Glee: Justin Bieber Episode Coming Soon!

Glee: Justin Bieber Episode Coming Soon!

UPDATE: The Glee creator is saying this rumor is not true!

An upcoming episode of Glee will revolve around Justin Bieber and his music, according to TVLine.

Only a few details of the episode, which is tentatively scheduled for February 15th, have been revealed. The cast will cover several of Justin‘s songs and he will figure into the plot of the episode.

No word yet on whether Justin will appear in the episode or not. Lea Michele recently said that she thought Justin would be “awesome” for the show.

Glee returns on February 6th following the Super Bowl and then will air a Valentine’s Day episode two days later.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Glee doing Justin Bieber?

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  • Katie

    No!! He CAN’T be on my show!!!! Nooooooooooo!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Why must he be on GLEE too???

  • Adriana

    Out of all the dumbest ideas….

  • joan


  • sam


  • jt

    Did they want people to watch? Should have picked something else. He hasn’t done enough good music to bother covering. And he’s just not worth it anyway.

  • madde

    So glee are going to to covers of Baby, One Less Lonely Girl, somebody to love and all his other crapy songs? why on earth would they want to do that? Gosh……

  • Vicky

    HOW COULD YOU!? I can’t even believe that he would sink so low as to chose Justin Bieber music. ….I won’t be able to watch this episdoe

  • Carla

    Most of the people who have commented don’t want a Justin Bieber episode, just saying…

  • Amy

    Worst idea ever. Must he ruin everything? Clearly Glee wants to lose some viewers because this is ridiculous. All of his little fan girls are going to watch but no true glee fan is going to appreciate this. Should have gotten someone better, someone with talent. Honestly anyone but this kid.

  • Annonymous

    It’s obviously just for ratings. Why else would you ruin a perfectly good show?

  • shammer

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hate him!

  • shammer

    he just messes up everything i really really really hate him now people who didnt watch the show before this episode are gonna start watching it i know that that sounds like good thing cuz it get more view but his fans are mostly 9 and 10 and 11 year old PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO US FANS OF GLEE THAT HATE THAT LITTLE BOY PEOPLE CALL JB WHO ISNT CUZ THERE SONLY ONE ROOM FOR JB AND THAT THE REAL JB THE ONE AND ONLY JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shammer


  • amtfan


  • Sahina


  • blair

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Can this just be a bad rumor???? I can’t stand him! Don’t ruin my show!!!

  • Bibi

    …bad idea

  • niki

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE DON’T! Ok, I won’t be able to watch this episdoe if this is true

  • claire

    Glee usually makes some pretty good calls so this is just appalling…

  • Natasha456

    ahhh! it’d be really cool if he was, but i dont think they should cover his songs…

  • Gossip Girl

    HELL NO! He’s already overrated as it is! and NSYNC + Backstreet Boys themed episode sounds better!

  • angie

    what has he ever done to you all . hate is a strong word. you guys are so rude, justin bieber is talented, probalby talented than you, I love glee as well , and I don’t love justin bieber , but it doesn’t matter , you guys just are following the bandwagon on ” justin bieber is stupid, ugly , sounds like girl” which is truly unoriginal! he sings well and is extremely succesful, as you can see today and worked hard to get where he is. if your just not going to watch gelee because of a guest star, or something what kind of glee fan are you?

  • mrsdestinyhope

    and u wonder why so many people find Glee GAY. This idea just pumps up the show’s GAYNESS

  • alex


  • Anne


  • angie

    inconsiderate much? you just dont go around throwing that word around! its insulting word and very mean to people who really are. and justin bieber is not gay at all.

  • http://yahoo anonymouse

    The first season of glee was great, almost no flaws. The lady gaga episode and the madonna episodes were AMAZING. But do you realize how there was like 20 episodes and only 2 themed episodes? This season, there has been about 10 episodes and there were too many themed episodes!!! Halloween, Christmas, and Britney Spears (which wasn’t bad, but..). For the second half, there have been rumors of ONLY THEMED EPISODES!!!!! Justin Bieber (ugh), Valentines Day, Superbowl episode, I mean come on! And the show is getting unrealistic, too. How can a football coach with a team who sucks get a machine that helps disabled people walk? That costs $10,000! I am a die hard glee fan, but I don’t think i will after the JB episode.

