Zac Efron WILL be in 'New Year's Eve'

Zac Efron WILL be in 'New Year's Eve'

After presenting at the Golden Globe Awards, Zac Efron took two steps to his left to arrive at the 2011 InStyle And Warner Bros. 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards post-party in Beverly Hills on Sunday night (January 16).

Catching up with MTV on the red carpet, the 23-year-old actor confirmed rumors that he would a part of Garry Marshall‘s upcoming New Year’s Eve.

Zac shared that most of his scenes would be with, “Michelle Pfeiffer. Yeah, not a bad co-star. It’s got a great cast.”

Zac and Michelle also appeared in Hairspray together.

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Lester Cohen; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Yeaaah !! Zachary is going to be one busy man, he’s got a line of movies that’s waiting to be filmed. XD I know that he will be brilliant in each one. Can’t wait ! :D

  • BabyBooZanessa

    damn gorgeous !

  • abby14

    I didn’t see the first movie but I’ll for sure be seeing “New Years Eve” now lol.

    He looks good, his hair grows sooooooo fast.

  • lina

    he’s so gorgeous!!!

  • deepgurl

    love u zaccy darling….wish u all the best….


    More pics with NESSA


    OMG goegous couple

  • athena

    Boy, he has gained some weight…you can see it on his face. I’ve seen the first of this series….I wasn’t impress, regardless of the actors. I hope this one will be great…and Michelle Pfieffer he’ll be partnering up for in this one…..hmmmm, I wonder what their scenes will be?

  • amtfan

    @KENNY wow two different people always having to be together because some of you zanessa fans are THAT obsessed, cant we see one post of zac without hearing vanessas name..? they are over.

  • pop86

    Zac looks so hot.I can work with the extra weight on him.

  • Aly

    Kenny said more pics with Nessa and he said that they are a gorgeous couple, because, nobody knows for sure what they are now, broke up, friends with benefits, whatever, stop saying this old BS about them. It`s their private life, so let it be private.

    Haha, Zac in New Year`s Eve, can`t wait to see the movie

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Zac is grown Up so fast he looks great

  • Miranda

    Zac looks so good :)
    & I’m glad him and Vanessa got to spend time together before she had to go finish filming; they’re still together :)

  • lauren

    @ miranda,
    can you please stop telling everyone their still together every time you post a comment on here? its annoying and we get it.

  • headstrong

    why is he so perfect?

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • susan1

    He is so amazing!!His hair grows so fast and it suit to him.I can’t wait to see this movie .

  • irongrumma

    i am happy zac and vanessa had the week end together. boy he look happy.he alway look happy went he with vanessa.

  • Charlie st. cloud fan

    Zac & Vanessa are NOT together idiots.

  • Charlie st. cloud fan

    Zac & Vanessa are NOT together idiots all of u are so annoying & stupid whoever says all that.

  • Aly

    @Charlie st. cloud fan:
    other than that, do you know to say?
    emma efron, zac efron`s wife, how many nicks do you have girl?-.-

    you made us mean, bullies, stupid, annoying, guess what, you`re the same as us >.<

  • http://google BARBARA

    Charlie st. could, why don’t you leave, we don’t need you here, since you sound like your the idot.

  • irongrumma

    @Charlie st. cloud fan: have you ever meet zac.he don’ know you are a life.he love vanessa. not need to get over it. we know the true.zac and vanessa not gave up 5yr to gether. he was at her house over the week end.they spend time away from each other over the holiday like the do ever yr. the report about them call it quit is a lie.if it was true i think vanessa and zac who come out and say so.

  • irongrumma

    @Charlie st. cloud fan:
    ZAC Efron has reportedly reunited with his ex, Vanessa Hudgens.
    The “High School Musical” stars split in December, and Efron, 23, was then linked to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis.

    But he and Hudgens, 22, arrived together at the opening of Hollywood hot spot Eden, reports The New York Post.

    Onlookers said Hudgens, in a tight black dress, and Efron “were inseparable all night, dancing, drinking vodka and canoodling.”

    Read more:

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    @Charlie st. cloud fan:

    Emma Efron I Hate to Break it to But Zac will never Date you He does not even know you are alive You are so Freaking Obsessed you need Some Help Big Time Using nick Names to comment is just Sick,

    We all know that it is you because you are saying the same things over and over again How Crazy and stupid are you.

  • Charlie st. cloud fan

    I am not Emma Efron or Zac Efron’s Wife why do u all say that i’m those 2 ppl?

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Awesome and amazing news that Zac confirmed he will be doing the Movie New Year’s Eve Can’t wait to see him in the movie. I’m liking his new look this boy has grown so fast so Glad that I’m a Fan.

