Vanessa Hudgens: alice + olivia Show with Brittany Snow!

Vanessa Hudgens: alice + olivia Show with Brittany Snow!

Vanessa Hudgens sneaks into the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Plaza Hotel in NYC on Monday afternoon (February 14).

The 22-year-old actress joined BFF Brittany Snow at New York Fashion Week — this is Vanessa‘s first! Check out her Henna!

Brittany has been making her rounds around to many of the shows including Lela Rose, Charlotte Ronson and Pamella Roland.

Vanessa wore a pair of custom made earrings from Edge of Urge and a cuff from the I Like It Here Club.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow

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Credit: Jason Kempin, Sara Jaye Weiss, Joe Kohen; Photos: alice + olivia, Getty, WireImage, Startraks
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  • loloooo

    she look tired and ungly!!!!! that’s my opinion!!

  • lauren

    thats a terrible pic.

    great job.

  • maria

    STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOo-hoo, Vanessa!!!!

  • BabyBooZanessa

    gorgeous.. !

  • Daniela

    She’s beautiful!

  • Telle

    sweet girls

  • Miranda

    Would like a better picture, but yeah :)
    By the way, Zac and Vanessa are both in NYC. Valentines Day date night for them :)

  • lizzzz

    vanessa THE BEST <33333333333

  • mayra


  • louise.

    i love her so much, i think we might get zanessa pictures. :)

  • Katty

    I’m sure we’ll get better pictures after a while. But, at least it is proof. I just posted this, plus another pic on her other post about her and the Beast in Florida! Weird…

    Anyways, NEW BEASTLY VID:

    And, we don’t know what is going on with Zac/Vanessa in NYC. Do I think part of the reason she is there is him? Yeah, but a lot of other people will reply and say just the opposite. Still, two people who supposedly are very off-on right now end up in the same city for V Day? Yeah, it’s likely a little somethin’ somethin’ is happening, but that doesn’t mean it IS happening….you never know. Let’s hope for the best.

    I hope we get pictures!

  • Fauve

    Saw Vanessa and Brittany on the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet fashion show ONLINE and they were both so adorable and gorgeous and so happy answering everyones questions it was craziness. Loved it. I am so happy Vanessa and Brittany look happy and beautiful and are having a good time.

  • lauren

    im sorry but why do you guys always assume she’s in nyc for zac? maybe she’s with her friends? it’s not all about him you know.

  • Bradley Bobst


  • http://@mayzvd4ever mayra


  • londonlemming

    I watched the live stream of the show. she (V) confirmed once again she is single and that her and Zac are just friends. As did Brit Snow who said her and Vanessa were starting a singles club.

    V also talked about Beastly and Suckerpunch and how she loves Disney World.

  • pop86

    Bring on better pictures

  • daniel

    TIll the ennd …VANESSA¡¡¡¡¡ well she always let me speachless
    she look def gorgeous ..HECK¡
    always is nice to see vanessa & brittany together

  • Vanessa Hudgens Biggest Fan

    Love Her.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Love what she is wearing.

  • Bradley Bobst


    do you have a Link to the Video.

  • Kro


  • Bradley Bobst


    I Support Both Vanessa and Zac but Right now we don’t know what has happen so lets just let them work it out on their own.

  • Chanon

    Ooh, the quality of that picture is horrible, but I can tell she already looked gorgeous that night. :)

  • carly

    Vanessa might also be there for the concert of their friend Laura and her band. I know Zac will be there cause he did fly out with Laura’s boyfriend. I’m glad that they are in the same city tho even though they are just friends. I think they still have that great friendship.

  • lauren

    teresa said her and zac are just friends.

  • Lady

    londonlemming I watch it to but i did hear that.becouse went they talk to vanessa did hear that.vanessa and zac. are see each other.could tell where at went they was talk to her you hear that. so i can go and look at that.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Not be mean but I support both Vanessa and Zac we don’t know what happen so let them work it together on their own.

  • OverHim

    She looks beautiful even in a blurry pic. I can’t imagine how stunning she’ll look once we get clearer pics. I watched the live stream but didn’t hear any talk about Zac but it was noisy with everyone trying to get their questions in so I could’ve missed it. I do love Brittany and Vanessa’s friendship.

  • daniel

    hey girls just give up with zak OK .I hate when girls put excuses to save men’s action C’MON . zack’s acting pretty rare this few days
    do you remenber when stripp club’s stuff began only like a rumor but them on jimmy kimmel show zack by his own mouth(z) said that was truth so i can’t trust on that guy

  • londonlemming

    @Lady: Because I had my ear phones in and I can hear things clearly with them in.

    Brit Snow also said her and Vanessa were going to a show after the fashion show and Laura New’s band has a show tonight in NY so maybe thats where they are headed.

  • Fauve

    Vanessa Hudgens talked about her movies, her style choices, the music she liked, Brittany and some funny thing, and if that was her 1st show. MTV also asked Vanessa Hudgens about her Valentines plans she said something about dinner then they flashed back to Brittany. They also asked Vanessa Hudgens about Disneyworld she said she loved it and talked about her family going with her, & talked about Brittany. NEVER ONCE did I hear Vanessa Hudgens say she was single and I paid VERY CLOSE attention because I am nosey. I am not the only one who watched this but I never heard her say she was single at all nor did I hear anyone ask her that question or about Zac. They should have though so people would know what is going on but no I never heard it at all.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Vanessa did say her and Zac where Friends.

