Hailee Steinfeld: My Embarrassing Run-In with Lea Michele!

Hailee Steinfeld: My Embarrassing Run-In with Lea Michele!

Hailee Steinfeld is a star in her own right but that doesn’t mean she won’t get starstruck once in a while!

“When I was auditioning for True Grit, I was on the Paramount lot. I was wearing clothes from the 1800s that were big and uncomfortable,” the 14-year-old actress recalls to J-14.

When she saw Lea Michele there filming Glee, “I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, ‘Sorry, now’s not a good time!’”

“So I had to walk all the way back to the car wearing what I was wearing. I was practically crying on the way home. I was so sad!” Hailee said.

FYI: Hailee‘s new film, True Grit, opened Wednesday (December 22). Check out a clip of her in the Western action-drama below!

Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit
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  • unnie_Sophia

    now lea michele’s going to be the one asking for her autograph.

  • Fran

    um maybe it wasn’t a good time, she was obviously at work, what an odd useless story.

  • lexie

    i know lea was probably really busy, but she couldn’t stop for a couple of seconds and sign a quick autograph?

  • jessie

    People need to stop making assumptions you have no idea what was going on. People have lives, work, they can’t stop for everyone and sadly they have to just go on their way. I don’t think people really realize how often they may get stopped.

  • guest

    I love lea but I don’t like that. she always seems so sweet though. Maybe she was just having a bad day but she didn’t have to totally ignore the poor girl.

  • Kathy

    @lexie: easy for you to say when your not the one in a rush or being asked to do it all the time. don’t judge you don’t have all the information.

  • ilove

    That’s actually really rude

  • Tom

    @ilove: Maybe she was in a hurry she was at work. Sadly they can’t please everyone all the time.

  • http://j chelsea

    rude of leah

  • Jay

    Geez maybe she was on her way to work she can’t stop for everyone. You don’t know the whole story people.

  • Kaycee

    Wow…that’s really pathetic that Lea didn’t even acknowledge her.

  • kayle

    This is just this girls perspective, you have no idea what was going on besides the little information she gave. Maybe it was just like the guy said, it wasn’t a good time. I am sorry the girl didn’t get an autograph, but until you are in someone else shoes you should probably keep your assumptions to yourself.

  • Craig

    I could never be a celebrity. I know I wouldn’t stop for everyone and people seem to just try to find negative stuff about people.

    This girl better be careful she may find herself in the same boat someday unable to sign for everyone and people talking about her. She seemed more upset by what she was wearing than that Lea didn’t sing an autograph.

  • frew

    Lea probably looked at her and said who is this strangely clothed extra?! Now, Hailee is a bonafide movie star. Something Lea will never be.

  • mcmillian

    What are these excuses about her being in hurry? How much of a hurry can you be in that even a smile wastes your precious minutes? She didn’t have to sign. She could have smiled and said, I am late. Next time. Lea has never had manners. Her mom forgot that part while pushing her towards fame.

  • lexie

    you guys are saying we don’t know the whole story, but neither do you.
    She could’ve said it wasn’t a good time instead of walking pass the little girl and letting the guy apologize for her.
    and @Kathy: sorry i don’t have ‘all the information’.

  • Kelly

    @lexie: so that is why some people aren’t making assumptions. Maybe the guy said something before lea had a chance to, so she didn’t. I know I have heard people say this person didn’t give autographs and then see another person at the same event got an autograph. It happens all the time. I don’t know may be she did blow her off but it could have been inadvertently done or some other reason. We will never know for sure. Maybe she was thinking on her task. I have heard she is very focused on her work and it kind of in a zone. Maybe just wasn’t the right time for this kid and that is too bad to judge is a bit weak.

  • toughlittleprissy

    She didn’t need to stop if she was in a hurry, but she could have at least acknowledge the girl, like smile at her? It wouldn’t need more than 1 second for a smile you know.

  • lulu

    she looks a bit like nicole anderson x

  • Tom

    She was at work on the studio lot, she does not always have to sign her name. It might be possible that she did not even hear here ask if she was walking by fast. Give her a break. Autograph’s are stupid anyway.

  • mS. c

    Yes stars are busy. Wonder if she would have stopped to sign the autograph had Hailee been dressed to impress? I agree with how often they are stopped, but WHO have made them stars?

  • janiece

    its understanable for her to be busy during work, but just walking past the girl and not even saying “sorry i cant right now” or at least acknowledging her with a quick apology would have been nice on lea’s part. it wouldve taken less than a few seconds

  • LUCY

    I agree we don’t know the whole story so why is Hailee saying this now. This was what like a year ago? The guy that stopped her was probably security for the show and Hailee was most likely in a restricted area. When the cast is off site they do take time to sign autographs. Also you never know Lea was mostly in trouble again for crashing her car again.

  • Laurie

    Lea’s mind could have been a thousands other places. She was at work, the guy said something. It is too bad but hardly something Lea should be chastised for consider we don’t even know if she hear her or whatever.

