Nick Jonas: ESPN & Audi Super Bowl Parties!

Nick Jonas: ESPN & Audi Super Bowl Parties!

Nick Jonas hits ESPN Magazine‘s “Next” Party on Friday (February 4) at the Next Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 18-year-old Jonas Brothers singer dropped by the Super Bowl 2011 Audi Celebration at the Audi Forum Dallas the same night.

“Hey everyone! in the #beatlab working hard. Everyone should go get a copy of @OceanGroveBand new EP at I got mine!” Nick tweeted last week.

Nick‘s older brother, Joe, also made the pre-Super Bowl party rounds, partying at GQ/Lacoste bash, where he picked up some swag and chatted with Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere!

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Credit: Maury Phillips, Michael Buckner; Photos: Wire Image, Getty
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  • nathalia

    he’s all MINE! hahaha ohh, I wish.

  • carly

    Nick looks great! We never get to see pictures of him because, unlike his brother, he rarely parties. Always too busy working, using his talent to write/produce for other people 15-16 hours a day in the beatlab. Hope he goes to a few more parties tonight, so we can get more picture. Can’t wait to see him on Mr. Sunshine too. From the stills, it look like it will be good.

  • Lauren


    Why do hate Joe, he is super nice & he is not trying to steal the spotlight & he wants to go out & meet other people

  • SJS

    I adore Nick, but I miss the more casual sneakers & t-shirt look he used to rock. When you do button up shirts all the time like he does, it becomes kind of od-man-ish. lol. Still love him though.

    Carly- You can love Nick without hating on his brothers. Joe rarely goes to parties either; just occasionaly. Stop being a hater. I’m sure Nick wouldn’t appreciate the hatefulness you spit at his brother.

  • Butterfly

    uhm how tall is he actually ? in metres pls :D
    because seeemingly every good looking guy is short.same with his bros and zac efron and even if some of you got some weird lapse of taste justin bieber :X
    soooo does anybody know his height ? really interested.

  • caroline

    I hate how he’s always looking old.
    The Clothes? the short hair? wtf.

  • flywithme

    He is 1,75 m tall.

  • Lauren


    He doesn’t dress like an old man, he dresses like a young adult

    Sneakers T-shirts look is what he wore when he was 13-14, he is 18 now

  • c

    notice his left hand is covered in every picture. In his pocket then folded. Hiding the fact that he’s not wearing his ring anymore…..

  • http://justjared shamilah

    your on most jonas posts hating on joe seriously stop hating on him he’s working hard aswell on his current album.
    Nick looks great! ;) good to see pic of him again

  • http://TWITTER.COM/SUNRISE67 Rachel

    He’s 5’9″

  • a

    Looking good! Glad to see him out and about since he’s always in the #beatlab!

  • Viccko

    5’9 is 1,79-1,80 m or 1,75m?

  • SJS

    @Lauren: I would agree if he old did the button-up look sometimes, but it’s what he wears out like 90% of the time. I’m not saying it looks bad, cause sometimes it really looks great on him. I just think it’d be more interesting looking if he changed it up now and then. That’s all.

  • rikki

    wow. creepy chris didn’t comment on this yet? -shocked-
    or maybe he used one of his other names. oh.. yup! there you are “carly”! just GTFO.

    @Butterfly, he is 5’8″… pretty short for a guy. he looks great though!

  • Liz

    LMAO Rikki you are hilarious. I agree, people need to stop kissing Nick’s ass so much and then talking crap about Joe. It’s so messed up.

  • Lauren


    He wears it on his dog tag

  • jmp3000

    No one is kissing anyones ass. It’s a fact, Nick is a hard worker, from writing to performing and even playing sports. But he does seem more private and not a big social butterfly like his brothers. Nothing bad against Joe its not his fault, but sometimes some of us would like to see a little more of Nick than a phone pic on Twitter.

    Anyway, glad to see they are both out and having some fun. I’m sure they have been working hard and since they both love Football and the superbowl happens to be in thier home state, I’m sure they are going to have a blast this weekend. Just hope they stop and take a picture once or twice;)

  • jmp3000

    Oops! Forgot to mention, he looks great! I couldn’t keep my eyes off these pics. He truly needs to go out more.

  • SJS

    @jmp3000: Loving Nick isn’t the problem. I’m a fan of his too. It’s when people feel the need to hate on his brothers in order to raise him up that it’s an issue. That’s all. If people came in here or jjoe posts hating on nick while praising joe, they’d get shut down too. That’s all.

  • a

    He’s looking great, glad to see him taking a break from work. Looking forward to his guest appearance on Mr. Sunshine!

  • S

    awww he looks so handsome!!
    and yea I thought he kept his ring on hi necklace..