Nikki Blonsky Joins 'Love, Loss, and What I Wore' Cast

Nikki Blonsky Joins 'Love, Loss, and What I Wore' Cast

Nikki Blonsky has joined the cast of the off-Broadway show Love, Loss, and What I Wore!

The 22-year-old Huge actress will be apart of the show’s rotating cast from January 12th until February 13th, along with Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Anita Gillette (30 Rock), Judy Gold, and Pauletta Washington.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore uses clothing and accessories and the memories they trigger to tell funny and often poignant stories that all women can relate to.

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty
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  • vicky


  • smileymileyfan

    why is she a looser?

  • ew

    ew… i can’t even stand to look at her.
    why is she even famous?
    her tv show failed, she has an obnoxious personality… probably thinks she’s gonna get with zac now.

  • abby14

    @smileymileyfan: Because for the most part I think a lot people feel in every interview she does all she talks about is Zac Efron. Plus over the years its been known she hasn’t been very nice to Vanessa Hudgens and all simply because she was/is dating the guy of her dreams. Part of me likes her but another part of me can’t stand that she name drops Zac all the time.

  • lola

    @abby14 I agree with you

  • Tina

    I really don’t like her.

  • Susan

    You have to admit, she ended up being exactly right about “Zac will never marry Vanessa.” Zanessa is over and Nikki predicted it just a couple short months ago. She must know him pretty well.

  • Chanon


    They’re not exactly over if a confirmation has not come out of their mouths yet. -______-

    And Nikki Blonsky should just quit acting. She’s not very good at it anyway. And her personality is so rude.

  • vicky

    All I can say is that she feels she is an amazing actress, but all that she talks about is Zac. That girl is obsessed with Zac and let’s get real… Zac would never date with a girl like her because she is not the most talent girl in the world, and she is not nice with anybody, not only Vanessa… She punch a girl in an airport, who person do that?
    And don’t come and tell me… “You don’t like her because she’s overweight” First of all, she’s not overweight, alright, she’s fat and that’s not healthy, like being anorexic, bulimic, etc. It’s the same, it’s bad for everybody’s health.

  • vicky

    @Susan: I have to disagree with you, she met Zac around 2006, when they star filminf hairspray. Since that year, she’s been obsessed with ZE and being really mean with Vanessa and said they’re not gonna last. Well, thay last until less than a month, I mean, three years more, If the rumors of break up are true. IMHO… They take a break and now they getting back, because people saw them together, and a lot of people.

  • jello

    @Susan: I’d be willing to bet she doesnt know him very well at all these days. If they were close enough for him to confide with her about his 5 year relationship than why didnt they meet up at the TCAs or why didnt she attend his premiere when she said she was invited? The only ‘news’ we get about them is from her big mouth, usually when she has something to promote.

  • abby14

    @Susan: I disagree. This girl down right has a problem. She’s more obsessed with Zac then some of his fans. Sorry but I can tell you right now, she is not HALF as close to Zac as she clames to be. She didn’t attend any of his premieres nor his 21st birthday party.

    Also we have no comment on if zan is over for sure. Since when are “sources” able to confirm anything hmmm? I’ll believe it when it comes from their mouths or a comment is made by their reps, until then we know nothing nor does the media. Nikki name drops him because she thinks its going to get her fame, she is in love with him and he clearly doesn’t care about her. I’m not saying it in a mean way but its easy to see he doesn’t want anything to do with her in a romance type of way. So what? Girl needs to get OVER it. Zac doesn’t want her nor will he most likely ever. ITs kinda gross she’s SO in love with him. Makes her look like nothing more then some crazed fan who got the chance of a lifetime and was able to work with him. THAT was over 4 years ago, time to move on. No one cares she worked with him that many years ago, he’s moved on and doesn’t talk about his Hairspray co-stars anymore because that movie is OVER and he has MOVED ON. Something she clearly hasn’t done. I’m sorry like I said, I used to really like her, but as time when on I realized she was nothing nore then a crazy young girl looking for love from a guy who already had a girlfriend and clearly didn’t want anything to do with her.

    So no, your comment about Nikki knowing all along is not true. We know nothing more how their relationship NOW then we did 3 months ago.

  • Ava

    Let me be the first to say that I think this is really great! The show sounds pretty cool.

    And really, do we have to turn every post about Nikki into a hate fest and bring Zac into it? Not everyone has to like her, but the “namedropping and using Zac for his fame” excuse gets old fast. If you take the time to notice, 99.9% of the time Zac is mentioned because she gets asked about him, and for the most part her answers are quick and to the point. If you want to blame anyone for namedropping, blame the interviewers who are constantly bringing him up and asking recycled questions.

  • kami

    i kinda feel sorry for her. she doesn’t seem to have any friends. never has. seems like zac is the only person who’s ever been nice to her. and then she turns around and drops his name in every interview she does. when you think about it, that’s really sad. maybe if her career took off, she’s have more confidence and stop using zac as her claim to fame.

  • abby14

    @kami: I kinda agree. It seems like she has attached herself to Zac simply because the guy (being the nice guy he is) gave her the time of day and hung out with her on set. I in a way feel sorry for her. :(

  • Lili.

    Oh, she is so annoying, is terrible, all of her is…. aw. Her voice, her hair, her way of acting, her body (no because is fat) her interviews, please get out her of the way.

