Zac Efron is a Village Idiot

Zac Efron is a Village Idiot

Zac Efron is all smiles as he leaves The Village Idiot after hanging out with a few female friends in Hollywood earlier this week.

The 23-year-old actor just recently returned from a trip to North Carolina. Spotted out with OTH stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols, Zac also spent some time with on-and-off again girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

According to reports around the world wide web, Zac and Vanessa partied and kept close throughout the night at a Journey 2: Mysterious Island cast party in Wilmington. Vanessa is currently still in NC filming.

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Credit: Bubbles; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Aly

    JJR… or whoever wrote that report…
    It was on wednesday not on weekend -.-
    Over the weekend he was in NC with Vanessa

  • lauren

    today is thursday incase you dip shits forgot.


  • citlalli

    @Aly: YEAH! I GREE! /:

  • citlalli

    but anyway, totally hot! :D,

    aws <3333 zac and vanessa together (L) :*

  • Kasey

    Who are these chicks? I’ve never seen him or Vanessa with any of them before.Better pics of them here:

  • ZANE

    yeah Zanessa 4ever

  • Aly

    Who knows, they are some friends or fans or whatever. I don`t think it`s such a big deal that he went at a bar with some girls.
    I just don`t get this “getting over Vanessa” thing. He spent the weekend with her, and now everyone is reporting that he spent the weekend in LA and met those chicks. We got pictures of him in NC over the weekend. For god`s sake, i hope they will stop this BS.

    And JJR, you don`t make any sense, because, the way you reported this, the drinks and the party were in the same day…

  • joanne

    THESE WERE FROM YESTERDAY. don’t get it mixed up JJJ

  • .

    The title suits him well. The tweets and pictures that we got of him recently are mostly him going to bars, clubs and drinking. Dude…slow down.

    Now he won’t be able to say that he’s not into club scenes anymore because that would make him a hypocrite.

  • carly

    So I’m confuse when were these pictures from?? And when did Zac visit Vanessa in NC?

  • carly

    And also when is Vanessa suppose to be back from filming?

  • Eliana

    I know one of them! The girl on the left is phoebe tonkin from H2O Just add Water .

  • julliie

    Zac Efron at theJourney 2 wrap party, and wecan see Vanessa Hudgens there at the left

    and other pics of ZAC in NC

    ZANESSA ARE TOGETHER , lot of people saw them last week end and they holding hand and kissing ! STOP RUMORS !!! THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER :)

  • susan1

    @ Carly..
    Vanessa finish filming until jan.10.

  • susan1

    oh sorry February 10.

  • dahhhh

    where are the pics of zac in north carolina can someone post them please?

  • mike

    wonder what he did with the 4 girls haha !!!

  • haily

    Is he wearing the bracelet again?

    Fans shouldnt make a big deal out of this, he seems happy and to be honest, if he was on a date, it wouldnt be with five girls, seems purely platonic.

  • dahhhh

    where are the pics of zac in NC?

  • Jasmine

    END OF THE Story ZAC AND VANESSA ARE TOGETHER ! I saw them at Gym in NC !

  • Lady

    Another source told the website they had been at a party for cast and crew on Saturday (01-22-11) and the on/off couple were “inseparable” and it was there where they were caught smooching in a corner. SO HOW CAN ZAC BE AT 2 PLACE AT THE SAME TIME

  • Aly

    This pics where taken on Jan 26, yesterday night. He was seen, and we even got 3 pics with Zac in NC over the weekend, and on Jan 22, he was at a party in NC.

    His wearing both bracelets…

    Everybody is going to freak out again -.-

  • Aly

    Why are you surprised? O.o
    He was in 5 places on new years eve. Media lies most of the time -.-

  • Lady

    yes he wearing the bracelet. boy he look happy after be with vanessa.he look rest.just look at his face how happy he is.

  • Lady

    @Aly: not real. but i just wish they would get think right. like say his ex. she not his ex.they never call it quit in the frist place.

  • Nicki313

    @.: I wouldn’t say him going to a few clubs/bars makes him apart of that crowd. When he made that comment he was more taking about your Paris Hilton’s of the world.

  • Rose

    @Aly: Lol!!!!!!, he has a power to be anyware at the same time OMG !!! HA………HA……HA!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr sara

    who cares when the party was, & what day it was..
    Zac looks sooo fine! he looks a lot thinner in these pic ;) love him.
    Good to know he’s hanging out ;) other than vanessa now.

  • Karen

    If some people would just try using some REASONING the gossip press would not be able to get by with crap even if they TRIED to do it. There is not ONE indication that Zac is “with” any one of those girls as in he is interested in being with one privately/personally. There is video of him leaving and he is ALONE. He may know those girls or he may know one or two of them and those one of two brought friends. I doubt Zac just sat down with 5 random girls and started doing shots with them… If they were random girls and just fans he may have said hello and such but not sat down and started doing shots. He’s not stupid. Not knowing what they may be out after he would never let himself be set up. AND this happened last night, Jared. This cannot be taken on the weekend when he was in NC with Vanessa which YOU yourself reported. There are pictures of him in NC over the weekend.

    There was a tweet that he was preparing to return to LA on Tuesday. So it would seem that he returned either on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. He was seen going to meet with a producer on Wednesday so apparently he returned to LA to take care of business matters. But it is a fact he went to Wilmington, NC on Friday night whre he spent the next few days with Vanessa—sharing her place of residence there, being seen by many dining out romantically, and then a party with the wardrobe department of her latest movie where they were reported making out all night. Even E!News who started all this craziness reported that he and Vanessa are back together.

