Nina Dobrev: A 'Vampire Diaries' Movie?

Nina Dobrev: A 'Vampire Diaries' Movie?

Is there a possibility for a Vampire Diaries movie? Star Nina Dobrev says maybe…

The 22-year-old actress sat down to chat with MTV’s 10 on Top about the prospect to shoot a Vampire Diaries movie. Check out her answer:

“I don’t know. It takes us 10 months of the year to shoot the 22 episodes we do. [Doing a movie] would basically mean shooting all year round, 365 days to make one. I don’t know, maybe one day,” Nina shared.

To see Nina‘s full interview, tune into MTV’s 10 on Top, airing Saturdays @ 11:30AM ET/PT.

Nina Dobrev: Vampire Diaries Movie?
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  • an

    NINA <3 lol anything vampire diaries related wld be HOOT given the fact that its INCREDIBLE :D

  • JC

    This is an excellent example of creating a story where a story doesn’t exist. That answer was not a maybe, that was a “don’t hold your breath.”

  • mike

    love to see a TVD movie

  • toughlittleprissy

    Oh Nina you are pretty, but how many episodes per season? And how long does an episode air? Movie just take 2 hours and it will only take months to shoot it, unless you’re aiming for a 10 hours movie.

  • dana

    i would love to see a movie about TVD but what would it be about!! there is so many stories in it they can’t put them all in a 2 hours movie!!!..but still i would buy it..I <3 TVD they rock!

  • lynz

    i guess she means that they would shoot 10 months for the show and then they wouldn’t have any time off because they’d have to shoot the movie the time they usually had off… i bet she knows that it doesn’t take a year to shoot a movie

  • an

    lol @lynz: yaa that makes more sense. i was a bit confused!

  • marjorie

    if theres gonna be a vampire diaries movie, id be super happy and be like, “mom, save up your money. vampire diaries: the movie is coming out in theaters soon!” lol