Zac Efron Gases Up

Zac Efron Gases Up

Zac Efron checks out his messages on his iPhone while he fills up his tank at a local gas station in West Hollywood on Monday morning (January 31).

The 23-year-old actor was spotted out last night, enjoying the Lakers game with pals and George Lopez.

Zac is one of the many young celebrities to be featured in Richard Phillips‘ “Most Wanted” Exhibition in London’s White Cube Gallery.

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  • lauren


  • Alana

    So cute :)

  • Sofiaaxo

    Sexayyyy Efron! ;)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ POP 86 THANK YOU.

  • Miranda

    Zac efron looks sooo good :)

  • mike

    one of the coolest guys of la

  • a

    so hot…though he should know not to use the phone around the gas pump!!

  • MTUK1

    Zac, you’re so fine and sexy, but what a silly boy using a cellphone at a Gas Station!!!!! It can cause an explosion!! I’ll forgive you as you’re such eye candy!

  • http://gonzacontreras gonzacontreras


    He’s so cool! XD

  • susan1

    I thought he start filming tomorrow in New YORK why he still in LA?

  • kate1

    Looking good Zachary

  • Aly

    Filming starts tomorrow with Robert de Niro, Josh Duhamel and Abigail Breslin. They were the only part of the cast, that we know of, are in NY. We don`t know when zac will start filming. If he doesn`t have scenes with them, he can start filming even in March.

  • Katty

    I thought people saw him at LAX last night or this morning or whatever???

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    What a stud. ♥

  • zacfan

    He always seems to be on his phone. I wonder who he’s texting… Vanessa maybe? He looks good like this.

  • pop86


    No problem

    Zac lost some weight and his hair is growing.

  • sophie

    those sightings were apparently fake, however, there has been another fb sighting (maybe a little more true?) that zac, vanessa, and the rock will be at a superbowl party this weekend in wilmington!

  • amtfan

    ha i knew the sightings were fake

  • Lady

    was this picture take sunday and not monday.and they put 31 on it. there to many people was him at airport.i real don’t know. they can’t be lie could they.

  • beatriz

    waaaaaaaah zac looks so hot

  • lyla

    I would love to respond to your questions, but to be honest, I can’t figure out what you are trying to say (or ask). Could you maybe repost and write it correctly for us? Don’t mean anything bad by this. Just trying to help.

  • maria

    @Lady: People lie ALL THE TIME on twitter and facebook. Not sure why…..ooooh, I think they get more “friends and followers” that way. How stupid.

  • Karen

    There are reports that Zac is in Wilmington with Vanessa. And before anyone starts yelling how this picture proves he can’t be in Wilminton and LA, let’s just think about the possibilty that Jared once again has this date wrong—he never did change the date on the one where Zac was having lunch the other day. It was proved Zac was in Wilmington on that Saturady with Vanessa that he is saying that picture was taken with the gilrs. Even E! changed the day from Saturday to las Wednesday that the lunch took place. However, Jared never changed it. SOO, all I’m saying Jared’s “facts” could once again be wrong since another site where these pictures were posted did NOT have a day on them. And Zac’s hair does look shorter in this picture althought that could be because of the angle and lighting.

    Also, isn’t he suppose to be in NY to start filming NYE? We don’t know EXACTLY when Zac and Michelle’s segment of the film will shoot and the weather in NYC is not good right now. For all we know things might get pushed back a few days. All we know is at the PCA’s Zac said he would be going to NY in a couple weeks to shoot the movie. Now, that may mean TWO weeks or maybe THREE. He didn’t give an exact date but it may not start for him right on Feb 1.

    Bottom line, we just have to wait and see. If Zac is in Wilmington then he will probably be seen again unless he leaves within a couple days to go to NYC. BUT we can’t be at this time exactly when Zac will need to be in NYC to start filming his part of the movie.

