Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Nightclub Date Night!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Nightclub Date Night!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted rekindling their romance at Eden Nightclub along with pal Brittany Snow on Friday (January 7).

“They were inseparable throughout the night seen dancing, drinking Belvedere and canoodling,” a source told E!. “[Vanessa] only broke from [Zac]‘s side to dance with Brittany on the couches at their table.”

Another eyewitness added, “They were directly next to our table and were all over each other… dancing and making out.”

UPDATE: A source tells JJJ that Zac was dressed casually in a red flannel shirt and jeans while Vanessa was in a tight gray tube dress.

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • lola

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rockgirl

    I knew it!!! They really never broke up!!! YEAYYY!!!!!

  • Lu

    Im crying out of happiness right now!!
    Thank u!!!!!
    Zanessa is forever!!!!

  • joan

    is Obviously they Never Break Up¡¡¡

  • Fauve

    Yahhhh for Zanessa so happy together showing the world that they neveri ever were broken up they are the real deal and people need to stop the rumors and let them live in love. #truthistronger #loveislouder I know a lot of girls who wanted Zac are sad but they belong together.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    justjaredjr and justjared
    and a lot of websites ;D

  • Kathi

    That made my day, omg :D Zanessa forever <3

  • Miranda

    They never broke up; they were together all along :)

  • anh

    woo….hooo!!!! this is amazing…my day is perfect now :-)

  • hermela

    omgggggggg i hope it’s true!

  • Mace

    Zanessa forever!!! oh, yeah!
    Take that haters!

  • DUHH

    Now we zanessa fans can breath now, they are still together!!! I didnt want to believe they ever broke up, now they are really together theres proof… fiiuuu :)

  • Sol

    We’ve only got TMZ left and all the websites who said that they had broken up will be saying they’re “back together”.

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    Ahh Now I’m happy =)
    Now all we need are pictures of the lovely couple =)
    but Vanessa’s going to go back in filming..maybe Zachary will visit her on set or something..
    We need I guess everyone is going to love E!

  • wrestler

    I am smiling like an idiot :-)…so happy for them. Is it too much to ask for pictures?

  • Glory

    I knew they didn’t break up :) After 5 fucking year, how could they do so? Omg !
    Cutest couple of all time :)
    Love ya’ll <333333333333 xoxox

  • carly

    Yayyyyyy I Knew They Couldn’t Of Broken Up, They Are SOOOO Strong Together & SOOOOO Made For Each Other :) Zanessa Forever ♥ xxxxx

  • lola
  • lola


  • maila

    They never announced that they split, their publicists never said they did. So I don’t think they ever split and they are such private people that they probably didn’t bother to set the record straight.

  • lola
  • Annette

    They never broke up! :) That is something I truly believe. There have been many sightings…at the mall, around town, at Vanessa’s house, etc. Plus Zac’s PCA speech was for Vanessa…Zanessa fans could tell. I am so happy about this sighting! :)

  • yets

    So happy right now pls dont split again
    love you both.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Pft. Who believed they broke up in the first place ? I was waiting for either Zachary or Vanessa to say that they did “break up” but no one said anything besides these ‘reliable sources’ so, Zanessa IS FOREVER.

  • duuumm

    this is a rumor–why report rumors jjj?

  • mhay

    thanks guys for the link i love it.

  • Gemma

    As much as I’m praying this is legit, no pictures no proof . X

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    LOL, I’m soo not surprised these two never even broke up. They didn’t confirm these rumors til this day I’m just glad they got caught to prove that this break up was never even a break up to begin with, and they were caught hanging out rather intimately, Now that this is settled we all know Zanessa was never over at all, I wonder where they hell they got that rumor from to begin with.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m not gonna say anything right now, I will latter . I’m just gonna sit back relax and watch the people who say they aren’t together explain this one. This should be fun.

  • Chanon

    Obviously they we’re never broken up in the first place! I kept the faith and good came along! <3 :)

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Omg This is freaking Amazing News.

  • lola

    t one point in the evening, when Efron leaned in to kiss Hudgens, the actress pushed him away after spotting a clubgoer who tried to snap a cellphone photo.

    “They were kissing on the lips and seemed to be enjoying their night,” says the source

  • Aly

    it`s not a rumor, there were 2 girls on twitter that mentioned this before the girl from E! or the other media gossip sites, then came E! [who run the “break up” story first, and after that, every other site out there got it from E!
    and let`s be real, why believe E! that they broke up when in less than a month they got them together-broke up-got them back together. what month, in less than a week actually
    before the pca`s when zac was at v`s house they said “back on together”
    after the pca`s they said “ashley confirmed it” while she was talking about all those 6 crazy wildcats
    and now, they are back together because someone at E! saw it with their one eyes.

  • MaveyResende

    Zanessa <3

  • wrestler

    hahaha 33comments already.

  • Aly

    and do you have pictures/video/smth that they broke up? hmm… where is the proof about that one, and don`t give me the “source” BS because it was never confirmed or denied, just like the other times he “dumped” her back in 2007 -.-

    @Haters Suck!,
    you right, this is gonna be real funny

  • ChaSe lauren

    soo, you people refuse to believe that they broke up when an undeclared “source” says that they have, but when a “source” says they were seen together again you believe it? um, hypocrites.

  • ma


  • http://@efronsomerhalde Lilly

    That is what I was talking about! #Zanessa

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    wow it took me like a few times to read your I totally agree with you =) and it was definitely what I was thinking..E! is going crazy over this with the different rumors every day.

    wooh I’m so happy now =)

  • hahaa
  • Zac efron’s wife

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo. I still think they broke up i hope they break up again

  • kara

    ashley confirmed the break up at the peoples choice awards and lots of people kiss exes especially at night clubs when alcohol is involved the story even said vanessa pushed him away at one point. let’s not get too excited until we see them out again and know for sure

  • marian Escio

    my life makes sense again <3

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Yes Yes This is the best News Ever They are so meant to be together.

  • lauren

    so was this whole ”break up” a publicity stunt?

  • roxana

    im so happy for them!!!! their break-up was never confirmed and most fans followed the ‘truthisstronger’ thing to stop media from speculating false things………..oh this is so great news, 5 years is hard to break apart–that is simply LOVE :)

  • Aly

    oh… sorry… i might be confusing sometimes
    i know right? and with the way they reported it, the “make out” all night long, we are going to have another pregnant/married rumor or a “broke up” again, but… if they run the “broke up” in a short time, nobody is going to believe that one.

    @Zac efron’s wife:
    and the haters and trashing people are back…
    so, you are zac efron`s secret wife or smth?

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan


    So True

  • Katieeeeeee


    She pushed him away because some dude had a camera and she didn’t want it on camera -.-
    Read the article properly.