  • TabithaLynn

    NOOOO!!!! Why would they ruin a good show by putting that ugly hermaphordite music in the show !!!

  • tina

    NOOOOOOOO!!! Can’t they just focus on the characters they’ve got! I would rather watch an entire episode of Shuester doing his hair, than an Beiber episode!! Glee is rapidly falling down from my list of favorite shows!

  • paula

    It’s not that I hate him, but why has he to be on TV, too? >.<
    You could find a better theme..

  • Kevin

    Okay first off @mrsdestinyhope: there is nothing wrong with a show being “gay” (I hadn’t realised it was possible for a TV show to be attracted to other men…such a stupid use of the term) but I do agree in large that a Justin Bieber episode of Glee is probably the demise of an already poor season of the show. Glee needs to up the ante when it comes to an engaging and coherent plot but it also needs good, relevant music to coincide with. I s’pose it’s futile to argue as it will probably be the shows highest episode rating in terms of viewers. I think I might be done with the show after hearing this. After a fantastic first season Glee has gone steadily downhill since. Sad, really.

  • california*cutie

    Omg. Does he really have to be /everywhere/? I mean, c’mon!

  • Anibal

    The idea SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!

  • emmszza

    Noooooooooooooooo!!! please…

  • Ash :(

    no.. I try to be a nice person and avoid reading posts about him and commenting on them and only read ones I’m interested in but how the f**k am I supposed to do that when he pops up and ruins the things that were actually good?!! theres no escaping this crappy girl :(

  • p

    i love glee with all my heart, but i’m seriously quitting if they decide to do beaver boy. out of all possible artists, WHY THE HELL HIM??? ryan murphy has had stupid ideas before, but why does he want to isolate 99% of his fans????

  • http://CjTabelisma cam

    they should have asked the fans first before making this decision.. obviously the majority of the fans completely hate the idea of having him on the show. the whole point of putting a guest star on a show is to entertain the fans and make them happy. and this will ABSOLUTELY NOT make them happy (with the exception of 5 people).

  • kelso

    LIFE = OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiley

    Justin is OK. Don’t understand all the hate. Don’t blame him for going on the show. The producers of Glee offered him the spot. Why would he turn it down? I do wish that with all the stars the producers had to chose from as guest stars, they would have picked someone less obvious than the most popular teen in the world. Shows a real lack of imagination by the producers. Anyways, I’ll still watch.

  • lucia

    the only place he wasnt around

  • Rachel

    No! No! No! No! Noooo! He cannot be on the show. His music really isn’t that good and he cannot appear in the show because he is a TERRIBLE actor! I saw him on CSI and it was so awful!

  • laura

    NOOO!!!!… why barbie? I mean seriously, just for the rating they are going to mess it up, that sucks! That boy has an ego that’s bigger than the Earth… and his songs, i mean the songs that other people write for him, doesn’t fit glee… i hope this was a rumor—

  • http://heyitsroasher Roasher

    This would be the worst thing EVER!!
    Don’t ruin the showww!! :(

  • lauren plus joe=LOVE


  • Caitlin

    So,, I may be the biggest gleek on the planet But i can honestly say that glee really disappointed me with this.
    They cover huge things like
    Lady gaga
    Brittney spears
    And rocky horror!
    So we dont do say a michael jackson episode before we do an episode with this prepubescant hollywood clone?

  • jen

    Nooooooooooooooooo this douch can’t act! but if they do a cover then that will be okay because the glee cast can sing way better then justin :)

    Now if they have selena on the show , then I will officially kill myself!

  • sarah

    please no! worst idea ever.

  • Chelsea


  • Keeth

    What! I love Glee with all my heart, but I’m really considering just not watching this one. We all say we don’t want anymore themed episodes, and what do they do? They make a themed episode. And WORSE… need I say more?

  • Marieke

    I think I’ll just skip that episode