Miley Cyrus: Christmas Karaoke Duet with Noah!

Miley Cyrus: Christmas Karaoke Duet with Noah!

Miley Cyrus and younger sister Noah spent Christmas together at their home in Nashville where they had a little fun with their family.

The 18-year-old singer’s older sister Brandi tweeted that Miley and Noah, 10, sang a duet to “Can’t Be Tamed” on their brand new karaoke machine!

Miley also sent out a Christmas message to her fans saying that she’d love to see her fans in 2011, possibly on an upcoming tour.

Watch the video message below…

Miley Cyrus’ Christmas Message
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Credit: Dave J. Hogan, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • good-one

    Awww           :)

  • UzTawkin2Me

    Cant wait to see that video =]

  • Warren

    I am happy Miley is with her family. Miley is so beautiful and I hope to see a lot more of her next year. I especially hope for a Miley concert. And a kiss from Miley would be nice!

  • luss


  • charleen

    This kid needs braces asap.

  • Erika

    Miley and Noah look so much alike XD

  • mnhn

    10 year old + make up = wtf

  • gaby


  • Alex

    No offence but Miley’s little sis is not exactly pretty :P

  • Sahina


    she’s only 10 so she doesn’t need braces yet. no one’s teeth is perfect at that age.

  • blahblahblah

    Awwww I Love This Girl , And Happy New Year All :) :) <3

  • none

    Wow Noah looks like a little hooker. Can anyone say Pedo bait?

  • shannon

    awwww nice video Miley. Happy new year and love you :)

  • negroxoxo

    miley is not bad but her younger sister doesn’t look good at all. i don’t like her..!

  • Dragon

    @none: Dude, you DO realize you’re dissing on a 10-year-old, right? That’s PATHETIC. And she doesn’t look like a hooker! That’s actually a very cute and age-appropriate dress; get your eyes checked.

  • Dragon

    Go Noah and Miley!!! Haha, I’m kind of looking forward to Disney in the next few years, because Noah, Madison de la Garza, Madison Pettis, and Joey King are all aiming to be on the Disney Channel and they’re all such cute actresses.

  • Digi

    @Dragon: ya me too, i think Madison beat them all

  • headstrong

    yeah! another miley tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Dragon: what about G Hannleuis ?

  • rachel r

    noah looks just like miley u 2 could be identical twins

  • hiha

    at least with lots of money and constant maintenance, Miley sort of look good. But Noah *grimace* I’m not sure it will be enough! The worst thing is that she’s being pushed in the spotlight and that won’t do her any good

  • none

    @iTellItLikeItIs: G Hannleuis rocks. She is 10 times better than Noah and doesn’t dress like a hooker. Noah is just as wild as miley. She is pedo bait.

  • peacechick123

    Wow, do most of you guys realize how rude your being? And you don’t even know what our talking about. Noah doesn’t look like a hooker, nor dress like one. Gosh have some class! The last I’ve heard of Noah Cyrus was when the movie Ponyo came out. And yeah, they’re were pictures of her and stuff with family. But neither thing makes her a hooker. Just because Miley isn’t doing good with her career, Noh’s gonna be the same. Like I said before have some class. Noah is a 10 year old girl. Be logical.

  • Gaby

    Are ya’ll serious? Criticizing a 10 year old? Leave her alone. Grow a fricken heart. I really wish Miley would go on tour this year.

  • sophie

    @none: so??shut up… noah doesnt dress like a hooker..

  • Lolo

    love her <3
    she looks diffrent

  • Dlh

    it looks like miley is cleaning up her act

  • natalie

    wtf leave noah alone shes only 10 nd mil is aweosme i really really hope she does a tour nd 2 australia

  • selena


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