  • Ella


  • ladysdsandiego


  • Karen

    Just wanted to update as I don’t want people to trust my word to be correct all the time—that is a nice thought and I don’t go out intending to lie. I just try to post info I have gotten that seems pretty much reliable. It would seem that Zac may not be going to NC until the weekend or closer to it. But once again, I think it is a wait and see game. If he is there already we will probably find out as he is not one to hide inside somewhere and if he doesn’t go until later in the week it is just as likely that we willl find that out too sooner or later.

  • Mac

    Zac’s looking good. He’s definitely losing all that bulk which he gained for The Lucky One. Even his face don’t look as “puffed” anymore.

  • maria

    @Karen: LOL…I think the nice thing is, we never know what they’re going to do, and I think they like it that way! Thank goodness they have that bit of privacy still!

  • londonlemming

    I highly doubt Zac will be attending ANY party in Wilmington this weekend, as it his brothers birthday on Saturday so it is most likely he will spend time with him.

  • http://lala aiwen

    handsome still!!!!!!!!!!

  • amelia25

    beautiful Zac!

  • Karen

    I believe Dylan’s birthday is in April, not February.

  • Karen

    BTW, Dylan is now in college so I have a feeling that he would be spending it with his friends there. Dylan certainly has not been with Zac for his birthday the last two years…

  • Karen

    I apparently hit send before I was done with my previous post but Zac didn’t even spend Thanksgiving holiday with his family—he spent it with Vanessa. And if he should have to be in NYC on a Monday then flying from NC to NY is way shorter and he doesn’t lose so much time with the time change either.

  • een


    so it means Dylan’s birthday is in this weekend,right?

  • Irene

    totally random but I think it’s hilarious that whenever we see pictures of vanessa or zac when they are not with each other…they are always with their phones between their hands LOL

    btw, all the informations about zac being in a place or another…how about waiting until some reliable info appears instead of posting every ridiculous thing you find and just…starting arguments about things we have no idea of? I’m not pointing anyone but just…saying that, sometimes, and like Karen has said, the only thing we can do is sit back, wait and see what happens before we all go mad.

    to start a heated argument (like some I’ve seen here) about 1. a life that is not ours, 2. things we don’t (and won’t) know for sure if not because zv/their people talk or pictures appear, 3. different opinions – what about respecting each other?, and 4. personal details about people that we don’t even know…is kinda crossing the line. if the life was ours..then maybe I would understand the “heat” when defending one thing or another one…but with a life that is not ours???? this is crazy! and I’m a ZV fan, uh?! so I’m all for them to be together for as long as they make each other happy :) but I have extremely assumed that, although I can opine and give my opinion (always respecting the others and the others’) that their life is not my life so the thing I have to do is shut up and respect them because that’s what I’d like for that to happen to me if I was them. you know what I mean? am I making any sense? I’m spanish and english is not my first language so I’m kinda translating my thoughts while writing this so I apologize for all the mistakes and confusions this post may mean for you…

    here would be a lovely place if pacific discussions/theories or just…topics with everyone respecting everyone, with tolerancy and with maturity were a common thing. sadly, there are some people here that think that the celebrity is “theirs”. no offense but no one is anyone to “impose” their belief (whether it is that they are together again, that they never broke up or that they are not together) and to just attack one or another because it suits you…is one of the reasons why zac and vanessa want to put themselves away from the spotlight, seriously. their private life is the only thing that matters it seems (at least for some people) and I can understand them when they answer the “normal” questions that are being thrown at them but never giving any personal detail away and improving their ninja skills as if there wasn’t a tomorrow… :S put yourself in their shoes for once: would you like to have your private life discussed the way theirs is discussed? I am sure as hell I wouldn’t like it at all.

