Kevin Jonas: Joe Didn't Split with Taylor Via Text!

Kevin Jonas: Joe Didn't Split with Taylor Via Text!

Kevin Jonas wants to set the record straight about Joe‘s infamous break-up with Taylor Swift.

“No, that is not true,” the 23-year-old said on MTV’s The Seven when asked about reports his younger brother called it quits with the country star via text.

“People have all their speculations, and she seems to talk about it in all her songs, so it’s fine,” he said.

Kevin, who was on the show to chat about the X the TXT campaign, added that breaking up with a text is “probably not the best thing.”

“But if that’s how the relationship started, I guess it’s alright for it to end that way,” Kevin said with a laugh.

Kevin Jonas and Big Rob on MTV’s The Seven

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  • kaye

    This is the best you could do to continue the constant Joe stories. The breakup was not the news. Other info in the vid was more important. And it’s old. Last week.

  • Keivn

    Ah, poor Kevin desperately trying to cling to relevance. Leave it rest dear, they (Joe and Taylor) have. Perhaps discuss your fledging music career…oh, yeah never mind

  • sarah

    I really dont like very much kevin since the team “selena and demi” shirt.

  • headstrong

    i remember when taylor was crying over that like in all the interviews she had. that was pathetic and inmature.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    No one thought it was over text. Taylor said 20 second phone call lol but she needs to get over it. 4 songs dedicated to Joe on her new album is a little pathetic. Even though I like her songs it’s frustrating knowing she hasn’t truly moved on.

  • Laura

    Seriously! it was what? TWO yeard ago and it is still getting mentioned. Fair enough she writes and records good music that we all like. They seem to be on good terms now and put it in the past so why can’t the rest of the world!

  • headstrong

    @Listen to mayday parade: i thought the only onw aobut him was last kiss, 4 songs? really?

  • Trisha

    good grief, why is this even still being brought up?!

  • Kevin

    Listen to mayday parade is being dramatic. It’s just ‘Last Kiss’. Besides, why do people hate on someone who genuinely got screwed over by a guy. It’s stupid. Taylor has consistently stated that her songs are from experience and her life. If that’s a problem for you then just don’t listen or comment. It’s that simple. Also the moron who said she was crying in interviews: Taylor never cried in interviews. She only mentioned in once Ellen brought it up. That was it. Not the hundreds of interviews you make it out to be. Regardless Taylor is a far more successful artist,both critically and commercially than the Jonas Bros. She transcends teeny bopper girls.

  • tm

    @Kevin: i tottaly agree with you!

  • menna

    I though it was a phone call….who said anything about a text?

  • kay

    She never said it was via text, and she doesn’t talk about it in all of her songs. Firstly, she said it was via VOICEMAIL, and secondly, she writes songs about EVERYTHING. It would be really self-absorbed if Joe thought all of her songs were about him.

  • fardous

    really? are we gona talk about it now?

    no one cares ur bro is ediot deal with it

  • julissa

    @kay: i completely agree.

  • Bethany

    Jared, you know this is old stuff and your Kevin hate keeps showing

  • urie

    @Kevin: oh say the truth!!!! tell ‘em!!!

  • http://ROCKANIINHAA Ana Clara

    There’s no point in arguing over it, is gone. And just who knows what really happened, are both.

  • mary

    Because taylor swift has been mentioning that ( in songs or TV to spill the dirt) for years now. But taylor swift’s fans are so blind to support tay swift. It is not that Jonas brother brings it up– it is the media ask the question, media will ask more in the future.

  • Jess

    first it wasnt via text it was a Phone Call! that lasted 27 seconds!
    plus im sure taylor has moved on but she needs to make music and if going back to these types of this is gonna make great music then LET IT BE!

  • Julie

    @menna: that’s what i thought too…

  • michelle

    LISTEN : its not kevin fault ,it wasn’t he’s realtionship, the reporter ask him a question , he answer it. BIG DEAL LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  • kate

    oh my god didnt kevin like have a thing for Taylor..a crush thing. that was kinda rude answering like that, she sing all about it in her songs, like wtf?

  • Jacob

    @Listen to mayday parade: There is only 2 songs Last Kiss and If this was a Movie. The Story of Us is about John Mayer after going to CMT awards, Superman, Dear John, and Haunted is also about John Mayer. Ours and MIne is about Cory M. from Glee. Long Live and never grow up in about fans and family. Better than Revenge is about Camille Belle. Back to December is about Taylor Lautner. Enchanted is about Adam from Owl City. Innocent is about Kanye West. Get the facts straight.

