Zac Efron Ducks and Covers

Zac Efron Ducks and Covers

Zac Efron ducks to avoid the cameras after a shopping trip to Urban Outfitters in Studio City, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (February 1).

The 23-year-old actor and younger brother Dylan came out empty handed from the store.

In New Year’s Eve news, Zac‘s got a few new costars!

Alyssa Milano has joined the cast as a nurse and Katherine Heigl has replaced Halle Berry in the upcoming flick.

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  • ????

    I haven’t forgotten Nicky. I’m sitting smack dab in the middle of it. Chicago. We have six foot snow drifts up against our house in the burbs. Sure does make LA look inviting right now.

  • ;*

    He is so cute :)

  • Ashleigh
  • Butterfly

    unfortunately dylan’s not in here,but he is as handsome as his brother and has such a cuute smile ! he has a girlfriend ? lucky her :)
    and btw, you all act as if he looked tortured or so. to me he seems like a little boy who enjoys this little hide&seek game … ya’ll make a big deal about privacy or not,but face it : what do we know actually for example out of their relationship ? nothing,we all are arguing and fighting since december whether they’re or no still together.
    and this is part of their job,hell yeah,the annoying part,but as long as you don’t take it too serious.and every job has their annoying parts,and it’s not as if they weren’t low paid or so.
    wanted to be threaten like ‘normal people’ ? well,then get a normal due …
    even daniel radcliffe (!) said that people may think they (hp cast) all grew up in media’s spotlight and that it damaged their childhood but uhm,well actually not,they or he had his and a good childhood..

  • Aly

    “zanessa4everIT Ludovica
    @popstarmagazine sorry Vanessa Said something About zac ? He was there? Thx u”

    That`s the only tweet i see, it`s the eleven one counting down.
    Is that the tweet to which you were referring?

  • Karen

    Those who think that Zac can’t get to NC from LA are probably wrong. Not ALL airports are closed. If he would have to fly into a place like Chicago maybe that would be a problem or somewhere like NY but the airport closest to me is Greater Cincinnati and it is open. He could clearly take a flight from LA to an airport close to Wilmington and not be affected in any way just like Vanessa could fly out of Wilmington and get home to LA without problems. Just sayin…

  • ZANE

    peck-a-boo! paparrazi got you!

  • sandra

    guys zac is not in NC, is there some tweets that say that he is in LA visiting a set (@ JRRnotTolkien) also saw another girl in his car and mount a picture

  • ????

    Karen, flight tracking service Flight Aware logged more than 6000 cancellations on 2/1/2011 and 3000 cancellations on 2/3/2011. Not 600, but 6000 flights! According to earlier posts on this thread there were supposed tweets that Zac was with Vanessa in NC the afternoon of 2/1/2011. If this picture was taken on 2/1/2011 and Zac and Dylan were out shopping that day I highly doubt he could have snagged a flight out after shopping and even if he did I’m sure all other flights that weren’t cancelled were experiencing horrible delays due to everyone trying to rearrange their flight making it almost impossible for him to be NC in the afternoon or even early evening on 2/1/2011 considering it is a 4 to 5 hour flight without any kind delays. I would LOVE for them to be together, but I think in this case it’s probably not true. Not to say that since then he might be there now.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Vanessa, did fly out of Cincinnati, when the weeked she spenit three days with Zac, then that sundayshe flew back to NC, it was the weekend of the golden globes, and she had to some pictures with sucker punch. By the way she is almost finsh filming NC, on Feb 10th. When Vanessa was finshing filming her part in Sucker Punch, Zac went to Vancover and watch her work, that last week, then they came home together, and surprize her with a 21st birthday pary.Zac always like to see her making her movies and get to meet different directors and watch how they do things, which is very good for him since hes produceing his own movies. and proably be working with some of Vanessa directors, i know he will love to work with Zack Sydner.

  • Karen


    Some of the tweets early on were fictional. One of them was from yesterday which was Wednesday Feb 2. He could very well be there. I don’t know if he is or isn’t, all I’m saying is he COULD be as not all flights have been canceled in every airport. In the tri-state area that I live in—Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio although we have had lots of bad weather the airport is not shut down. IF someone wanted to fly out to somewhere like NYC or Chicago or one of those areas that ARE shut down, I’m sure they could not fly out of Cincinnati since the flight would not be allowed to land BUT say IF I wanted to fly out of Cincinnati and go to NC most likely I would not have a problem doing so. IF Zac could board a flight from LA directly to Wilmington or even an airport close to there he would have no problems doing so. He would not necessarily have to fly into an airport that is receiving NO flights or allowing any to take off. Do you understand the difference? I seriously doubt Zac would take a flight that would have too many stop overs anyway and I’m sure he or someone who works for him would be checking out every possibility anyway that could bypass the problem areas.

