Zac Efron: Favorite Star Under 25!

Zac Efron: Favorite Star Under 25!

Zac Efron shows off his award backstage during the 2011 People’s Choice Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (January 5).

The 23-year-old actor shared in his speech on stage, “Thank you so much everybody. I just want to say what an honor it is to be nominated with my contemporaries under 25, many who are friends that I love and respect very much. That’s a huge honor.”

“Making movies right now is so crazy. There are all these ups and downs and you don’t know where you’re headed, but I say the best thing about it is the feeling of connection that I get from the fans…from you guys. That’s what this moment means to me. It is sublime,” Zac added.

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron

Zac Efron: Favorite Star Under 25

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Credit: Michael Caulfield, Frazer Harrison, Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • miranda


  • celia

    I’m SO Proud of my Zac , He is The Best :D

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Hottie ! totally deserved the award.

    Congrats Zac!

  • mike

    congrats to Zac still Vanessa deserve it the most !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    Congrats to Zac.

    I love his speech.

  • yets

    congrats zac!!!
    and to Vanessa too i love them.

  • dessy

    He Said “many who are friends that I love and respect very much.”
    He Meant Vanessa!!!! But As a Friend :(

  • http://deleted en

    Sorry to sound negative here but I believe ZV broke up as you can clearly see Z carrying a bag with him after leaing V’s house in the latest pics. I know the pics are from errands but still he went there after visiting V so I believe he collected his stuff from there.I feel so bad about this right now. I dont have any hopes now :( And even in his speech Z stated “friends”

    Glad that he won though.

  • terri

    oh please…
    this post says ZAC and ZAC only.
    im so tired of you Zanessa bandwagon jumpers.
    its over. go cry to your mothers.
    CONGRATS ZAC! you deserve it and everything more.!

  • Maila

    I wonder why Vanessa didn’t go, I didn’t expect them to go together but she was nominated so I thought she would attend. Even Ashley attended.

    Congrats to Zac anyway.

  • Maila

    Also add, I am shocked he beat out Robsten, but soooo happy about it!

  • Liv

    Let’s Just Be Honest
    Zac Is So Much More Talented Then Robert Pattinson
    Rob Always Wins Because He Plays Edward Cullen In Twilight Which Is a Movie That People Go Crazy Over It.
    Congrats Zac ,You Really Deserved This!! I Love You <3

  • Miranda

    @dessy: Zac always addresses Vanessa as a “friend” he rarely eve says “girlfriend”, so basically they’re still together :)

  • MIMI

    love his speech!

  • Erika

    I voted for him XD

  • Skylar

    @dessy: It doesn’t really mean anything, Zac has never come out and said anything like that before, you can’t really expect it anyway. :)

    @Maila: I expected them to go together, but I think she didn’t attend because she didn’t win. A lot of the people that were there, were only there because they won. This was one of the shows where the celebrities found out in advance so only the ones who won really went. There were only 2 categories where they didn’t find out until during the show, one of them was the one Ashley was nominated for, so that’s why she wen I’m sure. :) Those 2 categories were the only ones where everyone nominated was attending. I’m also glad Zac beat the Twilighters. :)

    It feels like we’ve won a long awaited for battle, since 2008 the Twilight cast has beat out Zac, but no longer! I feel like it’s been a huge victory not only for him but for us, the Zac fans! We’ve been waiting for this moment for years! I’m SOOO glad he won. He really deserves this, his career is going great right now and he is full of much potential, dedication, and talent. I really do hope and think he is very well able to become a big actor like Johnny or Leo. :)

  • peggy


    What did you expect him to say “and my maybe girlfriend” be serious. He was trying to thank everyone

  • Skylar

    @peggy: hehe exactly :) Love him <3

  • http://Lole31 Lolelole

    I’m so proud of him, he really deserved this award, specially beating the twilight cast. He is a wonderful person AND actor, a role model. Go on like this zac!!

  • Tiptoes

    Congrats Zac!

  • Aly

    He won he won yay omg he actually won?o.o i can`t believe it. Congrats to you Zac Efron, the guy who beat twilight actors at smth!!!
    This is a dream come true finally someone beat those 3, they kind of deserved it too . [don`t kill me for it, but i`m not a fan of that movie/those actors -_-]

    so true, i didn`t think the day when twillight lost an award will ever come

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I was so happy for him, I almost cried. Lol. He really deserved it. And his speech was amazing as always. Congrats to Zachary !!! All those days of voting finally paid off. :D

  • kat

    Im not even a vanessa fan but i still think she deserved that award she worked so hard last year!

  • http://noonaah nounah

    Happy!!!!!! He won :) Congrats

  • http://Mie mie

    im happy for you zachary!
    it was totally you there should have it! i am over happy ! :D

  • Liz.

    @kat: True, but we haven’t really been able to see ANY fo the movies cus they’ve been pushed back. :(

    Congrats to Zac though.<3

  • A Zac Efron Fan Forever

    Congrats to Zac

  • 77


  • Annette

    @peggy: He should say that *LOL*
    To be honest I’m really proud of Zachary. It very important and also he beat Twilight team. I was shocked.
    But anyway congrats Zac. I hope you’ll win a lot of awards very soon.

