Zac Efron: Video Game Challenge For Charity

Zac Efron: Video Game Challenge For Charity

Zac Efron keeps warm in a jacket as he arrives at Spot 5760 in Hollywood for the STIKS Celebrity Video
Game Challenge for Charity event on Tuesday night (January 11).

The 23-year-old actor was raising funds for the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation.

Zac battled actor Michael Strahan in a game of Madden Football. Other players included Jose Canseco and The Miz. Each team of celebrity players earned a minimum donation for their beneficiary charity and the winning team will earn $10,000 for their charity.

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Credit: Paul Redmond, Jody Cortes; Photos: WireImage, WENN
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  • abby14

    Haha its so odd to see him in big jacket like that (after all he’s from CA). I think he looks good. He also looks happy in that one pic. <3

  • Mariam

    He is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!

  • ma

    love him!!!!!

  • Abby

    Ohhhhhhh!!!man,I love you !!!

  • Lawrence

    Zac’s sure been getting around lately, he looks sexy as always.

  • :*

    He is so nice and of course hot

  • kyle

    I hope his team won for that extra $10,000 cash that will go to the cancer foundation that he is supporting.

  • mike

    like to play a video game with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proudofzacnessa


    Always zachy looks hot
    my man ;P

  • smileeee4me

    He looks soo cutee!!! he’s lookin good :]!!! i love how he’s involved in charitiess!!! and a random thing im gonna say: He soooo looks taken. u know that feeling u can tell when a guy is taken?? yea taken by VANESSA <3 hahaah i know random but i just had to say it.:] AND I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF HIM SMILINGGG!!! SOOOO FREAKIN CUTE!

  • Nicki313

    His hair grows fast, and I like the big jacket its much better than the blue one he had on, and I’m sorry he had to be in company with The Miz.

  • berlesa

    um….Michael Strahan is an ex-pro football player…………

  • pop86

    He’s hair is growing and I like the jacket.

  • Miranda

    Zac looks hot, as usual :)

  • Miranda

    BTW, He’s wearing him and Vanessa’s bracelet :)

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m sorry he had to be in the company of Jose Canseco, that guy is just a … You know what I’m gonna bite my tounghe cause if I start on canseco I’m not gonna stop.
    Anyway, it’s really cool they had a Madden competiton, I love that game. Zac shoulda called me up cause then his team definitly woulda won, lol.

  • 143!

    @abby14: Im from CA and when its cold, we wear big jacket. its not an unusual thing here.

  • lauren


  • susan

    Wow! That smile speaks volumes. Full-on, unabashed grin, eyes twinkling, he’s happy with his life right now and it really shows in this photo. Life is good for Zac. Really hoping The Lucky One’s release date will be moved up. Can’t wait to see Logan and Beth steam up the screen.

  • Annette

    @mike: Mee too
    He looks some tired but absolutelly amazing

  • bambiii

    @ susan: yeah,you’re right.break up or not-doesn’t bother him..
    question: is it true he spent i think it was january 10th after a meeting his night on a gay bar :O ?

  • bambiii

    is it true he was on january 10th at a gay bar :O`?

  • lauren

    @ susan
    stop talking about the lucky one,
    we get it your excited for the movie.

  • Zac fan

    He went to The Abbey and had dinner and drinks with Sophia Bush and Brittany Snow. Yes, it is popular as a “gay” bar, but it is also frequented by a lot of “straight” people. Don’t look for something that isn’t there.

  • susan

    @bambiii: I could totally see Zac and his galpals at a gay bar. Whether it’s true or not, who knows? So many rumors, it’s hard to keep up! But yeah, good times at any bar, gay or not. It’s good to be Zac.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Looking Good Zachary The Jacket his so Cool.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac has a good heart for those in need that’s one good thing about him. He is hot!!!!

  • samantha

    owww i love it!! he looks amazing like always
    and he used zanessa bracelet :)

  • http://google BARBARA


  • http://Mie mie

    Omg! he looks fucking amazing !
    I love you zachary!

  • irongrumma

    @BARBARA: i think you right about zac be happy becouse him and vanessa are together again,i belive went he done with work here. he will go and see her.eve seed last fri night went you see zac he look real happy.

  • ellejaykay

    Unfortunately, the charity Zac was playing for, I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, did not win the $10,000. =( But it’s amazing for him to represent the organization and be the face of their Zac Gives Back Campaign. Through that he can still help this awesome young adult cancer organization raise money.

    You can catch a glimpse of the I’m Too Young For This! bracelet in these pictures!

  • http://kennykane Kenny

    Zac is the best. Check out the foundation he was supporting.

  • beatriz

    Gosh!! he looks so hot :)

  • Nicki313

    I just found out his cousin was there with him. She’s a cancer survivor, and I thought it was so sweet that he was their to help with her cause too.

  • bambiii

    it’s fascinating to see how less comments he get when vanessa’s not in it,same with her.
    as long as there’s ‘zanessa’ they get fame and attention, when they’re alone a usual 10 site post turns into a 2 site post..

  • susan

    First we hear that Zac was hanging out in Turks with Rumer and her clan over the holidays, and now this from Perez. We need pics!

    Filed under: Rumer Willis > Zac Efron

    Spotted: Zac Efron hanging out with Rumer Willis at Hemingway’s nightclub in Hollywood after midnight on Wednesday.



  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Susan, i read he didn’t stay there, he went with his friends to another club, and i saw Rumor pictures with her friends, no Zac pictures, and PH always makes up storys that are not true.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    I Hate Him for Cheating On Vanessa with Rumer Willis I will never support Zac again He lost the best thing that ever happen to him Vanessa Zac you are a Loser.