  • Nicki313

    I don’t know how many times I can say this; we don,t know if their together or not, so if someone points out or says they’ve broken up, we don’t know if thats false. Those so called sighting are likely fake, because no pap is going to lose money like that, and as far as the break up, they won’t comment on it so take that for what its worth. I’m personally starting to believe they have broken up. The news broke a month ago and since then we’ve only seen him driving from her house and those “sightings”. Which is why I wish someone would make simple public statement, there married people who have handled their public broke ups better, or if they really haven’t then just say so its a simple yes or no question.

  • susan

    Right you are, Nicki313, and Zac has walked at least three different red carpets since the breakup and not one reporter has asked him about it. Know why? Because Zac and his publicist Gina have decided that it’s best to keep people guessing, so they’ve made that an off-limits question for the press. I think Gina does an amazing PR job for him. He must love her.

  • http://google BARBARA

    The jornalist, from E who covers the party seen see Zac and Vanessa twice, plus a lot of people at these places also twitter about it, a girl named Krystal Jay at the party that Zac and Vanessa, after she finish filming for socker punch and Zac after the football game went to this party and she said that she was at a party with Zac and Vanessa, she thought they would break into a song from HSM, she said PS They’re so not broken up. Thursday nite he took her to a restaurant that night, there table was were the chefs give sample of very thing The Lady from E, and other people that were there that nite, they were kissng and cuddling,then they left and saw Demi Moore, Aston, and Rumor, and they both said hello. Yhen Vanessa went to a golden globe party Saturday nite, this person was at the party, His name is Nicky Pricott said Ending a wild weekend which included partying with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, and dancing till my feet fell off, success, he got to see a lot celebrities. And the weekend before they did go to the new nite club Eaton with brittany show, and The same lady at E and several people saw them there making out and Zac couldn’t keep his hands off of her, People andf US Mag. wrote about it. too many people have seen them and Zac tryed to kiss V, and she punsh him away because someone was going to take a picture. Also the two guys speak portugeese also saw them Friday nite, On Zac’s Fan Form translated the saw go in the party, aslo i heard Zac AND vanessa spendit three nites togther, before she had to go back , to NC. You can tell Zac is much happyer since they are dating again, by the way they never broke up just took a break, there own reps said do not believe everything the media said ,right after the media came out they broke up. two many people have seen them it is true.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way Zac and Vanessa are very private people, i think never since they were in hawaii, people were use twitter that they saw them together, very much in love, then when the got kissing in front of the resturant, they are more careful, i’m sure they were very upset about them filming, so they are going try even harder, not to be seen.

  • kyle

    Another movie for Zac, kudos to him.

  • Nicki313

    @ BARBARA: All these people have seen them but no one can get a picture, seems UNLIKELY. I’ve seen pictures of them doing the most random things yet no one can spot them together now.

  • pam

    @susan: exactly susan, this way he gains the bad boy image he needs for some of these upcoing movies

  • Mipa

    @BARBARA: Great posts! I agree!

  • jl

    @Nicki313: I am not going to agree or disagree with you but I am going to say this through. I have heard interviews from both zac and vanessa that they have gotten really good at avoiding the paps. I have also heard Zac say that they have gone to movies during the day and there has been no pictures of that. I do not know what to believe but there has been too many people that say they have seen them together along with other celbs at parties and there has been no pictures of them either but they have been on twitter these actors and said they have seen them. Oh were is Karen when you need a voice of reason.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way you can see the new nite club EATON ON Zac Efron or Vanessa webb sites IMDb they show pictures of the place were they went with Britany Snow. Also they never come in the front they always come in the back.

  • Aly

    umm, sorry for asking this, but i never heard of that club, EATON ON, i think the name of the club where they went was EDEN? If you are referring to the club from Jan 7, the name is EDEN…

  • tina

    He might love Gina or fire her because wasn’t it Gina who supposedly started the whole thing? Now she has no comment, oh please. So was it was Gina or just made up?

  • kami

    zac’s pr ppl must be in heaven with all this buzz zac is getting from his “break up” with vanessa. free publicity at the expense of his relationship. kind of sad.

  • Lady

    it was e online star all this. some one there hate vanessa real bad.if you want to know why go and ask them. they star all of this. they know it was a lie but they did care are wait for the rep to get back to them.e don’t care who they hurt.but it did work zac and vanessa are still togther and happy in love.

  • http://google BARBARA

    GO to Just Jard on Zac Efron number #48 see the article from People mag. about Zac and Vanessa, and i saw one in last weeks US.

  • susan

    Zac and Vanessa may SAY they’ve gotten good at avoiding the paps, but that statement is completely contradicted by the fact that the paps have caught Vanessa at the airport twice, at her chiropractor, at the gym, at her dentist, at a skin care place and out to lunch with Sarah and Matt, and that’s just in the last TWO WEEKS! If that’s “good at avoiding the paps,” she needs to work on her skills.