    I love to read comments that say “there are twitters, pictures…” when they are more or less realiable (there are always some that could be realiable but are also funny in a weird way) but…there are some that even though we don’t know the couple we can know, from what we’ve seen those +5 years they have been dating, that are 100% impossible – zac with a ringbox in his hand for everyone to see in an airport? come on, I don’t know him but I do know that’s not true! to post it here…it just gives wings to that kind of rumours!!! (and also some fuel to the haters to begin with the attacks to either zac or vanessa :S)

    I’m not attacking anyone because I think I have no right to do so, but I’m an active member of team hudgens and, from what I’ve learned just being a member there, sometimes are us (not paps, press, gossips mags) the ones that start the crazy rumors just posting whatever thing (even the most ridiculous one) we can find in the internet in a gossip site like JJJr can be.

    recap – just sit back and wait and see what happens. you’ll be happier ;)

    ps: I hope no one feels attacked by this post!!! :S this is the last thing I want to do, I swear :S and I apologize if my words hurt or offend someone here. try to read them from the understanding of english being not my first language, please!!!!!! :)

  • true friend of Zac & Nessaboo

    Dylan’s bday is in February, but also Saturday 5th, is wrong. The rumor that Dylan’s birthday is in April, was deliberately spread.
    I absolutely don’t care if anybody here believes me or not, that doesn’t count for me. I know what I know. I’m a friend of Zac and Nessa, also of Ash, Sel and some other celebs.
    I’m NO source. I tell NOTHING about their privacy or any other things and this will also be my one and only comment here.
    Just one thing that all people here forget. Zac is a personality and Nessa is also one. Butt 99,9 % of the people here just see them as “Zanessa”. They are 2 people, who have 2 lives and 2 careers. And it seems as if none of them is allowed to exist as an independent personality.

  • Butterfly

    @londonlemming oh well,then of course you’re sightings,no wilmington and nooo zanessa :’/ YET !!

  • Butterfly

    @karen : thanksgiving was in hawaii,right ?
    sry, I’m not into american celebration days and so…the thanksgiving we have in germany means nothing,nothing at all it’s just in some calendars and DONE xD
    well,then karen has a point, as I heard thanksgiving is very important to americans,even more than x-mas, so as he spend with vanessa,he really might not see dylan.
    how mean xD I hate it if people put their relationship over family,sorry.
    and yeah,maybe dylan spends with his college friends but I think Zac is not the brother you should be ashamed of as a boy xD it seems they have a good relationship and if his friends aren’t complete morons,they won’t make jokes of hsm ( boys do) …
    ah crap, I dunno. but I’d rather see him with dylan than with vanessa in a way, in another I just want a proof they’re still together and these discussions in here are finished.
    to someone who said theyalways have their phones when they’re alone : well it’s la la land,and they’re busy :D

  • Aly

    “zac with a ringbox in his hand for everyone to see in an airport? come on, I don’t know him but I do know that’s not true! ”

    Haha, that made me laugh, anyone who can think can see that it`s not true, but apparently people did believed it. I`m waiting for the “marriage” or “engagement” rumor to appear soon.
    You said some really true things, because the latest rumor about them was started by a girl on twitter.

    @londonlemmingm Dylan`s birthday is in April, in like the first week of april? I remember i read somewhere that his birthday was in april not in february

  • Irene

    just throwing a supposition out there – what about if it’s dylan’s bday this weekend (no idea when it is so I’m just “let’s play a game”-ing, ok?) and dylan himself is the one that wants to celebrate it with his college friends with a party just for friends instead of celebrating it with his brother and his family?

    being the first bday “away from home”…well, excuse me, but I would understand (completely) if dylan wanted to celebrate it the official day with just his friends instead of doing a family thing…tbh. that won’t make him a worse son the same way that if he decided to go to his parents wouldn’t make him a better son. in the end, and if it’s actually his bday, he’s old enough to decide what he wants to do and how he wants to celebrate it. what about a trip with a gf if he actually has one? I mean…would that mean that zac is a bad brother because he has imposed himself on the couple? c’mon, you don’t really believe this!!!

    seriously, we don’t know so to judge zac for that is just crazy!!!!! :S

    AND – zac spent thanksgiving with vanessa and whether we think that he should have gone to his family or not…the thing is that both decided to spent it alone and together. who are we to judge them for that?! again with the “they are mine” crap, seriously… :/

