Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' Visit from Mom!

Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' Visit from Mom!

Miley Cyrus gets a visit from her mom Tish while heading to the set of her film So Undercover on Tuesday (December 14) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 18-year-old entertainer’s mom actually serves as one of the producers on the flick!

The day before, Miley walked to the set of the film, which also stars Megan Park.

Later that day, Miley kept warm by putting on a black hoodie.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus being visited by her mom…

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Photos: INFdaily, GSI Media
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  • mrsdestinyhope

    I don’t trust Tish so much anymore. I personally think that Billy Ray had a better grip on MC. But at least MC looks good!

  • Emma

    I don’t like Tish. Seems like she is always trying to act like a teenager, and its sad to see that she doesnt really care about her daughter at all.

  • headstrong

    I love miley’s hair like that. And i like the outfit. all in white.
    Looking good miles!!
    Well, im not gonna judge tish because i dont know her.Maybe she tought she was doing her job well or i just dont know. But i like Billy ray better as a parent.

  • sue

    miley has such a round fat face and really gross!!! everything in her face are or ugly or weird…. and what fake and damaged hair and looks really horrible like that!!!! and her mother is soo pathetic, they both are just and attetion whore…

  • Sherlock

    Lol sue. Just go fuck yourself. Seriously. Miley is beautiful. Let’s see your face.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @sue: insecurity is a dangerous thing. Remember that.

  • Gossip Girl

    @sue: if it’s so gross looking to u, why did u bother to look at it? Obviously u must love her face.

  • BillyTheKidNY


    You know what’s really pathetic Sue? Someone making an enormous effort on such a hateful, and unnecessary comment as you just did. That’s what I call pathetic! Not only that, but you also failed in the attempt with your lack of language skills!

    On another note it’s nice to see Miley looking good and not letting the weight of the world knock her down. It also goes without saying that I hope she understands that what she did wasn’t right, and should probably come out at some point and say as much. We’ll see.

  • just me

    I LOVE Miley Ray Cyrus. <3

  • Ella
  • Taya

    Miley look amanzing :P

  • sahina


    you’re one who can talk, since your hair looks damaged itself. and yes, i’ve seen your picture.

    “they both are just and attetion *****…”
    hypocrite much??

  • amy


    I agree! I too hope for the best for Miley & hope the incident will be the last for her own good and well being. I hope Miley finds some better friends that actually can be trusted; the one who released that vid is a dispicable person.

    & it is sad when people feel the need to try so hard to find nasty and uncalled for things to say about someone they don’t even know )this means you, @Sue)

  • blahblahblah

    I Love Her Hair Like That And @sue Shut Up Plz !

  • headstrong

    @sue: and you said: ‘@yayme seriously dont you tired of being such a loser and a retarded ugly freak??? get some help you creepy idiot!!!! everybody know that you are slow mental, but c´mon dont embarrasing every day is really pathetic!!! btw so funny that someone like you, i mean loser, ugly and pathetic dare to talk bad about gorgeous selena, i know freak, she has everything and you has nothing…. lol sooo sat mad and good luck with your mental problems….’ LOL at you.

  • magick_girl786

    Yes Tish is being stupid for not punishing Miley for making a mistake and yes Miley is stupid for doing it and getting filmed and whatever but at least Tish isn’t an idiot like Billy Ray posting “ZOMG LIEK I’M SUCH A BAD DAD!” on the internet for everyone to see instead of, you know, actually TALKING to his daughter.

  • lovelydee

    Tish seems to act more like
    a “Best Friend” than a Mother.

  • Gaby

    @magick_girl786: I know I agree. Yeah Miley and Tish may not have been right but Tish at least is sticking by her daughter. Billy Ray it seems just wants freaking sympathy when he should shut up and do his job as a parent, It’s partially his fault Miley acts out. I think that Miley looks great. She’s doing whats best for her and living her life. And leave Tish alone, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  • mschlappi33

    does anyone know where that sweater is from? i want it SO bad

>>>>>>> staging1