  • ????

    Karen I completely understand the difference. But what I was trying to get across was….. the tweets from 2/1/2011 were most likely false due to his shopping with Dylan sometime 2/1/2011 in CA and IF he was able to get on a flight to Wilmington on 2/1/2011 Like you say, I highly doubt he was in NC that afternoon it is a four flight even with the time change. Also I would like to add I fly alot and anytime there are major cancellations that usually screws up all remaining flights because the people who are cancelled will try and get on any flight going closest to their destination. Huge delays for everyone else who is flying. So my post was in regards to the tweets of 2/1/2011 where an interviewer from popmagazine in the afternoon of 2/1/2011 I think stated that Zac was on set with Vanessa on the afternoon of 2/1/2011. That is what I feel is impossible. I am just really hopeful he is there now. And here is another thought you might agree with :0)…..Maybe, JJ has gotten his dates wrong AGAIN and this picture wasn’t even taken on 2/1/2011 and then he could very well have been in NC on 2/1/2011 But thats a whole other story isn’t it! :))))

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ????, They say he was there yesturday, which is Feb 2 ,not the 1st, The young man waited on him FEB2, giving him sour cream for his fittha, sorry my spelling is wrong, and the Zanessa news ask him if Zac was there, he said yes, he was. Zac likes to travel at nite so he could have flown out the nite of the first, and Zac loves to vist Vanessa on set, the weather in NC. didn’t get show this week, he could flown straigt to NC, I don’t know if you know that Popstarmag. was there yesturday and got see the fantastic sets they have there, and had interviews with Vanessa and Josh for thirthy minutes, he was there in the morning, and commented that vanessa is very pretty, and Josh was cute. He said they were filming them on a giant bee. By the way Vanessa’s movie will be done on Feb 10th, she could be done sooner. this movie is done in 3 D, and Zac is very interesed in this kind of filming, last time he was there, he spendit two days on set, both Zac and Vanessa make friends with there co-stars, and directors, when Vanessa finsh Sucker Punch, last dec. Zac spended the last week she was filming, then they came home together.

  • ????

    Thank you for the information Barbara! It’s nice to see that Zac and Vanessa have a wonerful and loyal fan as you and their other supporters here. I actually have had the opportunity to be on set with Zac and Vanessa for about three weeeks and know first hand how loyal they are to each other. And your right, they both go to great lengths to try and see each other. I hope you are right and he is there with her right now.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ????, Thank You! i really enjoy there movies, and i want to see how much growth, in there future movies, i respect there relationship, and admire how mature they are, and i do respect there privacy. I don’t blame them for going the extra mile, to get it. i feel sorry for Zac and Vanessa all the paps that hound them all the time, i get a kick out of them in there ninja ways, good for them! I im envious, you were on set with them, and thank you for the information about them. I hope you give us more comments in the future.

  • Karen


    Don’t get me started with the wrong date thing that goes on here lately or even the wrong INFO at times. Sometimes I think “red herrings” are thrown out to the fans to mislead them…. I mean we now have the gossip media writing their big “scoops” from people are these very sites. I have read comments in rag magazines and gossip websites that I KNOW were taken off sites like this that fans and haters alike made and were just doing it in speculations or the way they saw something possibly happening. However these sites/mags use those comments as “sources” or “someone close to Z or V”, sometimes they put just a little different “spin” on it so it will sound like it is them of was their own “findings”.

    Someone on one of the fansites made a tongue-in-cheek comment about maybe Z&V were “friends with benefits” and many got really outraged by such a demeaning comment with these two. And guess what? About a week later we suddenly started seeing these Hollywood sites on the web writing stuff that they may not be back together but it seems they are FWB… Sometimes the fans can do Z&V more harm than good

  • Katty

    I really have no idea what you guys are talking about.

    ZAC was seen in LA YESTERDAY. I mean, I am all for saying Zac and Vanessa are still together, not only do I love them together but I understand what with no confirmation or statement the ARE together However, you all are fighting about Zac going to see Vanessa constantly, apparently. I understand they are together/love eachother but you’re all saying he has gone to see her practically every week and catching flights here and there and such. Isn’t that a little MUCH?

    I don’t know… I’m just confused.

  • ????