  • susan

    @tina: Good questions, we have no idea who gave the story of their breakup to the outlets. Gina is such a pro though, she either did it at Zac’s request or someone else did it against her wishes and now she’s controlling the fall-out by not allowing Zac to be asked breakup questions on the red carpets. Did you see Sandra Bullock address the Ryan Reynolds rumors on the GG red carpet? Al Roker pretended to just happen to ask her that question but in reality all these reporters are fed questions to ask by all the PR reps walking the carpet with their clients. For whatever reason, Sandra didn’t want the Ryan rumors to go any further so she nipped them. For whatever reason, Zac enjoys people speculating about his love life so he says nothing either way. It’s all a game. I just think Zac and Gina make a great team and I love that they keep people guessing. They’re so smart.

  • Lady

    zac would’t do that to vanessa.i don’t think no boby talk to the rep. this is all no e online they start this.

  • Lady

    zac would’t do that to vanessa.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I guess she won’t be caught for a while, she is in NC. The airport the paps,always hang out, the only time if she takes the red eye, and they were following her from her house, and some the pictures were taken when, Zac was vising his parents and brother. Zac said in interview they have ways, ninja ways of avoiding the paps, they are trying like they did when they started dating in the first place, know one knew they were dating untill thet went to Hawaii the first time year and a half. personaly i think when they film them kissing when he went to see her at thankgiving, they were really upset, because it is a private moment, between each other, so they decided to take a break from each other away from the paps for a while, by the way we actually saw them at different advents, not so much last year walking around, they hate the paps, by themselves they can tolrate the paps, but together they want their privacy, you will not hear them talking about there relationship, like they did last year, they are going to be very careful were they go and want they say, just like when they first starting dating, all because of someone filming them kissing.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way gina, only told one person jill, on Zac Efrons Forum, know one else Zac’s and Vanessa;s Mangers said don;t believe very thing you ear.That’s because they only took a break from each other, they never stop talking to each other, they never broke up.

  • Karen

    I posted this on the other thread of Zac’s here on JJJ. It’s the Golden Globes awards thread—the one before this.

  • Karen

    jl, I appreciate your confidence in me but the truth is it is sooo annoying to have to repeat the same FACTS on EVERY Zac or even Vanessa thread. The people trying to cause the problems—and they know who they are—have been on EVERY Zac thread spouting off the same garbage. THEY know and have read it all before. To me one of two things is true:

    1. They keep posting their trash because they like trying to make Zac look bad, they like being annoying and pushing people’s buttons. They have nothing better to do that make people mad or upset. What kind of person ENJOYS or gets a kick out of making people feel bad is what I want to know?

    2. OR these people keep posting the same preposterous stuff so someone like me or another fan who can see through the hype will continually come on a thread like this and point out the stupidity of their statements since so many—no matter how many times some gossip is put to rest—are gullible enough to believe new and even OLD lies all over again.

    ONE LAST TIME for the Gina confirmation thing and the Ninja ability. FIRST, Some of you continually go on about Gina confirming a break up… NEVER did she do that. At the very MOST she said they were “ON A BREAK” and THAT is if you want to BELIEVE that she would tell ONE moderator on some celebrity gossip blog such information but then would not return calls to someone like E! News or People or such resources when she was contacted.

    E! started this and SAID it was RUMORED and it said this “news” came from a SOURCE—not a REP. The said NEITHER Zac or Vanessa’s had responded to the speculations. And nor have they EVER done so—but yet we have Jill saying that’s what she was told. HOWEVER, even Jill didn’t say that Gina said the broke up. That’s just want the ENTERTAINMENT media ran with. And as it went it just kept gathering steam which mean more and more lies abounded.

    Did anyone THINK the reason NEITHER party’s reps actually came forward to confirm or deny was because they have been through all this break up hype before and they simply were NOT going to dignify that kind of thing AGAIN—especially when it was obvious that with the sightings it was not true? OR at the very least things were now fine between them??? I have a feeling after the way they were last year and what we seen of them at Thanksgiving—which was less than 2 weeks before this “earth-shattering news” broke that they thought people would “figure out” the truth in the meantime and again they were not even going to try to bother with such talk as it gave these people like E! way too much power over their lives?

    Lastly, both Zac and Vanessa have developed those “ninja” skills quite nicely and Zac has spoken of it many times. Yes, they are seen sometimes and it would seem they are seen when they are having a day they don’t care if people see them—when it is not a big deal—like when we have seen them out shopping together in Malibu or shopping alone or going to business meeting or things like that. BUT it seem that WHEN THEY WANT TO NOT BE SEEN they know how to do that. We know they are out a lot but we didn’t get that many pictures of them like that last year. Either the paps don’t try to get them all the time—which is highly doubtful since they make them a lot of money—or Z&V know how to AVOID them when they want. There have been twitters of them even by press people being all cozy in restaurants but have gotten no pictures and restaurant management have confirmed they were at their establishment after they had been there but NO pictures.

    Last time NEITHER Zac or Vanessa’s people returned calls when asked about a BREAK UP. And E! even said they EXPECTED them to get back together when “reporting” this little tidbit of news which would seem to indicate just HOW “sure” or SERIOUS this news was.