Demi Lovato: Cheesecake Factory Funny

Demi Lovato: Cheesecake Factory Funny

Demi Lovato shares a laugh with a male friend as she waits for her car outside The Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (January 30).

The 18-year-old actress/singer was just recently released from a treatment center in the Chicago area.

Sources close to Demi‘s family tell JJJ that she’s more than thankful for her fans support. “She is so grateful to all of her fans for their unbelievable support, and looks forward to being able to talk to all of them very soon,” they shared.

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  • ashley

    She looks great :D

  • Anabelle


  • Maria

    She seems to be really happy the past couple of days! I’m glad she’s laughing & moving on! I know we all missed that smile of hers!

  • kat

    maybe he is her counselor from treatment

  • gad

    Y does she look so different to me?? I don’t know why I just can’t look at her the same way, like somethings off. I hope the best for her though

  • itsmeagain

    nice to have her on the streets again

  • Rain

    I wish nothing but the best for her she’s a super talented girl!

  • Ego

    @gad: Well she did just get out of treatment. It’s a big adjustment to re-enter your life once you leave in patient treatment. It takes time you know?

  • bella

    she is beautifull
    happy day

  • http://nowebsite alexandra

    yay! so happy demi is back! i’ve missed her! she looks so beautiful!<3
    i wish her the best and hope she will on the set of sonny very soon ! :D

  • kiki056

    She looks a lot healthier. Her face has filled out a little bit and she looks more natural. In the last few months before treatment, she was starting to look a little bit gaunt, she was wearing a lot of make-up and she had an almost lost look about her. She looks a lot more content and relaxed. I hope she takes the time she needs and doesn’t rush back into working.

  • alexa

    @gad: I’m sorry, but I agree with Gad, I can’t look at her the same way… Is like the only person in Disney went mad and now we are supposed to be all peaches and cream with this celebrity. I really like her… well, liked her before all this madness. She didn’t know how to handle things… shame on the situation not on her. But still… is not the same…

  • Becky

    Demi looks soo happy, healthy, and its GREAT TO HAVE HER BACK!!! I think that is one of her bodyguards. I have seen him before in pics with her.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @alexa: @gad: I’m glad Demi is back but come on, It showed from the start that Demi had emotional issues people. We Demi first came to the Disney Channel, she was not all bubbly when she was on as the bell rings. Everything she wore was BLACK and she always wore dark make up and crap (Just like Taylor Momsen does now) and usually people who dress all Gotch [Like she did back in 2008) are usually really EMO or Rebellious. She never did come out as the plastic Disney Product like Selena Gomez/Debby Ryan/Miley Cyrus did. She always showed her DARK side. If u listen to all her previous songs she made before she came to Disney. (Trash, Shadow, ect) u would hear how DARK and EDGY those songs were. And those types of song are not ur normal Bubble Gum Pop Disney Flavor. And guys, please don’t take that as a slash against Demi. I like the girl, I’m just getting the point across. Everyone looks at every Disney star like they’re so PURE and INNOCENT just because they work for kid shows when they’re not.

  • Steph

    I wish Demi all the best, she finally looks healthy and happy<3 I think the paparazzi need to leave her alone and really back off, she doesnt need all of them following her right after she gets out of treatment. She does look a bit different but a good different! PROUD OF YOU DEMI, FAN FROM DAY ONE AND WILL ALWAYS STAY ONE SUPPORTING YOU!

  • Shelby

    @iTellItLikeItIs: Surely if Vanessa Hudgens can be forgiven Demi can, atleast she got help not went crazy like other celebs and she did take nudes ….which is ten times worst she’s doing better,all that matters right:)

  • Shelby

    @alexa: The fact that she hasn’t done anything horrible and that she’s better and out of treatment is wonderful,Again if Vanessa can be forgiven so can demi she is extremely talented she just young and still trying to find herself:) like all us girls do

  • You go Woman

    I am so glad that Demi is back. She looks so great. I wish her the best in every thing that she does. I really love all of her music. You go Demi, you so rock. Can’t wait to hear your new music. Just keep your head up. I am so glad to see your wonderful smiling face. Love ya Demi, I am fan of yours & will always be. :)

  • lovelydee

    She looks great and seems happier.
    I’m wishing her nothing but the best.
    I think she’s a really talented girl that
    will get really far.

  • http://smilexchristina christina


  • Ella

    makes me happy to see her smile/laugh again. :)
    Can’t wait for her to get back on music scene!!!