  • dessy


    You’re Wrong.. I’ve Seen At Least 3-4 Interviews Of Her ,And She Brings Up Zac Herself,I Remember She Was Talking And Then Out Of The Blue She Was Like “Zac Is One Of My Best Friends In The Whole World”
    Seriously?She Is Mad o.o

  • pop86

    @kami: I agree with you Kami. I also think if she didn’t have such an obnoxious personality and stop acting like she is so desperate maybe she wouldn’t turn people off.

  • smileymileyfan

    thnx abby i understand now = ]

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever



  • mishybc

    Stupid bi*ch.

  • ahleah


    your my favorite post on here so far
    people back off!
    shes happy and on stage, so what if her and zac are friends why does is concern YOU so much!

    thank you Ava, for at least one nice comment so far!

  • LG

    congratulations nikki

  • bambiii

    ppl what !?
    i never really liked her,but what i read really shocked me,i am begging for responses !! :OO
    1. she’s been rude to nessa? WHEN!?:O:O
    2. where do you know she is obsessed with zac?? it was 2007 (hairspray) and actually since that i’ve never read any news of her.did she still mention things?? pls tell !!
    3. she said zac would never marry ness? WHEN!?!?!

    i always thought i am a good fan,but seemingly i didn’t get anything xD pls tell me what has happened, curios about it …

  • bambiii

    and btw @susan
    am live in germany,and i’ve never met zac / nessa so i have nothin in common with ‘em, but you don’t need to be a ‘close pal/secret romance’ to know that their relationship of course wouldn’t last forever…
    they just met too early,they are waaaay too young to come down and stay for 15 years as a couple and then marry…
    they need their experiences and freedom,and the most important thing,they need to focus on their careers..
    and i guess nikki just sad that (zac’s never gonna marry ness) because she is so obsessed that in her shizophrenic phantasy world he is with her and nessa is just his image xD hasn’t anything to do with being close or not..
    i like zac and nessa,loved them as a couple,but seems that now i have to support them seperatley :’ /
    but he’s never gonna be with him.he would rather marry me than her hahahahahaaaa xD so you see,it’s very unlikely to happen ;)

  • aly


    1. i don`t remember that, so i don`t know what to say to it

    2. when hairspray came up and she was like “i love zac efron” and if they do an interview with her now, i`m like 90% sure she`ll mention him, she mentioned him in 2008, at the American Idol i think, when she was in the jury and Zac Efron was a guest or in attendance, in 2009 she was obsessed with Ed Westwick. she was mentioning everywhere how much she loved him [ed westwick] ._.


    if she manages to be famous on her own, good for her, maybe now she`ll stop mentioning famous people

  • myrrhmaed

    WOW—ease up you guys! I like Nikki…I think she is very talented. And it is funny that you guys accuse her of always talking about Zac. The example given clearly shows the interviewer asking her about Zac–which all the interviewers seem to do to her. The interviewers always ask her about Zac. If I were her I would get tired of that quick. If she said she’d rather not talk about him you all would be accusing her of dissing him-lol.

  • abby14

    @bambiii: She has been rude to VAnessa in interviews as well as in privite. She hated on Vanessa because Zac was/is dating her and she fell in love with Zac on the set of Hairspray. Sorry its fine if she fell in love with Zac (most of his female co-stars said they have as well) but unlike Nikki they realized HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Nikki didn’t care about this. Sorry but its f*cked up to try and go after a guy you KNOW has a girlfriend.

  • annie

    wow nasty but i never knew the zac obession. hope all u zac lovers get to meet him and well ha,ha,ha.

  • misstrindade

    I am not shocked by the fact that ‘Fatonsky’ is all over Zac Efron knowing that he has a girlfriend!! That is kinda normal.. sort of
    I am shocked by the fact that… how can she be so delusional to think that her and Zac would be an item! I mean does she have a mirror?? Can’t she see that she is an obese, ugly and disgusting creature??? Can’t she realize that she would probably crush or literally smash Zac Efron in some kind of ‘intimacy’! it’s so unreal imagining these two together, I think the fat is affecting her brain! And I apologize to the fans but she is pretty disgusting and delusional… And I basically (its hard for me to say it but..) hate her guts!

  • misstrindade

    oh and more thing she always talks abou Zac Efron,saying they are the bestest of friends for like 3 years! but in those three years zac not once mentioned her name or aknowledge her when asked abou things related to her (once he was asked about his movie kisses, and he said all of them except for the hairspray kiss) and in those three years there was not one single appearence or sighting of them together!

  • abby14

    @annie: O_o what???? What does this have to do with Zac fans meeting him? That doesn’t make sense.

  • bambiii

    @aly : even when she is asked,she can make a short,vold but polite answer and show how much that zac efron asking is pissing her off.
    but noooo,instead of she puts a drama show on as seen in flavour of love (mtv show^^) and embarasses herself with saying he’s mine and he’s never gonna marry her…
    what did she do/say against ness beside that one interview ??

  • whoowhoo!

    So excited Nikki stills there whew!

    Hey you haters stop blame on her and that’s not hher fault. Y’all don’t know about her and zac what did they doing. Leave her alone okay. Be cool jesus!

    Bring Zikki back! :):):)