    I don’t know Katty, I guess we’re all just a bunch of hopeless romantics who love to live vicariously through two people who, in this crazy mixed up world have found a way to love each other and stay commited to one another, especially in the midst of the LA machine. Yes, I have to agree with you and Karen, sometimes we (myself included) get a little too caught up in all of this…….stuff and need to take a step back. It really does do more harm than good. But at the end of the day I’ll always support both Zac and Vanessa no matter what may be.

  • Bradley B

    Looking Good Zac.

  • maria

    Personally, the hopeless romantic in me would like nothing better than for Zac to be in NC as well as all of you. But my practical side prevails here, because I don’t think he is there right now. Just because I think Vanessa is probably wrapping up filming, and will be back in LA sometime next week I imagine. The only reason I could see him being back in NC so soon, is if he has to be in NYC soon, and wants to see her, since he’ll be gone for a few weeks himself.

  • ????

    Karen, you are so right. Rag sheet journalism (if you can even call it journalism) is the epitome of all thats evil in bullying. It’s HYPOCRITICAL of these sites and magazines to preach tolerance and “love not hate” when it’s perfectly acceptable for them to print lies, slander and demoralize people on their sites, mags or shows. They may be stars/celebrities but they are also human beings who also have feelings of belittlement and self depreciation. So if I can leave any remaining thoughts for the younger set or anyone really who read and post on threads like this all over the web, DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ and take it as truth. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now.

  • Katty


    That is exactly what I am thinking. I WANT Zac to be in NC just as much as the rest of you ZV fans, but we have to be practical and remember who Zac and Vanessa are.

    Throughout their entire relationship Zac and Vanessa have been very committed to each other, I agree with this, but they have also been very smart with each other. They KNOW what kind of jobs they have, how demanding they can be, how it can take them away from each other for extended amounts of time. They ACCEPT this. If they didn’t, they would have never gotten together or what have broken up very soon.

    The point is, Zac understands how much work Vanessa is doing right now, that she is wrapping up her film, that it requires a lot of undivided attention. On the other hand, they have always gone to see each other on set and such.

    Because of some of these rambling facts, is it possible Zac went to see Vanessa more than once? Completely. Is it possible he hasn’t gone back since the initial visit we’re aware of? Yes.

    I just don’t understand why people FORCE them together in so many situations. If Zac goes out, people are like where are Vanessa? If V is seen out getting dinner, people wonder where is Zac? If one goes to a premiere alone, there is always one person who asks where the other is. Admittedly, I have been one of these people, but come on, we have to be practical.

    Yes, they love each other (it better be love after five years). Yes, they go out of their way to see each other. Still, I do not think they should be forced together in every situation.

    ….done rambling now.

  • Karen

    I think one reason they are keeping such a low profile right now is because people won’t let them be “single” in the sense of each other them having their own CAREER or to be an individual. They want people to know they are the actor/producer Zac Efron and the actress/model/spokesperson Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, they may be a “power” couple but that is something that has ALREADY been ESTABLISHED. Now I think they want to establish the first thing I mentioned.

    But even now when they try to do this Zac is being “mauled” for being seen in this club or that club or GOD FORBID with FEMALES! He has been seen with many a MALE actor over the last few weeks that nobody seemed to mind at all. But Lord help the boy for having lunch with 5 females the other day like he was hooking up with each of them at the SAME time—and he didn’t leave with ANY of them.

    Now last night he went to a premiere or whatever and was around Teresa Palmer—who was one of the actresses from the other day and also part of this premiere. Instead of people taking into consideration that he obvious knows her and probably she invited him to come some are saying he is being disrespectful to V or he has “changed” and gotten so hardened look about him! It’s anything to try to make him look bad. People forget he was with Laura whats-her-name the other evening but nobody had a problem with that since she is a friend of Vanessa’s and Zac’s.

    People forget that Zac has a new production company and he is now a producer as well as an actor. But this is the first time he has had a chance to WORK//network as a producer since he has been doing a lot of filming and promoting movies. Much of what has been going on is his “rubbing shoulders” with people he would like to be able to work with in the future and he is developing “inroads” with many different people.

    I would suggest if you are a person who is quick to judge or just want to demean Zac or are prone to be suspicious or jump to conclusions that you skip over Zac threads. He will undoubtedly be seen with various people/ actors in the coming months. AND some will no doubt be FEMALES!

  • christina-efron

    ZAC’s amazing
    love him <3
    so glad that he broke up with his old Who-re..:D:D

  • christina-efron

    ZAC’s amazing
    love him <3
    so glad that he broke up with his old Who*e..:D:D

  • Zac fan

    So what if Zac went to a screening with Teresa. She is friends with both him and Vanessa through Alex P. they worked on “I am #4″ together. She is also the on again/off again girlfriend of Topher Grace who stars in the movie they were seeing. Michelle Tractenberg is also in the movie and she is a friend of both Z and V as well. Only one person said that they were “close” and once confronted about it, she didn’t say anything else. He was seen talking to a lot of people. It only makes sense that Zac and Teresa left together since they arrived together. WOW two friends going somewhere together, will the world ever be the same again???