    He also IS wearing both his bracelets…not that that has to mean something specific but we don’t know that it doesn’t either.

  • Aly

    I was being ironic, LOL.
    Of course you can`t be in 5 places at the same time.
    People see zac efron all the time, he`s omnipresent :> , but that doesn`t mean that they actually see zac efron there.
    Eh, they are not ex`s anymore, right now they are on-and-off again -.-

  • haily



  • kate1


    Thanks Karen Hunny

    Totally agree

  • Katty

    As always, the voice of reason is Karen.

    Zac WAS in NC all weekend, so that was the first mistake Jared made in his post. He returned earlier in the week and as Karen said, went to a few business meetings. I do not know if Vanessa has returned. He IS wearing both of this bracelets and like it not, they mean something. I doubt they are just because they go with his outfit.

    Zac is NOT out dating other girls. He is NOT with Rumer Willis, I don’t think he even went to that island Turks and Caicos? I believe that is how you spell it. We got five different locations of where he was in that same weekend, I doubt this one was true. And even if he did go hang out with Rumer Willis, it doesn’t mean anything. Boys and girls can be friends, people, it is rather easy. Yes, we have seen Zac out more than usual at clubs and bars and such, well not so much of seen as heard. Anyways, who cares, really? He’s 23, a grown man, you know. So he has said in the past he is not much of a partyer, so? Just because he doesn’t go out much doesn’t mean he doesn’t go out at all. He has been away from all his friends for quite sometime during the shooting of The Lucky One, he is allowed to have fun. Don’t judge.

    Zac and Vanessa are together. Private or not, they would have released a statement because that is the SMART thing to do. How would it look if we know Zac and Vanessa are together and we see one of them making out with someone else? It would make them look bad and so, there would have been an official statement, not rumors or a source of so and so said. It just makes sense. Zac and Vanessa ARE private people. Why would they release a statement saying that they are still together? That’s stupid.

    Zac is allowed to go out. Zac is allowed to have fun. Zac is allowed to hang out with other girls and not have to be crucified because of it. None of you are his keeper, he can do as he pleases. He has a lot of work coming up ahead of him, he has the right to hang out and do what he wants, girlfriend or not.

    Does anyone know when/if Vanessa will be home?


    First : zac and vanessa never broke up in first place
    second: zac looks good

  • 3niefronhudgie

    As always, the voice of reason is Karen.


  • Aly

    She finishes filming around the first week of february. Someone said around Feb 10.

    @Karen and Katty
    You are both right with this.
    I just hope that, at least once, those gossip sites will get their head out of the ground and write something that is actually true about them.

  • ze

    Can Vanessa just see how this boy really is and just MOVE ON already!

  • boo

    wondering wt he is doing with 5 girls hang out !!!!!!

  • znfan2

    Don’t worry about Vanessa! She has so clearly demonstrated over the years that she can power through any set-back and if Zac let’s her down, she will keep moving forward. Besides, I honestly think that Vanessa is the one who wants to explore being on her own professionally and personally. All along, people have assumed that Vanessa was riding on Zac’s coattails. Funny thing is, since the “break-up,” he seems to be the one who is a bit lost. Without Vanessa and with that extra weight and buzz cut, he looks short and stumpy and very average. Vanessa, on the other hand, continues to bloosom as she keeps going about her business.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    OMG Some of you retarded Zac can’t even have female friends with some people believe that he is cheating on Vanessa I mean come Over the weekend he was in NC to Visit her. I Hate the freaking Rumors and Bullshit on JJ, JJJ,

  • juliet

    can someone posts some pics of zac in north carolina please i can’t find them

  • jl

    @Karen: thank you for the voice of reason, but I really can not wait to see how e news tells this ha ha.

  • Allie

    Oh come on. He spent all weekend with Vanessa in NC, every site says that they’re back together, now he’s hooking up with new girls? If he was, he’d do it privately with 1 girl, not 5, where the cameras can’t get to – which is, surprise, surprise, he’s doing with Vanessa. And everyone should give girls some respect – no girl that has an ounce of respect is going to hook up with Zac as no girl wants to be the rebound. And everyone would know they’re the rebound, especially when he’s still hanging around with VAnessa.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan


    Totally true.

  • Kasey

    All of the Zanessa stuff doesn’t really concern me. Whether they are together or not, I could really care less about. What does concern me is the drinking and clubbing. Yes he’s grown, but I hope it doesn’t get out of hand. A lot of young Hollywood stars say they wont do stuff and turn around and end up doing it anyway. This is not to judge Zac, its just out of character for him.

  • Whoami?

    Jared, Jared, Jared…. Shame. on. you. First, do some digging on your own and maybe get your facts straight before hitting the update key. You used to be a respectable celebrity fan site. It’s a shame that both Zac and Vanessa have supported you in the past. News flash, these girls work for Zac’s new production co. Oh and btw, The Village Idiot is a pub, not a club, BIG difference.

  • wrestler

    i’ve only seen 1 supposed picture of zac in north carolina, is there more? if so, can someone give me the link pls.

  • kami

    i see zac is cloning himself again. he’s so good at that. now he can be in 10 different places at one time. we can all have our own cloned zac.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Kendall

    does anybody really know if zac and vanessa are back together ??? cause if they were i dont think zac would be hanging with 5 girls because he has never done that before while dating vanessa. jared doesnt know the real things. tabloids make stuff up.