute coverage on Disney stars.

  • andy

    Keep the good work Selena!

  • gina

    selena tan linda como siempre =)

  • dude

    She’s so cute.

  • good-one

    Righteous picture on this post. Looking GOOD.

  • Christine

    Selena Gomez is like the definition of classy. She’s the first teenager to roll through without any issues since Hilary Duff. Not too fond of her outfit, but the dress is way cute.

  • Silentwaiting

    I have no words for what i thought… so i will have to simply describe how i felt:

    I think i just experienced the literal feeling of having one’s mind blown… I’m serious. My jaw involuntarily dropped, i felt every single hair on my arms and back of my neck raise, and then i got a head ache… I do believe that’s what literally having one’s mind blown would feel like… and it just happened when i saw Selena in that drop dead gorgeous dress.

    And the pics of Selena head banging… only made the head ache stronger… Oh Selena, I adore you <3

  • hiha

    I love Selena and I love Bruno Mars! Oh please date him selena hihi he’s perfect!

  • Jesse

    wow she’s beautiful!!!

  • Jesse

    wow she’s beautiful!!!

  • Erika

    Loving the outfit XD

  • Andrea

    love that red scarf

  • headstrong

    hate that red scarf
    i like the black dress,pretty
    she looks kinda dumb when she tries to look like she is happy and having fun lol

  • mendomamir

    @headstrong you are trying soooo hard girl to find a mistake on her.. go to your bit*hy miley then you will find scandals and mistakes
    you are so pathetic that I really feel sorry for you..
    anyways she is beautiful..
    and just the haters make her more and more famous
    so great to see miley failing and seeling going more high and more high
    liri (:

  • Mika

    I never knew Jared was so good looking. Niice.

  • vote
  • headstrong

    @mendomamir: first just because i dont LOVE selena or everything in her, doesnt mean im a hater, you idiot. then i can assume you’re a miley hater. so haters like you and just miley more famous too.
    third, you’re so pathetic that you cant stick it up for selena without bringing miley down, what a fan.
    I do feel sorry for you. you’re glad to see miley falling? yeah, that shows you’re a GREAT great great person. smh

  • freak out

    @headstrong: Your the loser that is totally obssesed with miley. Your always here making bad comments about either her shoes or her hair and I bet that you’ll be on her next post. At least people actually have a reason to hate miley she is totally a whore and a bad role model but your too blind to see that.

  • headstrong

    @freak out: if i dont like her clothes or her hair its not because i hate her. sometimes i like it sometimes i dont what’s wrong with that? nothing, its my opinion. If miley is a s!ut o wathever you meant to say is not a reason to hate her because In what way what she does affects you?? its not your problem, idiot. Im a miley fan, im not agree with everything she does,but its HER life. and what she does with HER life its gonna affect HER. not me. im smart enough to realize i dont have to do everything she does because she is my idol.

  • headstrong

    @freak out: She IS my role model but not for that shallow things like the ways she dresses or dances or acts.
    Be a role model is beyong that. I saw in miley a lot of thigns that makes her my perfect role model. And im not blinded like you all selena fans that are blindied with her goody goddy image. I used to be aselena fan. its imposible for me to hate her.somehow i still like her. but im not longer her fan. THANK GOD, not anymore.

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Selena Gomez is so cute in red (my favorite color) and she reminds me of the Female Red Ranger from the 2009 Super Sentai Series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (My very, very, very, very top favorite Super Sentai Series from Japan in 2009)

    Selena Gomez is so sweet and so hot