  • Lady

    some people want to make more out of this then it the way he did broke up with vanessa.she will be home soon. but she will be busy. but she will have time for zac.

  • Julia

    zac efron & teresa palmer?

    if this is true and the whole kissing thing is accurate then i've lost so much respect for him.

  • bobo

    OMG NO ZAC:(

  • monique

    Sorry you guys, but it really does look like Zac and Vanessa are over. He was seen drinking, dirty dancing, and making out with Teresa Palmer at Voyeur nightclub last night.

    No offense to Zac, but he looks really bad right now. He always used to say that he doesn’t like to go out and party, but the last few weeks he’s been a total club rat. What gives?

  • monique

    Just as a side note, people are saying “OMG Zac cheated on Vanessa in public!” But if this whole Teresa Palmer thing is true, I doubt Zac and Vanessa are together at the moment, and I doubt they were together before it happened.

    Zac went to visit Vanessa in NC not long ago and they were seen being lovey and dovey, so everyone assumed they were back together. But maybe something happened after that? None of us can know for sure. But I can vouch for Zac when I say that I really don’t think he would ever cheat. He’s a sweet guy (He just seems to be a little hurt and confused right now. Maybe he’s being immature and using Teresa as a rebound to make Vanessa jealous? Some people do that when they’re drunk and heartbroken).

  • Skylar

    People! Zac did NOT kiss any Teresa Palmer. Really, this is a huge public event and there’s no pictures AT ALL?
    Wow, somebody is vulnerable. I thought everything was cleared up that Zanessa is still together and as good as they’ve ever been.
    Stop believing everything you hear and GIVE THE GUY A BREAK.

  • monique

    @Skylar: They weren’t seen kissing at the screening. They were seen kissing at a PRIVATE nightclub, sitting at a VIP table. There weren’t any pictures of him making out and dirty dancing with Vanessa at Eden nightclub but you all chose to believe THAT, because it was news you wanted to hear. Some of you guys are really delusional.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    Zac is a totally Freaking douche bag hope your movies Don’t do well at the Box office.

  • an


    Maybe, but the time Zac and Vanessa was at eden there were a bunch of tweets about them from people who didn’t even like them, this has only been reported by E! and not only that, it looks like they pretty much just copåied the article about Z and V and changed Vanessas name with this Teresa person, well, I’m still a bit willing to give Zac the benefit of a doubt, I mean if the reason that Z and V broke uo was becuase they would be busy, I can’t see why Zac would be involed with someone else since, and no guy with a heart would ever start dating someone less then two month after breaking up with someone who you have been together with for over 5 year, it would just make you the greatest douch ever. Though I can admit that I do wonder why all the rumours about Z and V after they supposedly broke up have been about Zac hooking up with a bunch of women, it’s always zac and I do wonder why his team haven’t said anything, sure they don’t own anyone anything, that’s not what I’m saying but all of the rumours does make it sounds like zac is turing into…well, you know what I mean, a not such a good person, and if that’s not the image zac or his team wants him to have, why not say anything, and I also don’t get that if they broke up, why not say it, at least that way if they wanted to meet someone else, it wouldn’t look wrong and they wouldn’t be accussed of something. Oh well, I have no idea, I’m not a massive zac fan but a like him, at least I used to like him for what I though he was, and if there is no truth to any of this then I hope it will be cleared up soon. I love Vanessa though and from the tweet pic from like yesterday she looked great and for me, that’s all that matters.

  • monique
  • sophie

    idk about this rumour… i mean this “take me out tonight” movie has her apparent boyfriend, topher grace. so he was at this party most likely. so i doubt this would happen.
    dont believe everything you read online!

  • Aly

    There was only ONE girl on twitter who saw them making out, and first she said that she saw them, then her cousin got hit on by zac, then ehr other cousin saw zac with teresa. And it wasn`t the first time she lied.
    And, ok, let`s for one second believe this, at this Voyeur nightclub, if they were actually there, why nobody tweeted about it? Nobody saw them? Nothing? Come on, i get it, it`s a nightclub, but at least one person would have seen them there.
    And another tiny detail. Don`t believe me, use google for this one. Search for the screening ot “take me home tonight” on Feb 3 in L.A. and if you find anything… brownie points for you. And no, Pink Taco is a restaurant.

