Brenda Song: Villa Blanca Beauty

Brenda Song: Villa Blanca Beauty

Brenda Song walks and talks with a gal pal as they head back to their car in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening (February 3).

The 22-year-old actress dined at Villa Blanca restaurant with her pal before heading back home for a quiet night.

It was just announced yesterday that Brenda‘s upcoming DCOM, The Suite Life Movie, will be released on March 25th — just two days before her 23rd birthday!

Stay tuned for our interview with Brenda about the film!

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  • BSong Fanatic

    FIRST! flawless as usual

    Why no mention of the Oscars The Social Network has been nominated for or the Golden Globes The Social Network won?

  • BSong Fanatic

    The Golden Globes it won is a huge deal, Best Picture Golden Globe win is like epic. :D so are her movie’s 8 Oscar nominations.. hopefully TSN wins Best Picture so that Brenda shows up to the Oscars.

    Eff Josh Pence, he needs to screw off. Just because he’s a fame ho doesn’t give him the right to take Brenda’s place at award shows.

  • mike

    shes HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leyton

    she looks gorgeous like always.

  • Holly

    love her!!!

  • roory

    I love her clothes, she’s got a hot sense of fashion.

  • AMY

    shee is great:)!
    keep brenda posts coming!!
    haters go away please

    ♥ brenda


    She looks really beautiful. The whole outfit works.

  • alex

    what else can say? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • sam


  • ha

    I like the lipstick….it’s a little softer this time, or maybe we’re getting used to it! I LOVE her bag…… Maybe Andrew got them for her birthday!!

    She does look gorgeous though in whatever…’s amazing how different she can look from day to day!!

  • cassie

    Ahh! I love her =] She’s sooo gorgeous! ♥

  • TINA

    i love heeeR!!!
    she is sooo HOt and Cuteeee!! <3

  • briley

    beautiful, beautiful
    every day she is better, smell your style


    she is just so pretty!!!!!!!

  • fredemily

    Beautiful and Gorgeous as always…

    Love Brenda.

    Thanks JJJr


    OMG B looks gorgeous!!!!
    I am luvin the cute beanie!!!
    This time….her lipstick works with her whole outfit!!!
    She looks amazing….
    I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!!!
    I ♥ u B!

  • JOJO

    i love the beanie! bren looks great =)

    can’t wait for SLOD movie, just hate the plot. no one really cares..

  • JOJO

    wait a sec, brenda wears stuff from trace cyrus’ southern made hollywood paid clothing line?

    i spot a trace cyrus clothing line shirt.. on brenda

  • brit

    She’s honestly stunning, haters to the left.

  • katie

    omg soo amazing! love her sense of style and looove her shirt!

  • Mistyk

    keep informing about Brenda!!

  • bonnie

    @JOJO: She wearing his line because they are dating!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    she’s so GORGEOUS! And I have noticed that Brenda’s post have become really crowed l8tly. Be4 TSN was released, it wasn’t like that. I have a feeling Miss Song maybe the next Disney star to breakup like that other guy that became a billionaire after doing Even Stevens *COUGH*
    It’s very good for her that she is getting more attention because Brenda’s one of the few Disney stars that can act really well and she has been a Disney star for a LONG TIME and she’s SO UNDERRATED. I wish the best for her. It’s funny how the stars with mediocore acting and singing skills are the ones that get the overnight success and yet the ones who can really act and sing (Demi, Brenda, Bridgit) are very under appreciated . SMH What’s wrong wid America? No wonder our economy is downhill like it is. LOL!

  • Miranda

    Hot! I love Brenda!

  • BB


  • dana

    I loved her movies, ever since her first disney movie, and i loved the social network, she’s my idol now because she’s an awesome actress and doesn’t do bull in her life. GO BRENDA!!!—!


    i missed her!

  • white

    go brenda!go brenda!go brenda! love her shirt!go brenda!

  • MEL

    @mrsdestinyhope: You mean the star to breakout like Shia Labeouf, I heard someone else say Brenda is like a female Shia Labeouf in the making and it’s true. I don’t see any other Disney stars stepping up and breaking out. SLOD movie is the last thing Brenda has with Disney, SLOD only has 1-2 episodes left anyway. The Graduation episode is coming in a really short time and then the horribly written SLOD movie will come out. I hate the SLOD movie already because it pays little to London Tipton, the biggest fan favorite and the most loved character on the show. The writers of the movie are just really delusional and pathetic to think anyone gives a damn about the twins plot.

  • mapple


  • hetevbh


  • Seth


  • SAMI

    brenda is gorgeous

    we love you, brenda

    so talented and down to earth

    screw the haters

  • Savvy

    She’s like the original teen queen and the best one ever.

  • Cheryl

    meh.. overrated girl just like britney

  • blair

    howww can perfect go

  • Nathan

    luv her!
    and her shirt and her hair and her movie

  • Baby

    #24: brenda’s posts have been crowded way before the social network ever came out, like in september it usually got hundreds of comments and in 2008-2009 it always got 100s of comments until like the end of 2009 where no one started coming on here so it was a little crowded, then in summer-2010 her pages began getting crowded again like before.

  • Baby

    i think she looks really cute in her clothes, but dump that horse trace if she’s with him

  • hanni

    go brenda a



  • GG

    so cute

  • GG

    @mrsdestinyhope: Yep no wonder our economy is downhill, america is delusional.

  • dance


  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @MEL: Brenda and Phil Lewis are the only people who save that shows. The writings on SLOD are just horrible PERIOD. Disney took all the funny characters (Estaban, Maddie, Muriel , Arwin, and that lady with the never-ending name), The Spouse Twins and that Debby chick are annoying as EVER. If it weren’t for Brenda + Phill, SLOD probably would’ve been so successful. The first show was WAY BETTER. And BTW, I did mean Shia. LOL!

  • rahaf

    She is OK, I like her as an actress. I don’t know her personally so I can’t really say she’s anything more than a hard working and talented actress. She is wonderful in the performing arts based on her work, I hope she studies drama in the future.

  • fiona


  • LOLO


  • LOLO