Joe Jonas Dishes on Solo Album Details

Joe Jonas Dishes on Solo Album Details

What can fans expect from Joe Jonas‘s upcoming solo album?

“I think [producer Danja and I] have been able to collaborate on something that really works for me and not try and mold it into something it’s not,” he recently told MTV.

Joe, 21, added that he hopes to “tell stories and be honest” and have tracks with a “fun vibe” that allows people to dance and just “have a good time.”

As for what he learned when younger brother Nick recorded his own solo CD, “He just had a good time and he did a record that was for him. And this one is for me and my fans,” he shared.

Watch the clip below to hear Joe talk more about his music and how he spends his downtime in the studio!

Joe Jonas Talks About His Upcoming Solo Album
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  • Angela

    Can’t wait for Joe’s album!

  • carly

    Wow I had no idea Joe was making his own album! Yea right. He’s been promoting himself for a year now. Too bad he sold out. Having people create it all for him. Not talented enough to do it himself. Won’t be buying it. Rather wait to see what Nick does next.

  • Samantha

    @carly: Poor bitter Nick stan. You’re just jealous that Nick’s album tanked so badly. He had people doing it all for him too…incompetent people like his father and the other morons at Jonas Group. He rushed the whole process, recording in only 2 weeks. Joe is going to blow everyone away. He’s working with amazing people like Danja, Frankmusik, and Marcella Araica. And Nick is working with….Jasmine Villegas and MDot? LOL Have fun waiting for him to really hit it big. As long as his head is so firmly planted up his dad’s butt, it will never happen. Too bad, because the KID is talented. He just doesn’t have the balls to fire his dad as his manager.

  • mimieux

    Ugh why must he let himself go like this. Its okay, I know how potentially hot he is. And when you’re ready joe, I will get you back to normal

  • steffani

    @Samantha: i agree joes album will be amazing and she just has her head stuck up nicks ass to realize he isn’t the most talented person in the world.

  • Ella

    Joseph! Release your album now!! :D

  • HIH


  • Lauren


    U r 100% wrong

  • Saira

    Wow! Most of y’all are wrong BOTH of their album will be GREAT and I could guarantee that!
    Go Joe and nick Jonas!!!!
    Both of your albums will be great!!!
    < 3 < 3 < 3

  • Saira

    Wow! Most of y’all are wrong BOTH of their album will be GREAT and I could guarantee that!
    Go Joe and nick Jonas!!!!
    Both of your albums will be great!!!
    < 3 < 3 < 3

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    Oh great, now people are fighting for Joe and Nick seperately.
    I feel like the Jonas Brothers Fan world is crasing down.

    I’m still excited for Joe’s upcoming album, though.
    Nick’s couldn’t have been that bad.

  • Alyssa

    Joe had enough sense to break away from his dad & disney , even though he’s still with Disney , I have a feeling this album wont be Disney at all !! Personally , I loved Nick’s CD :) he just wrote about more mature things , & the younger teenies didn’t understand … I hope Joe blows everyone away with his CD & leaves his brothers & Daddy behind ..

  • Amyc

    Woah woah woah! Y r fans here fighting over Nick and Joe??? They’re brothers! They’re both amazing! I love Nick’s album and I will most likely love Joe’s. It’s just a sad thing when fans of the Jonas Brothers aupport one brother and bash the other.
    P.S: Kevin ur amazing too if u read this lol. And just to let u know I’m waiting for ur solo proj too!!:D

  • JT

    @carly is right. Joe’s been “dishing” on himself for over a year. And it’s old. It’s all about being famous for him. Yes, Joe’s been given every advantage. He’s used every interview this year to say “look at me” instead of my brothers. Even when he showed up at events to “support” Nick, he went on about himself. Nick was given so little time to record his music. He had to do it on vacation. He was given 8 weeks to release his single, attend Kevin’s wedding, celebrate Christmas, tour and release his CD before he went back to Jonas Brothers work. Back then Nick wasn’t allowed to have any of the focus leave Jonas Brothers. Now the brothers are being told to have everything focus on Joe and the work other people created for him because he can’t do it himself. Nick’s CD did great. It wasn’t meant to be fake, autotuned music like Joe’s doing. It was meant to be real music. No respect for Joe at all. Give me Jonas Brothers or Nick music.

  • tastlikecandy

    @carly: Because Joe is working with a producer..what every artist does..means hes a sell out having someone do his work for him? Had Nick Jonas chosen to do it when the time was right..and not been a control freak, work with really talented people instead of John Fields as his producer, and his over inflatted ego he would have taken his time, and put out a really great cd instead of that shit he came out with just like LVATT was the Jonas Brothers worse cd to date why? too much Nick if only Nick was a great as you guys give him credit for we would be getting somewhere, I for one can’t wait for Joes cd, music people will actually listen to and like, lets face it Nick cd was a FlOP even Rolling Stone mag called one of the worse things in music for 2010, nobody told or made Nick to do a cd in 3 weeks time that was his choice, he got to promote it the way he wanted…don’t blame Joe for being more intune with society…then his disney pupet brother Nick, I hope Joe is a total success and actually leaves his brothers…HE DESERVES MORE CREDIT THEN HE GETS…NICK LESS!!!

