Zac Efron Rocks The Ages

Zac Efron Rocks The Ages

Zac Efron refuels his car at a local gas station in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon (February 15).

The 23-year-old actor stepped out later in the night, taking in a show of Rock of Ages held at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Could he be eyeing a part in the film adaption?

Zac just returned from a quick trip to NYC, where he was spotted at the Calvin Klein Men’s Fashion show with buds Joe Jonas and Kellan Lutz.

20+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • emma efron

    U look so cute Zacy!!!! I love & worship u a lot!!!!

  • zahra

    YAYYY the hair is coming back and hes smiling after a long time

  • http://justjared mig345

    He looks so cute, and he is finally smiling again. I think he will be better off withuot vanessa, I hate vanessa anyway.

  • mishybc

    I am so confused with his schedule… is he done filming or is he just serious about flying back and forth between cities and does a few scenes at a time go to an event and then he’s back home? Honestly I guess he is used to it and doesn’t experience jet lag.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Heello hottie. :D

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Heello hottie. :D

  • http://mikehla mike

    like his car

  • emma efron

    I love seeing Zac smile!!!! I love his baby face!!!! I really worship him!!!!

  • emma efron

    And i remember a yr ago today he went to Australia to surf for charity.

  • pop86

    Love his smile.

  • emma efron

    Is there anything wrong w/worshiping him?

  • http://none juddy


  • http://none juddy

    he need to go clubbing everyday
    vanessa 100% better without his face

  • Bradley Bobst

    Great Pictures of Zac.

  • peggy

    HE IS SMILING IN ONE WHOLE PIC !! that hardly constitutes he’s “smiling again” we’ve got more sullen face pics by 100 to one.

    And Vanessa is better she s deserves a man with loyalty

  • ????

    Zac you look fantastic! It’s great to see you smile, makes my day. I heard the Rock of Ages show is awsome and I can’t wait to see it. Stay true and live in love everyone.

  • ak

    For all of you haters, get your facts straight. Zac did not cheat on Vanessa. She confirmed in an article in Details magazine (interview was completed in December) that she and Zac had separated. All the rumors of him being with Teresa Palmer happened after the breakup. Besides, there is no concrete evidence that anything actually happened between the two. Although Zac did visit Vanessa in NC while she was filming, we have no idea what happened during that visit. They could have agreed that a reconciliation was not going to work out. It may have been Vanessa to end things. Why do people feel the need to make Zac the bad guy? She could have been the one to break his heart. The fact is none of us truly know what happened with their relationship. He’s allowed to go out with other people since they’re no longer together. They both need to move on and have much to look forward to with their careers.

    Read more:

  • Ruby

    Vanessa is not better. at all. He deserves better than her.

  • No Tac

    @ak: Techically you are right but that is not why people were upset. It’s all about respect . The fact that he was in a five year relationship best friends and lovers with V, The fact that he had just been with V in NC five days prior then to go on a date publicity with a girl who’s film is opening the same day as your ex is bad enough. But to publicity make out ,grind then go home with this girl is a slap in the face and a big F-U Vanessa. It’s just a matter of having class. He could date anyone he pleases and he should have kept it on the down low for just a while. Out of respect that’s all.

  • peggy


    He could have shown respect for whatever they were and that’s not going to change.

    And be a realist please the woman in those Hawaii video or at lax a few days later with a big smile and her ring on was not a woman going to end a relationship.

    If Vanessa ended it he gave her a reason and a good one and if they were working it out the Palmer thing may have ended it.

    I can’t get over the length Zac worshippers will go to to keep him as their god, perfect always.

    Vs not perfect but in this situation if his heart is broke he did it by his own hand

  • %%%%%%%%


  • Patworx

    It’s annoying when someone comments on an article about a celebrity to bash that celebrity.

    It’s also annoying when someone comments on an article about a celebrity to praise that celebrity by tearing a similar celebrity down.