  • taylorzanfan

    he did not cheat wtf

  • susan1

    @ Barbara I agree with you!!!!
    I fact Vanessa is back in La last night.

  • jl

    here is my take on the rumer willis wiwth zac efron if they were together i think there would be picture of them together and jjj would have it here on this site. just a thought and i am hoping zac and vanessa go to gether to the golden globes together but i am not getting my hopes up but who knows. i wonder what karen thinks about all this

  • http://yahoo Amyllea

    is zac dating rumer wills??

  • jl

    @Amyllea: she is said to be dating Micah Alberti.
    at least that is what i read some were

  • Karen

    Well, I just posted a comment but it would not take and it was lost for some reason. I will be back in about 2 hours…

  • Karen

    First off Zac did NO CHEATING so you who want to go there you might as well get off your high horse. Marc Malkin from E! dispelled that myth right off the bat. And BTW, it is funny how E! was the one who got all this stupidity started in the first place even though they said right off how they figured Z&V would get back together—which indicated to me right away that they KNEW something was fishy about their break up story. But NOW they are right there to point out all the inaccuracies on gossip that people want to get going. Anyway, Marc Malkin says on E! how there was NO drinking between Rumer and Zac. There was no flirting or out of the way behavior between the two. There was no dirty dancing, etc. He said they were just friends. They did not arrive together nor did they leave together. When Zac left—and there is a video—a car pulled up to the door to get him and it was a woman who looked fairly plain and could have been somewhat older. It was obviously a driver type and not a “date” potential and it certainly wasn’t Rumer Willis.

    IF Zac would have some interest in her in an untoward way don’t you think he would have just gone to some out of the way place where nobody would notice them instead of a busy nightclub where tons of people were that could make up any rumor they wished? OR he could have gone to her place or she could have gone to his house. He certainly didn’t have problems with people seeing him and Vanessa at a busy nightclub being all INTIMATE AND being seen drinking—which makes it more of a personal type thing. Z&V were obviously not in the “friends” category. PLUS, IF he had been with Ashley or Brittany—particularly Brittany—most of you wouldn’t have blinked an eyelash. Youl would have all been oohing and aahing how she was keeping an eye on him for Vanessa. However, we did see some who wanted to make something out of that and THAT little rumor was also smashed. But maybe he thought he’d best not be out with her again or even MORE gossip would try to start…

    It would seem to me that over the past week since he was at Eden with Vanessa he and friends—OH! and BTW Zac was with a whole group of people at the club which some gossips failed to mention—since Vanessa left Zac has been to several different clubs ALL with friends. I think it looks like he may be “researching” for his next starring role—perhaps even scouting out locations for the next movie. Die in a Gunfight has some pretty pretty racy scenes and some really R-rated stuff that is going to be in it and the lead character is a “party-hearty” kind of guy. He may be getting the feel of the lifestyle or once again since he is one of the producers he may be scouting out locations. But NOBODY ever thinks of that…

    He made it clear last Friday night just where his heart, body, and soul lies. And just because he is within 20ft of another female does not make him a cheat or mean he is doing anything wrong. Some of you females have got to stop being so suspicious and insecure. You look silly. I’m so glad Vanessa isn’t one of you.

    Last year Zac went to a club with some of his friends when Vanessa was out of town. I think X17 has a video and none of you even took a notice because you all weren’t in hysteria mode or “let’s hate/blame Zac” mode. It didn’t seem to hurt him and most importantly Vanessa.

    About 2 and a half years ago Zac was seen out with Danielle Panabaker at a restaurant in the afternoon. Suspicious females were ready to crucify Zac then too. Some said IF he had any respect for his relationship with Vanessa he would NEVER being going somewhere with some girl without Vanessa and how that must have hurt her so much… But the didn’t stop there they also surmised that DANIELLE had to be up to NO GOOD since she KNEW he had a girlfriend—like she had some plot to snare him right out from under Vanessa. Some didn’t think they could be all that good friends. ALL kinds of thing were being assumed with no proof.

    Well, in the end it came out that Danielle had invited BOTH Zac and Vanessa to lunch but V couldn’t make it due to an appointment but Zac went just the same–and you know what? IT was ONLY the fans who seemed to have a problem with it all, NOT Vanessa.

    Finally IF Zac was doing something wrong He certainly wouldn’t be out in the middle of a crowd of people where those people AND paps/media hang out and can see him—not after the type night he had with Vanessa just a few nights before… Will some of you TRY to grow a brain or just try not to show everyone how embarrassing you can be? Seriously, I am embarrassed for you.

  • bambiii

    dunno why you guys mess up the whole rumer thing.
    wow,one week ago press mentioned them.that’s one week ago and you guys are still talkin about it and insulting her and all that.
    honestly? rumer is more succesfull than him as she plays in a tv show which is popular in the US…well,i guess so :D
    and she is bruce willis’ daughter.bruce willis.demi moore.
    she is not a desperate,ugly,naive girl or so. get over that imagination,probably zac is even way to ‘metro’ and ‘boy-like’ and ‘hsm disney kiddy’ to her. she looks like a rough girl who needs a strooong man on her side…
    and to vanessa always fan whatever: girl,you really need some help and get your things right :O how abotu following demi lovato ? probably the best for you >.<

  • Haters Suck!

    Take this for what it’s worth but apperntly Zac was seen leaving Vanessas house around 7 this morning by paps who work for HollywoodTV. According to the paps zac gave them “the finger” I’m guessing he heard those reporters asking are you gay? The other night.

  • aly

    @haters suck,
    guess where he was before beying seen by those paps, at the restaurant with V and spent all the night with her, haha…
    and that girl from E! saw them again, guess the girl on zefron might have lied…