  • Just wait

    Regardless of what you think, I think this 14-year-old is going to be in for a hard lesson. Wait until people start telling tales about HER to gossip sites. It’s not going to feel very nice for her to be put up for ridicule for what really amounts to nothing.

  • yeah

    Leah is a bitch what else is new

  • Jen

    As someone who has seen Lea ignore her fans on more than one occassion, this is just typical. She can be rather rude. Yes she’s a very talented girl, but her attitude needs adjusting. I love how everyone is making excuses for Lea. It’s not hard to turn and wave or even say “Sorry, I can’t stop.”

  • flor

    All I know is that this girl HAilee is trying to make us feel sorry for her.

  • Cass


    Lea is a sweetheart, I’m sure you’ll live without her sighing a peice of paper for you.

  • Joe

    @toughlittleprissy: maybe she was past her already. I think most are just saying this is just Hailee prospective we don’t know for sure. Just that people seem to always be trying to find the negative in people. We just don’t know so to start calling out Lea is wrong to me. Like someone else said the guy said something maybe Lea thought it was dealt with. Who knows but stars just can not please everyone all the time.

  • KatieJo

    @flor Um, she’s a little girl. She’s not trying to make anyone feel anything, she was disappointed and she told the story. She’s what, 14? How many 14 year old girls have a filter?

    Honestly, if you’re busy you’re busy. But at least smile, nod, say I’m sorry as you run off. It takes seconds to do that, and it’s effective. It’s done all the time. This just sounds like Leah being kind of a jerk.

  • lol

    @justwait: Yup x1000.

  • Gleerules

    Oh no she got turned down. Boo Hoo she needs to grow up. Shes been taught a valuble lesson there. Just some publicity for her really. What a ridiculously pointless story. Whoever this Hailee person is she should be focusing on her careernot smearing someone and calling them a diva seriously.

  • Carey

    @Jen: but some of us have seen her be very nice to fans as well. You just can’t be all things to all people. People have different perspectives. What one person finds rude other may not think so. I have seen her just walk by but didn’t find it rude she was just doing her thing. I don’t think stars need to stop their lives to accommodate fans plus she was at work. I’m not giving her excuses but I am not going to pretend I know the exact situation or vilify her for not acknowledged everyone. I still can not figure out why people feel the need to actively go after her, you don’t like her fine, but ignore her than.

  • Suzy

    @KatieJo: how do you know she didn’t smile or nod or whatever? Maybe the girl didn’t see it. I have seen so many times that someone has said, she wouldn’t take pictures and then you would see pics of her with other fans at the same event. Or she didn’t do press and then you would get videos of her doing press. I just think people judge stars so harshly.

  • Kim

    This isn’t the first time Lea has been unneccesarily rude to someone on set; she’s notorious for it.

  • lol

    @frew: A costar in one movie doesnot a MOVIESTAR make..lol They both will need to be very lucky to get there.

  • Sophie

    Seriously? I mean, the girl only telled the story to be in the spotlight… Lea’s a sweetheart and we don’t know the whole story :D AND if this was a year ago, maybe Lea doesn’t even remember about this girl :)

  • Jenna

    woah. I just stumbled on this article and clicked on it because i just saw this talented, well spoken little girl on THE VIEW. Now i know why they tell actresses never to google themselves. the COMMENTS…You girls are vicious & passionately angry about people and situations you don’t even know about. That is sad. I thought Kristen Stewart was being dramatic when she said ‘the ugliest girl in the world’ would pop up under her name…and she’s quite FAMOUS…so i can’t even imagine her reality of haters she tries to block out….i don’t get the cyber bullying. get a life girls…a happy one.

  • Gleefan

    I love Lea, but she’s snubs so many French fans in Paris too :-(

  • magick_girl786

    I don’t blame Lea for not giving her an autograph or anything like that because the Fox studio lot is her workplace and she was busy or working or whatever. But really, how hard is it to smile apologetically at the girl who wants your autograph or at least say “Sorry I’m busy”?

    Your fans are the reason why you’re famous, why your show is doing well and I have heard many accounts of Lea ignoring her fans even when she’s not at work. I love Lea and I love Glee but she seems like the fame is really going to her head.

  • Sparkles

    I’m not choosing sides here. If this story is true and Lea was rude then there’s no excuse for that. If she was in a hurry however it IS somewhat understandable – she was at work afterall.

    Again not choosing sides but this happened when this girl was auditioning for her movie? Well since the movie has already come out we can assume this incident happened at least a year ago if not over. Honestly, how can anyone believe she’s not intentionally using this story for publicity?

    Again not choosing sides, just saying…

  • sara

    Aww! I would have the same reaction, I would be like… oh.. yeah, okay. That’s.. yeah.

  • alexandra

    Don’t get me wrong…I am a huge glee fan, and love lea michele’s voice…but I know people who have been in shows with her, and who went to school with her, and everyone says the same thing. That she is a complete snot and a diva. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true.

  • Karma

    Ha! Hailee’s smarter, prettier and a much much better actress who just received an Oscar nom for her breakthrough role in a real work of film, not pap made for preteens.

    Suck on that Lea whateverurname is.