  • lovatoFan

    @iTellItLikeItIs: i agree to you. Demi still looks gorgeous. Missed her sooooo much.

  • Zip

    Glad she’s laughing again. She looks so cute. Happy AND healthy.
    The guy with her is her bodyguard, Deryl (his name, I think I read it on twitter!). Def her bodyguard though. You can tell!
    She needs to record her 3rd album – I need new Demi music!! (in her own time obviously!).

  • Jocasta

    Demi is the best!

  • any

    She is beautiful….i love when she laugh

  • Jocasta

    Demi is the best! it is what Disney has of best, without Demi the world has no grace!

  • ellen

    Demi is the best! it is what Disney has of best, without Demi the world has no grace!

  • Simone

    TellItLikeItIs @alexa: @gad:
    Demi is not so She’s wonderful! she was the first to win a clothing line based on his character!

  • Emma

    Demi is not so She’s wonderful! she was the first to win a clothing line based on his character

  • Simone

    Demi is not so She’s wonderful! she was the first to win a clothing line based on his character!!

  • David

    What good she’s okay! i love you!

  • Annie

    I so hope, that she can stay out of the spotlight for some time, and will not jump into the showbusiness crazyness straight away. There is no way 2-3 months in rehab is going to take away years of building up emotional stress. And I wish her all the best, just wishing she would take it really easy and slow.

  • Jennifer

    i love you Demi!

  • Laura

    i love you!

  • Sabrina

    Love Lovato!

  • Daniel

    Demi is amazing!

  • hetevbh

    i love her. its makes me happy to see her laugh

  • hetevbh

    love u demi. so happy to see pictures of demi again . i missed her smiles

  • Simone

    very beautiful!

  • Emma

    very beautiful!

  • Lorena

    Demi is wonderful and very beautiful! i love you Demi!

  • http://isbeautiful Kelly

    Demi is beautiful! she is perfect! i love you Demi!

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Demi Lovato, you’re so goregous and any color looks cute on you. x

  • mishybc

    @Shelby: Not exactly the same situation.
    Comparing psychiatric treatment to a nude photo scandal…. like what?
    And no one was forgiven for anything… Demi never did anything wrong and neither did Vanessa.
    Think about Demi checked herself into rehab… what did she do wrong there that needs forgiveness.
    Vanessa took nude photos of herself before she was a Disney actor and apologized… which she didn’t have to do there is nothing to forgive her for it’s her life, her choice. You either support them as they continue their acting journey because you appreciate them & their talent and not because of their actions… or you don’t.

  • Zahra

    I remember the days when Demi felt she had to step out in a face full of makeup and totally dressed up because she had image issues and feel good knowing she feels happy enough to step out with virtually no makeup on and feel confident about it….

  • marsmars

    So happy shes out of treatment!!! she looks great!

  • dani

    . About the pics: simple, fresh, happy, naturally beautiful. <3
    Black hair is back! I believe that she feels more confident with that hair color, plus her hair looks so shiny when black. Anyway, black, brown or blonde, I’m always jealous of her hair. *sigh*
    I’m glad that she has been looking happy in these last pics. She had a difficult past and fake friends in the present, so I’m glad that she is trying to restore her self-esteem and solve her emotional (or other) issues. Her amazing family, TRUE friends and dedicated fans will be there for her.
    . About the Vanessa-Demi comparison:
    Although Vanessa racy pics were way worse than Demi sexy pics, I think exactly the same about them – the only person who should have apologized were the ones who leaked the damn pics, not D or V. Those pics were supposed to be private, and asshole just took advantage of it. The only thing I can say is that being in the spotlight you should choose your friends carefully and avoid these kind of pics, because you never know who may be jealous and try to destroy your image/career.
    If there’s sth that Demi should apologize for is the punch to Shorty, IN A PRIVATE WAY – we have nothing to do with it. Although watching Shorty being such an attention seeker in interviews and her rude video with friends about Demi, I’m not sure if she deserves it anymore.
    . About Demi in general:
    This girl is so talented. I wish she wasn’t on Disney (and under that shitty Jonas management) so people could look beyond that and see how talented she is. Btw, I love her sarcastic and dark side, and the fact that she never tried to hide it. Those are things that make her real in the middle of this Disney “perfect and plastic” teens without personality or talent.
    Wish her the best. 3rd album soon, please, and more dramatic roles outside Disney.

  • hetevbh

    beautiful demi

  • hetevbh

    love u demi

  • http://isbeautiful AlexandraShe is beautiful

    i love you Demi! She is beautiful and peferct!