  • Irene

    “I mean…would that mean that zac is a bad brother because he has imposed himself on the couple?” – what I meant is that would zac be a bad brother because he hasn’t imposed himself on the couple because dylan NEEDS to celebrate his bday with him?

    sorry :P

  • maria

    Whether or not it’s Dylan’s birthday, some of you may not be familiar with how college kids are. They do NOT spend birthdays with their families, unless it’s in the summer. Hello? The best way kids like to celebrate their birthdays is with their friends, and probably see their families afterwards sometime.

  • Butterfly

    because he is not mine I am saying that … because I don’t care if it’s zac efron or the girl next door, thanksgiving is so tradition and family, I personally think he shouldn’t have gone to somewhere so far away from his family, my point.
    and I don’t need to know a person completely to judge him xD what went wrong with you guys ? I can judge an action of a person. so let’s make a comparison: if a girl you don’t know from your school steals her best friend’s boyfriend you can judge THAT ACTION and not that person,which is what I do. Cmon, I’m a fan of zac&nessa,both and think dylan is all the way cute, but still I don’t like it if people try to celebrate ( here where I live) f.e. christmas at someone elses. and as thanksgiving is more important to you americans than christmas,that’s even worse.
    and I never said that makes him better or worse … ^^
    and I personally think that a brother,who obviously (csc interviews) shares a good relationship with you, is cool at your bday. yeah parents is another,DIFFERENT thing ;) I dunno,does he turn 18 or 19 or so ? I think it was good if your brother at least appeared and said ‘happy bday’ personally, even if he doesn’t have to participate in the party itself.
    your family should at least be able to say happy bday/thanksgiving whatever personally … ^^
    BUT well,actually look what that means : marriage is not going to happen, but still they are soo serious about each other,that they see themselves maybe as a new kind of family xD and yeah,zac is old enough, but if dylan doesn’t want so see his brother on his bday at all ( i don’t mean the party he most defiently will have ) and if zac is not interested in seeing him and prefers texting,sorry I don’t like that.
    it’s not as if they were 30/40 or so.

  • lauren

    why are you guys talking bout dylan efron and his birthday?

    who cares if its his birthday or if zac is going to nc to be with vanessa this weekend. u guys obsessed way to much.

  • lauren

    how do you know this stuff?
    weird much?

  • Karen

    I’m not sure how this turned out to be such a big thing about Dylan’s birthday since I’m pretty darn sure it is in April. Plus, my sister lives only about 10 miles from me and I rarely see her on my birthday. I just had one a couple weeks ago and I didn’t see her—I wasn’t with my brother either nor did hear from him. I didn’t think anything about it. When I was away at college I was NEVER home on my birthday. I enjoyed being with my friends who were my age and liked doing what I liked.

    And for most people in the US Christmas is more important than Thanksgiving unless you are say Jewish or have some other belief than “Christian”. But Thanksgiving a MAJOR holiday like July 4th. And I have a feeling that Zac and Vanessa see each other as FAMILY. When people grow up they start their “own” families and traditions. It doesn’t make anybody bad or good. Apparently Zac and Vanessa wanted to be together and I understand that.

  • Kasey

    Karen, with all of these conflicting reports, why not have one of their reps just confirm or deny they are still together? Its either true or its not, am I right? So why let the rumour mill continue to run wild when all it would take is a simple yay or nay? There’s a lot of stuff out there right now on the internet about this and its making both Zac and Vanessa look bad. Take this for example:
    Not a good look. So I’m asking you, Karen, because you seem to be the one level headed and reasonable one here.If they are still together, what is the big deal in just confirming that? I know they never comment on their relationship, but simply saying they are still together isn’ such a big deal, is it?

  • Lauren lipkin

    Who cares

  • Kasey

    Obviously you care or you wouldn’t be posting here. *kanye shrug*