Joe Jonas: Tron Legacy Premiere!

Joe Jonas: Tron Legacy Premiere!

Joe Jonas suits up for a night out at the El Capitan Theater to catch the premiere of Tron Legacy in Los Angeles on Saturday (December 11).

The 21-year-old actor/musician recently appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef, testing the chefs with their dessert skills.

Tron Legacy, which opens NEXT Friday, follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) as he looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years.

Check back soon for all the details on Tron Evolution Battle Grids video game! JJJ is testing it out!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza, John Sciulli, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Gossip Girl

    how the hell did he go from sexy SHANE GRAY in Camp Rock to THIS? He looks soo OLD

  • good-one

    his stated aim is edgy. he’s getting there.

  • kate

    21? k more like 35. -.-

  • Lea

    Hair cut & facial hair. Yes.
    Def liking the older side to him.

  • kaye

    Joe again, huh? He does look older. The hair, the facial hair. Not better though. Wish he’d stop with the partying and events and do something worthwhile.

  • Ella

    $%$^%&#%@# My baby looks so fierce!! What ever his look is, he’s still the HOTTEST for me! Love you Joseph! <3
    Haters to the left. ;)

  • Ella

    Good to see him ALONE. ^^,

  • marimadness

    i miss our old joe jonas…what happen to the kid who lovedhis music with his bros? Loved being a jokester in public? Didnt go to much events and cared about his fans more? He wore colours and was different and unique…now hes just like everyone else..i dont like this “new joe” he seems insincere and arrogant. *sighs* he was an amazing person now im unsure… He had the voice of a rocker now hes just a voice of another hollywood guy…miss his old style….miss the old him…joe jonas….:/

  • http://deleted marimadness

    at least hes alone right now and not around ashley. Theyre so friggin annoying ugh!

  • j-ann

    well hello handsome :)


    Oh plz………….Lets not forget Joe is an adult at 21!! You would want him to be mature & lot more wiser which he has always been & still is..Joe is gorgeous as ever and I love this more serious look..So he didn’t shave…….Big deal…..I love this unshaven look on him…Looking forward to 2011..Lots of great things happening for Joe and his brothers Nick & Kevin..JB new album, Joe solo album & possibly Kevin too..

    They have grown up into fine, talented, gorgeous & gifted men and I for one is very proud to say “STILL A HAPPY & CONTENT FAN”……………..

  • Erika

    He is looking good XD

  • YouDOntcare

    Like someone said early…HATERS TO THE LEFT.

    I dont like so much his facial hair, but whatever. The real fans dont like them JUST because their looks, thats superficial & stupid.


  • Lawrence

    Looking very dapper Joe!, can’t wait to see Tron!.

  • pandora

    So true I miss the old Joe too!!!!!

  • Jonaslove

    Joe looks amazing!!

  • penélope

    He looks like “the Situation” dumbass. Nice “edgier” look bwahaha.

  • Lauren


    U r 100% wrong

    Everyone grows ups & he still the same Joe just older & he cares about his fans so much



  • Mari

    I kinda like the haircut , but he looks so old now like in his 30s :/

  • Mika

    Joe, you sexy man.

    I love his new direction into being “edgy” with music and his appearance. We’re finally getting what we asked for, the real side of him.

    And I don’t understand how you guys could say he looks like he’s 30. He looks young and fresh. :)

  • Letícia

    Our ridiculous it is!
    looks like a werewolf!
    Nick is so gorgeous!

  • audreylovesjoe

    ohmy he is looking quite sexy here! im loving this new edgier look to his style :) cant wait for the solo album!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    He looks HOTTTTT! as always! loving the new hair cut, & the facial hair ;) well he is 21 what do u expect, & he doesn’t look old one bit, Joe looks amazing!!! <3

  • Amy

    @kate: i agree, he looks too old for his age

  • tastelikecandy

    Joe looks good..I love the dark suit on him..would really want to see a 21 year old man running around in a red suit? Shit like that is what made people call the Jonas Brothers D-bags in the first place..even Nick wears darker more neutral colors now!!!! they have grown up give them room to grow..I mean he isn’t going out getting DUI’s he isn’t getting caught smoking out of a bong!!! Give him a break..and going to events in Hollywood its called Networking honey it gives Joe a chance to meet other people in the industry..guess what if the Jonas Brothers don’t do something to break out of their tiny little bubble and have a way to remain in the public eye people forget about you pretty fast smart move going to Hollywood events for a guy about to have a solo album come out..his brothers need to take a lesson!

  • lerner

    Starting to get a gay vibe. Not that that’s bad. Just looks like Lance Bass should be next to him.

  • Kimberlyh16


    Joe is still the same Joe, he just looks different. We’re not all going to look the same from 16 to 21 that’s like 4 years and he’s obviously going to look older and be more mature but he’s still the big-hearted Joe that we all love. So what if he’s going to premieres? he’s a celebrity that’s what they do, at least he’s not out getting drunk and partying with a bunch of girls. Family, friends and fans are always going to be #1 to Joe. He hasn’t changed, just matured, real fans would stick by him he hasn’t changed for the worst.

  • beatriz

    he looks hot but even so he is no longer who he really is, is now a changed person for his stupid girlfriend Ashley Grenne :l

  • emi

    @kaye: Ummm I don’t think you understand how Hollywood works…FYI parties are an important part of how you make your career function.

    He looks great to me! One of my all-time favorite people. :)

  • Kayla

    The way he stands is weird.

  • jonasobsessed

    awwww i love Joe Jonas!!!

  • still a happy fan!

    woow i kinda like joe’s new hair! and yes… everyone grow up! its the same joe but older!! he still care about fans! its awesome how time flies by!! he looks hot! like always! he’s just not a kid anymore!!

  • penélope

    @beatriz: Learn how to spell, then you can call people stupid.

  • http://Eu1997njj Eugenia

    No worries.. When he breaks up with ashley green he is going to come back as he was before. I am sure ashley is turning him to be that way!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Eu1997njj JB forever

    Ahhhh hate this ashley greene, look what she is doing to my sexy, hott gorgeous Joe!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Eu1997njj JB forever

    I miss joe without ashley green:( i have gorgous pic of him without or just before he started dating that ashley greene:(

  • durrr

    whats with the debby downer shoes?