Selena Gomez: 'Ramona and Beezus' Gag Reel!

Selena Gomez: 'Ramona and Beezus' Gag Reel!

Selena Gomez cracks up in a recently released gag reel from her comedy Ramona and Beezus.

Check out the clip to see the rest of the cast break out of character, laugh, and get silly!

One part features Joey King struggling to crack an egg on her head, while another shows Selena getting part of her robe stuck in the door.

Looks like the entire crew had a blast making the film!

Ramona & Beezus Gag Reel
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  • _twistedangel_

    This was a really great movie! Selena and Joey had wonderful chemistry in it. Loved it!

  • mendomamir

    LMAO just to cute.. I love her.. she is sooooooo funny and down to earth

  • headstrong

    Joey King is adorable and really talented for her age.

  • d.b.c_chick

    love lil joey king

  • good-one

    Content is [Joey] King.

  • marq

    At minimum, Joey ought to be named as a trustee to the Billionaires’ Giveaway fund, in order to insure that the “Pledge” is neither a feint nor a ruse and that it happens, and in a timely manner, and that it is not merely a clever tax dodge through the usual foundations. A genuine “giveaway” would look like “Brewster’s Millions”, and not resemble a Rockefeller Foundation “trust”.

    The “Pledge” on its face should at least be fungible, now, at the Fed, if it is good at all, if it is real, if the government actually believes it. Otherwise, why did they vote to cement Bush tax cuts for the rich, while the rest of the country is thrust into austerity, without so much as discussion?

    Or, just straight out release some billions to a committee of kids her age and stand back and let them change the world.

  • good-one

    for real?

  • marq

    Well, look how well the inspector general at the fed watches the money:

  • good-one

    Joey has done work with charities even before starting her acting career.

  • sue

    i love this movie!!!!

  • sue

    selena and joey are sooo adorable together, like real sister, too cute;)

  • jacqueline

    i love u selena but i hate u too