  • lexie

    i thought it was a phone call that lasted 27 seconds. I text is even worse.

  • zoe

    gosh, kevin. just because the jonas brothers are OLD NEWS dosen’t mean you have to talk about taylor to get yourself back into the press. Her career is better that yours ever was, and her songs aren’t all about joe, 2 songs. deal with it.
    & you were always the least like jonas brother.
    just throwing it out there :)

  • lauren6

    he seems to be really nasty sometimes…or maybe thats just how he comes across in interviews….but i can remember there was a camp rock interview when jonas brothers and demi lovato were in new york and i think it must have been when joe and demi had broken up but no-one knew and he was been really sarcastic an rude to demi on camera…and then for him to make out that taylors still draggin it out years later when she isn’t….yeah she went on tv an talked about it but just because the jonas brothers aren’t allowed to talk about their relationships doesn’t mean taylor isn’t allowed to say what she likes…joe screwed taylor over an then got straight with camilla an he did it with demi….i don’t think hes the best one to be in a relationship with…an i agree completly with what the commentor @kevin: said because he said everything correct

  • Lawrence

    Yawn!, what a tiresome subject.

  • Isabelle

    dear everyone, Taylor Swift has written quite a few songs about Joe Jonas situation actually; Forever & Always, (of which i can see everyones failed to mention), Last Kiss, Better Than Revenge…and i don’t know where this whole “Text” thing has come from as she’s openly admitted in quite a few interveiws it was a phonecall. And why so much Kevin hate? it wasn’t his relationship, and why HE was asked about it is beyond me.


    what the hell, why are they even bringing this up again? Taylor said it was a phone-call. Not a text.

  • Kei

    does no one know that it was a 27 second voice mail…..not a text message

  • kat

    she would have written the song(s) about it then and is benefitting from them now, it doesnt all happen overnight you know

  • Samantha

    freaking hell.. how many years ago was this? the only reason people wont stop going on about it is because Taylor effing Swift wont shut the hell up!

  • ab

    #32 – Uhm she has not brought it up recently so I dont know what youre talking about.

    We know it was over the phone, Joe even said it was.

    And if Joe fans think she wrote 4 songs on the new album about him than you are clearly delusional.

    I think she has moved on just fine.

    Jake > Joe

  • Person with a brain

    He is so full of sh!t. Even Joe has admitted that he did end it by phone. He needs to get over it, and stop doing things just to try to be relevant. Immature people don’t deserve being mentioned and @Kevin, I agree with you.

  • lyc

    taylor swift is a corny drama queen!

  • K2Love

    @zoe: How I about I taze you in the eye until you cry to DEATH!!!

  • K2Love

    You know, as a Kevin supporter… I say NEVER piss off a short-tempered, easily offended Kevin lover. Fucking losers… -_-

    Jared, hun, can you tell these people to shut the hell up?


  • listen to mayday parade

    @Kevin: Wow your a huge Taylor fan eh? Thats why you didnt know ‘The Story of Us’ is also about Joe.. and ‘Better Than Revenge’ is about the chick that result in JOE dumping her. Come on.

  • listen to mayday parade

    OH I WAS PROVEN WRONG! I will HONESTLY admit U thought Story of Us was about Joe. But Jacob proved me wrong. Shit she didn date joh Mayer that long to write 4 songs about him lol but she did. Nice

  • Jli

    Joe didn’t break up with her using a txt, he called her on the phone with a call that lasted for only a few seconds.

  • asdfjkl;

    And you’re an idiot.

  • 69

    No, peole go on about it because of Joe. The last time Taylor ever mentioned anything about it was in “Better Than Revenge.” And it’s not because she’s trying to get publicity, it’s just how she feels about it.

  • 69

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE! XD

  • http://yosilianrskn yosilia nursakina

    BAHAHA it’s funny, kev. i think you just lied?

  • gen

    people. HE WAS ASKED!

  • Erika

    Good XD

  • michelle

    uh hello, it was over a 20-27 sec. phone call, not a text, and you call urself media people who are supposed to know about celebrities, even my little sis knows it was over a phone call, get to ur research now, i know i do all the time since i find it fascinating knowing what the celebs are up to since i have a lot of free time.

  • michelle

    @lauren6: can you and everyone get over this JAYLOR SHIT its old and worn out. how does kevin come across as rude. i would had said the same thing with no regrets.

  • michelle

    @yosilia nursakina: no he didn’t phone call not text

  • michelle