    That`s exactly what i`ve been saying all day long. Press event – media paps – actors – interviewers – we would have gotten at least one picture of this event.
    But no, what we got is a pic on a guys twitter who was there, he even pictured himself with the wallpaper thing of the movie, even took a pic of the ticket, but, that guy, which seems more legit to me – cause he does have pictures, didn`t said anything about seeing Zac Efron and Teresa Palmer there.

  • monique

    @Aly: Believe me, I don’t want to believe this rumor. I hope to God it isn’t true. Teresa Palmer is nothing compared to Vanessa.

  • Natalie

    Okay, just wanted to point out, since this is slightly annoying me: to the people saying he is going to clubs/drinking a lot etc, IF it’s true, could it not just be his way of saying ‘up yours’ I’ll do what I want!’ to all the people that critiscise and scrutinze (spelling?) his every move?

  • monique

    @Natalie: That’s below him. You’re saying he’s going to clubs and getting drunk every night just to make a point? He doesn’t need to make a point, he’s a classy guy (or at least I thought he was).

  • Zac fan

    Why does everyone assume that the break was his doing? There have been reports that Vanessa ended the relationship. Maybe he was visiting her and going out with her to try and get her back. In all the pictures of him since the split rumor, he looks either sad or upset (except with Dylan). In every picture of Vanessa, even trying to hide her face you can still tell that she is smiling. She has not seemed sad or upset at all. If Zac was with another girl, then so be it. Apparently he is single and if it is just the timeline that bothers you, how long is he suppose to wait. Have you ever had a broken heart and did not know how to deal with it. Sometimes we do whatever it takes to feel “okay” again. Real fans would not turn on someone like this. Real fans would want him to be happy. Hopefully, they both are, but whatever is going on it is their business and unless and until Vanessa has a problem with his actions, who the hell are any of you to have a problem???

  • amelia25

    beautiful Zac!

  • Natalie

    @monique: No, no that’s not what I meant. Maybe it didn’t come across right. I’ll try to rephrase it. I meant that maybe he feels that all the rumours etc, are ridiculous, and is just gonna get on with things, whether other people like it or not, be it going out for a walk, going put with friends etc, as opposed to before where he would possibly have been more careful?

    Still don’t think I’ve put it right, we’ll see.

  • Aly

    @Zac fan:
    i`m talking about myself right now, but, this can go on general too. Our problem, right now, with zac efron, is that he`s a completely different guy. Ok, Vanessa dumped him, but, really? You go clubbing every night? Hook up with who knows what actresses? To what? Payback because Vanessa dumped you? And i`m not saying that she did that or that they broke up – i don`t want haters or lovers on my back after this.
    It doesn`t make any sense. In 2 months, the way this is going, this Zac Efron we are seeing is the exact same guy from Die in a Gunfight. He just needs the drugs and he will be exactly that guy.
    And, after 5 years in which you rarely saw him doing things like this one, in 2 months, he beats the record for hooking up and partying. He might be an womenizer the way his hook ups are going, but, what shocked everyone, nobody ever saw this Zac Efron the media is portraying right now.

  • Zac fan

    @Aly: The media didn’t portray him this way before because of his relationship. They now believe him to be single therefore they have free reign. He is 23, he has been able to “party” for over two years now, so what if he is indulging, it doesn’t mean that it is going to get out of hand. He’s young. He should have fun and enjoy life before he is older and married. I just read that Teresa herself debunked the rumors. People are just looking for ways to make Zac look bad and if his own supposed “fans” are turning their backs on him, what hope does he have?

  • lindsey

    Sooo what is this ab zac and teresa palmer!!!??? i will be so mad!

  • Alana

    @Zac fan: I also read that. Hollywood 411 has it on their Twitter. You see, this is why I wish people would find out the facts first BEFORE they believe the first thing they read…

    On Just jared everyone’s criticizing Zac and its like Aly said, the guy put a pic on his twitter of himself at the party…. People are just retarded. Here’s the pic

  • Butterfly

    karen,karen,where the crap is karen ?
    karen you are always good at argumenting you are the only one in here who bases on facts so please tell me someting qhich speaks against these rumors with BLONDE teresa.
    i know it’s ridicoulus but he once said he preferes brunettes XD
    but crap,if everybody is tweetin that :S
    and besides,yeah he is reaaallly partyin’ a lot and that’s a sign for beeing single I guess :/ but what with NC ?
    jeesh,this is all sooo confusing :/

  • Aly

    Test… Test… is this showing up?o.o