Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Santa Monica Sweeties

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Santa Monica Sweeties

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take a stroll down Santa Monica Pier on a sunny Sunday afternoon (February 6) in California.

The duo were seen smiling at each other lots before heading back to their car and heading home for the Super Bowl. Justin wore an Armani Exchange Shawl Collar Hoodie Sweater.

Although Justin isn’t admitting to dating Sel, he told MTV, “I think anyone would be lucky to date her. She’s a great person.”

Selena, 18, just returned from performing a concert in Argentina.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Brabus; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • danae

    selena – yes
    with him -..no why selena

  • http://twitter.com/taylorhenrie_x Taylor

    oh yeah. cause everyone holds hands with their ‘brother’ when they go shopping…

  • kinzy

    o.O Holding hands. =))

  • mmbop

    I just don’t understand.. Selena looks so flawless, but what are you doing with this kid? Look at your life, look at your choices.

  • francie


  • eve

    r they really dating? hahaha selena y dont u just date jake t austin

  • eve

    @Taylor: lol

  • Benya

    bieber fans want to kill selena. But here’s what i think: If you’re a real bieber fan (like me), you’d be happy for them. i LOVE them together soooo much! they’re so cute together. okay. just my opinion. PEACE.

  • http://@trampandtumble Elizabeth

    They are really cute together, and I think if they want to be together he should get over upsetting the fans and ask her out!

  • Kate

    His facial expressions are hilarious ^^ Whatever their status, they seem happy together. It’s their choice, let them be.

  • rockstar

    Selena, out of all the guys you could have, why do you choose this little boy? I just don’t understand.

  • oh please

    This is such a publicity stunt she should be ashamed of herself. Letting this little kid use her.

    They know there is already speculation about their relationshi so they are just trying to fuel it by going for an “innocent walk on the pier” gimme a break

    She’s uses him to get popular with awider audience n he’s just trying to promote his movie.

    Watch this end after all the promotion is done.

    They probs called the paps

  • Chloe

    awww.. selena is happy, justin is happy.. that’s all really matters!!!
    Crazy fans need to get over the fact that both are young and are gonna date many people in the next few years.

    They are not gonna be alone forever!!!! If you don’t like them just ingore their lovelife & focus in the things you like about him/her.

  • j54

    Is it me or does it seem fake.

  • nickj

    justins almost 17…hahah


    this picture is really cute tho. and justin looks taller than her :)

  • Kate

    ………. :/. Only because Selena is happy, I’ll adjust to the thought if them dating

  • Natalie

    They were such good friends! and if they break up it’s gonna be all awkward. :(
    If they’re dating, they better stay together. forever.

  • Kate

    @Kate: Of them dating,
    lol sorry

  • knock nok

    @rockstar: yeah go for one of the Sprouse Bros, they had the haircut first.

  • lmp

    that’s what I call HAPPY PEOPLE. hope one day all of us will be THAT happy. as for the haters, waaaazuuup? come on, people! mind ur own business, see the sun more often, do pilates, skip the hard part or smth, get a life maybe;)

  • lesly


  • Selenafan1

    ahh, man if it’s true, then I’m happy for them. Hopefully it’s not true. . . she still my fav person in the world, and he’s still not. I have to admit they are cute together(: good luck!

  • Selenafan1

    @eve: I agree he’s alot cuter(:. . .even tho he just turned 16 in december. and justin i think is about to turn 17

  • mikiimol

    OMG they really are holding hands!!

  • tami

    i don’t get why they just don’t say they’re dating and get it over with. i love love LOVE Justin but just because he’s dating Selena doesn’t mean I’m going to hate her or him because that’s retarded and selfish. i love them both so yippie for them but i just hate when celebs beat around the bush and say oh we’re just friends stop hiding it dang it LOL

  • tami

    i HATE when you guys say Bieber fans. I’m a major Bieber fan and i love Selena. we’re not all the same some of us DO HAVE BRAINS ya know. don’t put us all in same crazy category ’cause that’s not right. I’m happy for them but i just hate that they beat around the bush, just say you’re dating and get it over with. i think he’ s tryin to protect sel from his crazy fans, but hey we all know they’re together so really there’s no need(if he is of course)

  • tex

    @nickj: haha it’s because he has fake shoes

  • selly

    OMG they are so cuteee.and holding hands waww.
    13 february Grammy I think they will go together..

  • Shivani

    It’s funny cuz I saw them there, it was amazing!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby14

    Hey Selena I’ve got news for you. Your a darn adult. Start acting like one and date another ADULT instead of a 16 year old BOY.