  • tastlikecandy

    @JT: oh you mean when Joe had to go on that suck ass tour..that was all about him..I have never seen him an interview an “promote” himself and not his brothers, because he did interviews when he guest starred on 90210 and on Hot in Cleveland..the same thing Nick did with his cd, and all his Les Miz shit so its OK for Nick but not Joe some of you people need to grow the fuck up! seriously!

  • tastlikecandy

    @Samantha: Your soo right that is why I have lost all respect for Nick….I think Joe could have gone solo along time ago..but he wanted to be out of disney and away from his fathers control..I’m so glad finally took direction of his own life living in LA dating who ever the hell he wants, taking that ridic ring off his finger, it has made Joe so much more enduring to people who weren’t reall Jonas fans, and that is why I think Joe will blow up and leave his brothers in the dust…RANT OVER

  • n


    look at urself ur fighting because of silly things …. nick tried a solo album and joe is trying another one so what ….. no need to fight guys


    excited for her new album….go joe

  • bety jonas maslow

    no puedo esperar tu disco mi vida TE AMO pro la verdad qe ya no es lo mismo sin nick y kevin.
    pro sabs qe

  • sofia

    everyone knows Nick has more talent than Joe… But they have different styles that’s what’s so great about the Jonas Brothers.. I don’t see a future for neither of them as a solo artist… and as a band they are falling out.. they need to get back in the game and get OUT of disney.. But once again lets be realistic Nick Jonas has the talent and Joe Jonas has the looks.. although Nick is very hot too.. I personally loved Nick’s album because his songs had meanings I even cried.. I don’t know what to expect of Joe… but i do know is that his songs won’t have the same effect of Nick’s songs, because people are going to be concentrated on the “fun beat” instead of the lyrics

  • JoeLuv

    GO JOE guys didn’t even give him a chance like when nick doing his project everyone go like it will be awesome but when it comes to Joe it’s a fail and crime !???? REALLY Joe has talent as nick but Jonas fans focusing in nick because most of them are young teenagers girls ! so ..and PapaJonas always putting nick in front everything while letting Joe stand somewhere’s unfair there is a lot of PEOPLE liking JOE’s voice just like me he is MY FAV SINGER ALL THE TIME ! so..

    GO JOE <3

  • lISS

    Oh well… I didn’t see this coming. Another reason to believe the Jonas will break apart, no matter what they say. That makes me vary sad, I really like them. But they’re right, each one has to follow his own way. Look at Kev, married, close to have a baby… They can’t hope it’ll work forever. Neither can we. Good luck, Joe. We’re always gonna be there for you.

  • tammy

    @carly: im one of the few who actually agree with you all the way. i love nick’s music, but joe…not that talented. just a pretty face.

  • Harriett

    @n: You’re so right lool!

  • n

    ur absolutely right … it just dumb how these gurls fight over them who’s better than who

  • s

    wow really…fighting of whos cd is going to be better..???

    im sorry but that is just so sad…who cares who is more handsome or who has more fame or more talent…that does not matter ..i do no think them as brothers would fight something about a solo cd..and you should not either ..
    BOTH of them have TALENT .. BOTH of them worked hard on their CD..

    who cares if BOTH of the cd did or is going to flop or if its going to do went well or went bad…. BOTH of them LOVE what they do and thats what matter..

    anyways as a Jonas Fan i cant wait for Joes solo cd,,,and I love nicks J cd.. i LOVE them both. :)♥

  • Butterfly

    yeah I think it’s the best for him to fly solo because a band does not exist till always and I have the feeling they already split in a way.
    it’s obvious that kevin remains in the background.
    now let’s see who outshines whom,nick or joe,who will make it if JB is done … ? they won’t last any longer in the disney stuff,as I heard all of ‘em quit wearing the purity ring and somehow their time is done its the other JB justin b. time now..

  • Harry potter

    OMG Joe looks so ugly in that shave!!!!

  • Steve

    Must Admit that I used to Hate Joe Jonas… or Kind of Envy must say… used to Say that He was gay blabla bla but Actually I Like Him, he seems to be a kind person, Now! I Wish Everything keeps strong with Ashley.. I like Ashley too, behind how hot she is and how she likes sex (joking), she seems to be a Down To Earth Girl, and As we know joe´s solo album is going to be something to make us dance… i hope to listen good songs in that.

    Maybe he would have songs like mcfly mix with britney … anyway sounds interesting
    Best Wishes for Joe Jonas

  • Alisha

    Hey guys why u keep on sayin that nick got more talent..i think joe got most beautiful male voice he is more talented..but I would like to see all 3 them together…dont go with the looks but with the voice and joe’s voice is much much better than any male singer alive..and when you go with the looks joe is still number one…God bless u joe…

  • Amy

    wow ppl are fighting for joe and nick separately!? we’re a big Jonas family! Nick’s album was amazing and Joe’s will be too! gosh ppl! <3<3