  • OverHim

    Even with the blurry pic she looks beautiful. I can’t imagine how stunning she’s going to look once clearer pics come in. I adore Vanessa and Brittany’s friendship. I watched the live feed but I didn’t hear any talk about Zac but it was so noisy with all of the reporters crowded around her trying to get their questions in I could’ve missed it.

  • http://@mayzvd4ever mayra

    but they are in the same city so im so happy
    no matter they are just friends


  • Bradley Bobst


    awesome thanks for that info.

  • lv3

    @Fauve: I heard an interviewer say Zac but could not hear the question and then I did hear Vanessa say friends in response to whatever was asked,

    It was Brit Snow that made the statement about her and V being single.

  • lauren

    are you guys serious right now?
    your analyzing/ arguing over a question that she might have said somthing about zac?

  • maria

    I think Vanessa is having a girls’ night out with Brittany, and they’re going to Laura New’s band’s show tonight!! They will have a blast, and the guys will go nuts!! Those two gorgeous classy girls loose in NYC!!! And looking like that! WOW!!!!!

  • carly


    What did you say, it was unclear and i really want to know your respond to the video.

  • Skylar

    Aw I hope Vanessa and Brittany had an AMAZING time!
    I really believe she’s seen/seeing Zac at some point today. I don’t believe all these rumors. YAYAYAYAYAY! I’m SOOOO HAPPY! <3
    Love them both!
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  • http://yahoo Delia


    do you have the ilink of the video..? is she single or not. i’m tottalt confused.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa is a perfect 10 no doubt about it. Not to add fuel to a fire but I just can’t help myself I’ve made my feelings on this whole situation clear so I can say this. If Vanessa does run into zac in the big city she needs to do one of two things. Either walk in the opposite direction or my personal favorite walk up to him and slap the taste out of his mouth, I mean I’d pay to see that one. That’d put a smile on my face and make her feel better. Zac’s proven the last 5 years didn’t mean nothing to him and I think one nice slap across the face would give her the perfect closure and maybe knock a tooth lose proving that the golden boy isn’t a god and he does indeed bleed.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    I don’t think this Zanessa argument will ever be over until either one has said they are very much together or not (God Forbid), but apart from that Vanessa isn’t attached on to Zac so there should be a decent conversation about Vanessa without mentioning Zac. Fans are still supporting Zanessa, I still support them no matter but one should be talked about without the other being mentioned. She looks amazing I don’t think I ever seen her not amazing she could wear a T-shirt and some shorts and it would look be the next fashion statement around the world.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looked great, Vanessa and Zac are not going to tell anyone there private life. Zac and V nessa spend several weekends together, and lest then a week he vists her in NC for five days, sorry i don’t bye it, i know that they are going back like when they first dated, they want there relationship private, they always said they were just friends.Two many people saw them , they were makingout, and other things, sorry friends don’t do that. they are trying to protect each other, because they have a very busy schule coming up, Her promoting her movies, and he will start making people won’t keep asking about the other, so they don’t have to explain..Vanessa is glowing and thats because she is going to see Zac, and her good friend, Laura is there with her boy friend Crawford, her band is there in NY and Crawford came with Zac, they all spend Valtines together last year. for two years Zac and Vanessa, said they were just friends untill they went to Hawii, and were caught kissing.. they are trying to make it about there careers, and to protect their relationship, i never forget when Zac came to her house and he was there for 4 hrs, she went to the doctors office and was so excited, she was jumping up and down , even the paps ask her why she was so happy. there too mant people who have seen them , being too loving to each other. you don’t spend 5 years and love each other, and say we are just friends. By the way she is glowing, and she’s very happy, thats because see going to see Zac.

  • ana

    happy, happy zanessa forever

  • kami

    ♥ aww love vanessa’s hair up like that. did she already get it cut? ♥

  • Beastly fan!


  • Fauve

    @Haters Suck!: You know I am more a Vanessa fan then Zac, and me and him are the same age I’ve done some messed up things in life, that I regret, but until there is viable proof that he did something we cannot really condemn him. All these fake sightings on Twitter and Facebook are what people are using as reliable sources without any picture proof I get that people cannot always get a pic but the sightings are done by android, iphone, or blackberries so I question that. Do I believe Zac maybe took a break from Vanessa it is possible because I think of her facial expressions when she came back from Hawaii, which adds up to the Details interview, but I also know she was skipping happy after Zac visited her, and they were at Club Eden, and Golden Globe Parties, and he did go to NC to visit her, if he did hurt or do what is ‘rumored’ and not yet proven then sure he deserves to be shunned by her. Until then I hate to say what is going on because honestly not any of us know. I did watch this on video stream and never heard her once comment on it, as have a few of my friends. I to was curious and hoping she would address it. I am curious. I would never let any man in my life if he did cheated, but again there is no proof. All that media there and no picture? I am sure Vanessa and him will reveal the nature of their relationship soon, because I am sure Stella tells Vanessa that she is tweeted 5000 times a day about it, so just stay tuned. If Zac and Vanessa are together then we should support them, because he is what makes Vanessa happy whether people like him or not. I just think right now he is confused and has a lot of problems with Gina trying to milk money out of him, and I am sure Teresa milked it to get peoples attention. I just prefer to not think bad of Zac until proven otherwise he’s done nothing wrong until then. Innocent until proven guilty. I do know he made her VERY happy for many years, and did show a lot of affection to her.

  • lauren

    thats all i gotta say.

>>>>>>> staging1