  • http://3dlat.com/ موقع نسائي

    She is so sweet and she looks really good.

  • emily

    It’s like a car wreck, you don’t want to look… but then…As a DaLena Fan this makes my heart sink. And well if they are complaining about all the hype, then perhaps they need to be more suttle. Cannot help thinking ‘rookie’ mistake.

  • emily

    @mmbop: I agree. The just don’t ‘fit’ together. Or maybe my judgement has been clouded by the chemistry between her and David Henrie?

  • Keyla

    Thats just plain werd ughhh ewwww SELENA kinda fea U gotta admit Justin is Puppy cute and SHES OLD ENOUGH TO GET INTO A RATED R MOVIE AND HE CANT THERE OLD ENOUGH TO BE SIBLINGS EWWWW SENDS CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE!!! ^_^

    I hope they read thissss…..

  • http://twitter.com/licorno dorissa

    OMG!! They’re holding hands!!! They are so dating!!!! …Or are they? Maybe they’re just pretending!! I mean, Selena is so nice!! Maybe she’s just trying to help him so people stop calling him gay!! Which is sweet in a way, but gross in another, you know. I just don’t get what she sees so special in him! BTW, if he looks taller than Selena, that’s jsut cuz Selena is wearing flats and Justin “male heels.” I mean, I really love Selena and I’ll always support her. But I just can’t get used to her dating Justin. If she says – and I’d need to see her saying that – she is in love with Justin and wants to spend the rest of her life with him, then I won’t say anything and I’ll respect her decision. I won’t understand, but I’ll respect it. But, in the meantime, I still believe them dating is just wrong! And I don’t like seeing them together!

    And, what if he is about to be in a WOWP episode?!! Haven’t you seen the commercial where you can see Justin (Russo!!) say to a beaver “You were supposed to turn into Justin Bieber, not Justa Beaver.”??? What if he has scenes with Alex?? OMG!! Mason would just end up eating him just like when he ate Dean!! Except this time, they won’t get him out of Mason’s stomach!! Anyways, I just think it’s wrong. They souldn’t be dating!! And I’m starting to think it’s all Nick Jonas’s fault!! I mean, I love Nick with all my heart, I’m like his biggest fan ever!!! But, if he hadn’t dumed her 2 years ago, maybe they still would have been together and all of this wouldn’t be happening! I’m just saying! Of all the cute guys Selena could get, why would she choose Justin Bieber?? He just doesn’t deserve her!!

    So, all that to say… I just don’t get it. Just like a lot of people.

  • Swan


    She’s 18 and he’s just about to turn 17, so the age difference is nothing. You see teenage couples with bigger age differences every day. Get over it already.

  • http://deleted tex

    Who knows… they’ll perhaps get married..

  • http://twitter.com/regrets101 golden-silence
  • elizabeth

    Selena is gorgeous she needs a man in her life!!!

  • http://mysace.com alyssa navarrete

    i don’t think selena and justin r dating on youtube/what the buck says
    that justins girlfriend is jasmine from his video baby and selena isnt
    justins type ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh and if justin bieber is reading thiz than pppllleeeaaassseee come 2 my house so i can get
    friendzzzzz at 3027 sanjose california sunburst dr. blue house.

  • shelby

    in this picture there holding hands <3
    honestly i think they are perfect for each other but i dont think justin is hot and all, maybe just cute.


  • Mrblah

    I really can’t stand Bieber. He talks and acts like some tough guy when he’s just a little 100 pound weakling with delusions of grandeur.

  • cheska


  • Mika

    The lighting for these photos is amazing! Is California always this beautiful?

    And Justin’s facial expressions are HILARIOUS.

  • dude

    Selena’s a cutie. Memo to Justin: please grow a bit more soon so Selena can wear shoes that aren’t flats :) js

  • emily

    He’s taller!!!!!!!!!!! and his hair…… he’s hotter. Wow. :|

  • emily

    Selena is so beautiful : )

  • janiece

    @mmbop: ahahaha “my sassy gay friend”

  • http://none Gigi

    Look, not trying to be a hater but honestly how does one go from Taylor Lautner to Justin Bieber.

    I just, I- howw?

  • tex

    Picture 12: the camera looks like a cannon pointed at JB. click…fire! :) poor kid..

    Picture 3: in the background, left, the daddy with the blue polo with son on shoulder holding his glasses: “Uh!?”

    I don’t know if she’s twisted enough to want JB, it could even be funny as much as a sado-maso thing.. For me it’s sufficient that she keeps smiling as in picture 7.