  • http://WWW.GMX.CO.UK tAMMY

    is it me or has he got a slight accent from being in new orleans filming ‘The Lucky One’? i wonder if he’ll do a southern accent for this movie…..


  • 3niefronhudgie

    Zachary i’m so proud of u baby
    Vanessa i really love u too

  • maila

    @Skylar: But she has gone to a lot of awards where she has been nominated and never won. Like she has lost I think in the past two years at the MTV Movie Awards and still gone.

    I don’t know whether they are together or not, and even if they are didn’t mean they had to come together. I think she looks gorgeous when she hits the red carpet at any function so it would have been awsome to see her there.

    Also I agree, hopefully this means the end of Twilight winning all awards. Like this year at MTV Awards I hope Vanessa/Zac/Alex Pettyfer and HP Cast win awards!

  • mia

    should have been Emma Watson :(

  • pop86

    I know this is a zac thread, but just maybe Vanessa had other business committments. She has 3 projects coming up this year, and she is filming next week in NC. Any business meetings she needs to attend has to be squeezed in how while she is on break. The fact that she didn’t attend the PCA is not serious.

  • Yeah

    funny how he never gets asked about the rumors going on his life but Van get’s asked right during her birthday celebration. && how they always address her as newly single Vanessa but never Zac.
    not trying to mean anything but i just find it just that….funny

  • misstrindade

    vanessa deserved it the most! but congradulations anyways,zac

  • Glory

    Let’s go Zaaccc :) Wooohouuu !! I screamed when he won xd
    I’m proud of you Zac !

  • Emma Efron

    U totally deserved that award Zac!!!! I voted for u i love u!!!! Win more awards in the future!!!!

  • ak

    @misstrindade: If Vanessa deserved it the most, why didn’t she win? Because not enough fans voted for her. Her only post-HSM movie that has been released so far is Bandslam, which was hardly seen by anyone. So I’m not surprised she didn’t win. She does have three movies coming out this year, so better luck next awards season.

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    I’m sooo happy zac won!!! YAY he deserved it ;)
    awh he’s soo cute,i love the way he speaks so polite just reminds me of hsm awh teh good old days! love him A big Congrats!!!! :D

  • nikki



    He totally meant vanessa when he says that there were friends in the line up! He sounded a bit stupid though. Still gotta love him <3

  • susan1

    Congrats Zac you deserved this award!!!!I”m proud of you and Vanessa i love u too!!

  • carolina


  • Celia

    Emma Watson got my vote, but since she wouldn’t be there anyways (got better things to do), I’m happy to see someone other than those twilight losers win.

  • kyley

    To those of you who are saying that Vanessa or whoever else should’ve won, how to you suppose that they would have done that? This is an award show in which the winners are voted on and chosen by the fans. Zac won because he racked up the most votes–aka, he won because he was supposed to. I think the main reason Vanessa didn’t win was because, yes she worked hard last year, but since HSM she has only released one movie (Bandslam) which flopped at the box office. Zac on the other hand has released 4 successful movies since his HSM days (Hairspray, 17 Again, Me & Orson Welles, and Charlie St. Cloud).

    I highly doubt that when he said “many whom are friends that I love and respect very much” he was analyzing it as much as some of you are. Not every word someone says is planned out ahead of time with some secret hidden meaning–especially in an acceptance speech that they were not expecting to make.

    Zac deserved this award and I very proud that he won (and beat the Twilight people :-D). I can’t wait to see what comes next from him<3

  • A Zac Efron Fan Forever


    So True.

  • e

    I think Zac looked good at the awards show. It was cool that he won, he wasn’t my first or even second choice for the win (he’s a good actor but his movies are not my favorite) but it’s just that, not my choice, and his fans did well voting for him (again, I can say that this was my opinion and what I though, I don’t dislike Zac, I really like him but he wasn’t my choice he was other people’s choice). I’m also happy that none of the Twilight people won.
    I must say that that I was happy and surprised by the PCA’s idea to show some small segments presenting all 5 nominees in this category, it was a great idea and showed everyone a bit of the five actors who I would say that people are hoping will continue succeeding in the business, because I do find that all of them are true winners award or not since there was first one voting in each category and all five of them came a long way beating out quite a few people (it’s the same way with all the categories). For those who are interested, Vanessa did leave a message saying that she already felt like a winner because she got as far as she did and that she was honored that her fans voted for her which I thought was just the sweetest thing ever and she is my choice winner.

    Anyway, I really went away from the topic there, I’m just going to end by saying congratulations Zac, I hope that TLO will do well and even if I don’t know if it was be out 2011 then he still have a good year.

  • e

    Oh and I can also say that it’s very difficult for any female to win anything in a category when they are up against not just one but two guys that also happen to be very, very popular with young females, the demographic that usually goes crazy voting, so either Zac or Rob winning wasn’t really a surprise at all.

  • Zac EFron’s Biggest Fan


    Zac will have a great year in 2011.

>>>>>>> staging1