Demi Lovato: 2011 Tour Still Coming?

Demi Lovato: 2011 Tour Still Coming?

Seems we might see Demi Lovato back on the road in 2011…

According to the Washington Post (via MTV), the 18-year-old musician is still planning a solo tour in the upcoming year.

Demi told AP recently about her plan to keep ticket prices low and reasonable for all of her fans. “I have best friends that aren’t in the industry and are dealing with just buying groceries and things like that, so I want to do my part,” she said.

DO YOU THINK Demi will still go on tour in ’11?

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  • Jenny

    I hope so if she can handle a tour that is!! I dont want her to overwork herself

  • love

    i love demi i hope she goes on tour in 2011 i love to see her on the roads again

  • Cathy C

    I think it might happen. just later than planned. She loves touring, that is her favorite thing so if she can still make that happen she will. But obviously we’ll see. Hope she comes to the UK. :)

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/XloveZANESSA xLOVEzanessa

    i hope, she feels healthy enough mentally, to this. but good on her. for not letting something get in a way for what she wants to do.

    that’s very considerate of her. keeping prices low. haha,

  • Flowerrrrr

    If the Jonas Brothers arent there,I am not gonna see her.SORRY but I dont LOVE her,I liked her but not now (just my opinion)

  • bambiii

    she better finish her rehab and then go to a loooong vacation :O
    not working again,demi honey :S

  • Ego

    I think it can still happen. Just later as planed. Her recovery needs to come first.

  • djam

    Her health comes first but I can’t wait to see her on stage!!
    She’s AMAZING in live!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She should take a year off. She needs time for herself. Throwing her right back in is asking for another treatment center visit..

  • Dragon

    I say if Demi and doctors say she’s up to it, go for it. But I REALLY think Demi needs a lot of time for herself, not just two months to relax from almost three years of non-stop celeb life. I love you Demi, so whatever you decide to do, I’m okay with!

  • Jenna

    Have to agree with some. No Jonas Brothers then not wasting time on Demi. Saw her with them this summer and she was not that great.

  • Laura

    Good for demi, She is still living her dream and i totally look up to her! shes done so well for herself. And as for punching alex whoever ( sorry dont know last name) Demi is only 18, and being that age we get into fights and make mistakes that’s what we do. ANYWAY its good to know that she at least got out tae see her family and is doing well! Whatever happens in the future she has her family and fans xx

  • http://kelcieallstar Kelcie Rheem

    I hope Demi goes on tour in 2011 . I will Definitly be one of the first to buy a ticket!

  • Joechief

    @Jenna: Well nobody gives a suit whacking and any other Jonas brother loser stands have to think. Go back to supporting your mediocre group.

  • Joechief

    “If the Jonas Brothers arent there,I am not gonna see her.SORRY but I dont LOVE her,I liked her but not now (just my opinion)”

    Well then your opinion is fucking retarded. Just like most jobros stans.

    #13 Joechief @ 8:53 pm on 12/28/2010
    @Jenna: Well nobody gives a shit about what you or some other Jonas brother loser stan have to say. Go back to supporting your mediocre group.
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  • Elena

    I am a 23 yr old Demi fan!! She’s an amazing talent and performer and I’d really love to see her again this summer. I’ve seen her every year and she’s great. I do hope that she makes sure to take care of herself. :)

  • mrsdestonyhope

    LOL! People who are dying to go just because she’s not the 3rd wheel of the Jonas Brothers are ridiculous! I’m so sick of the JB’s acting like her effin chaperon on tours and crap. Demi needs to move out on her own so that idiots can put the “She’s only famous cuz of the Jonas Brothers” excuses away! Demi sings better than the 3 of the Brothers COMBINED.And I know for a fact cuz I saw her in concert last summer. And besides, no one gives a squat about the Jo Crows anymore since Justiine Beaver came around

  • Ella

    I hope so!! She really need to. ^^

  • Joechief

    How To Identify a Hater:
    It’s easy to figure out if someone is hatin, a hater, or even just a normal dude–but sippin on the hatorade:

    Jealously – “is a weak emotion” according to Jay Z and jealousy seeps through everything a hater does/says …
    Illiterate — usually the hater displays his hatitude while exemplifying this trait …
    Un-Educated – maybe not formally (in fact, the hater-tude often rises alongside the “book smarts”), but definitely in whatever area the hater is exercising his hate on …
    Scared – to take a stand themselves … to do something “diffferent” … or even to step out from being anonymous …
    LOVE the internet & Youtube – because they can comment on anything they want and it’s totally anonymous. For some reason, I swear to God, just going on lowers the average IQ about 15 points (judging purely from the quality of comments!)

  • Zippy

    She needs to tour when SHE’S ready. I don’t think it would be that bad for her, as long as she’s mentally healthy before committing to the tour. She needs to finish her album before a tour can commence though, so it might not happen this year. I’d rather hear new music and she can take her time with other new projects.
    I think she’ll take a lot more time off so as not to burn out again. I think she’ll come out of the TC knowing exactly what she needs to do to stay healthy. She does love touring and seeing her fans though.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    wo gives a rats @ss about the Jonas Crows? Demi needs to make a name for herself and stop living under the Jo Crows and Miley’s shadow. This is why she’s so underrated and unknown because Disney always makes the JB’s act like her chaperon. And As I said no one give a flying chuck about the JB’s anymore since Justine Beaver cam into the picture

  • Lucyy

    She can tour when shes ready to. If i was her, i would want to finish my album first. I hope shes getting better. I was suprised when i heard what happened, and that she went in. I think she will come out of this stronger and better then before, and show us all whats shes got, and well, be demi. And thats who we all love.

  • Erika

    That’d be so cool XD

  • MusicXXX

    The main thing for Demi is for her to get better. Even though she did leave the tour early & that her show may be reworked without her.
    Demi’s a strong person, I know that she will make it through no matter what. Hopefully, she will recover soon.

  • http://Eu1997njj JB forever

    @mrsdestonyhope. THAT IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE!!!! I am a JB fan and a Demi fan. Anyway i would totally go to her concert. But first of all she needs to feel ready to do a tour. She is so awesome and that is so nice of her to keep prices low. I went in October to the JB tour featuring Demi and CR2. She was sooo awesome!

  • Mariana

    Sure! she is amazing!

  • Simone

    Yes! she is beautiful

  • emily

    She’ll do! she is the best!

  • Ellen

    She’ll do! she is the best!

  • Amanda

    I recently went to one of his concerts and I think she has a gift she is truly gifted

  • Amanda

    i think to you