    Why are there so many haters on the internet?

  • blue

    @peggy: shut up u dumb hater..really if someone goes to vanessa’s post then u defend her like she is a goddess and u say we worship zac

  • ak

    @ peggy: I guess there’s no reasoning with you. You’ve always been a Zac hater, so I’m not surprised that you’re pointing fingers at him when it could have very well been a mutual decision to break up, or Vanessa’s. We’ll never know because it’s not our relationship.

  • blue

    @ak:totally agreewith u good for standing up to zac!

  • lol

    @peggy: what is d problem with u ? U r so crazy over zac’s expression go see a doctor lol!

  • Katty


    It makes me happy :) haha

    Yeah, I don’t know wtf is up with his schedule….weird. He either a, likes racking up those airline miles or b, his schedule is very flexible.

    REMEMBER that he is voicing The Lorax right now, so he COULD be in town for that. They DO need him there as well as in NYC.

  • lol

    @juddy: vanessa needs to do another photo scandal heard her movie is coming out..look out last two scandals were also to promote her movies..zac dumped vxxxgood for him everybodylikes him more now

  • ana

    @peggy:will he keep flashing his teeth for u..?

  • Bradley Bobst



  • Haters Suck!

    good for you peggy standing up for Vanessa

  • cutie

    good to see him smiling again!!!make me happy!!!



  • meLlr
  • cutie

    I watch those Calvin Klien Men models the other night i noticed some of them are the same style of Zac’s hair. in fact his hair is getting longer and he looks sooooo handsome.

  • pao

    Player. . . Loooooooooooooser!!!

  • sophie

    you should all go read Karen’s comment on the last post about vanessa. it makes so much sense. !

  • ana

    @Haters Suck!: want to stand up forvanessa go to her posts we all don’t even bother to click on her post lol! And here u are not only reading his postsbut also commenting ..amazing you all must be having plenty of time..get a life and by the way u suck cause u r the one who is hating

  • xoxo

    @pao:shut up retard!

  • cutie

    @ PAO….
    Can you show us a proof why he is player ? looser!!!!

  • Alana

    @sophie: I know right… I’m glad she came back. Btw, Zac is looking adorable as usual :) (And Van looked hot at the Marchesa show today)

  • GUILTY Pleasures

    Why do people insist on bringing up Zanessa? It is not relevant to this post.

    Lets face facts shall we, even if Zac and Vanessa were to say in a live interview that they had split up, half of the Zanessa fans would not believe it.

    Your obsession with a relationship which is NOT your business has clouded your judgement and your ability to think rationally.

    Both Zac and Vanessa are adults who to be frank we really do not know much about. Half of what people THINK they know is speculation.

    So give them some respect and leave them alone to get on with your lives.

    I often wonder what some of you will do when they eventually test the waters and are seen out with other people?

  • Bradley Bobst
  • lauren

    why the hell are you guys brining up teresa plamer or vanessa?

  • charlene

    will he be ion nyc tomm(thurs) if so where? would love to meet him thx

  • Haters Suck!

    @guilty pleasure
    hey I look forward to the day when Vanessa finds someone that actually loves her and wants to marry her. As for zac I’ve made my feelings on him quite clear so I’ll just say I hope his life turns our however he wants it to turn out just as long as he stays away from V

  • Precious


    Anyone else having this problem too?

  • mykamicks

    Why always need to argue? Undying discussion is useless.

    Fans should not too emotionally invloved as to what happend or what will happen next to Zac & Vanessa relationship. Its better to move on and accept things between tham rather maligning one frorm the other.

    There are some points/ opinions that has been shared by Peggy. You could not blame the latter. If that is his opinion towards the relationship of the two, we should respect that. I am a Zanessa Fan wayback HSM. But truely beacuse of what had happend , I maybe in disapointment but neither id like to blame Zac or Vanessa’s decision or whatever (nor attack Zac if ever its true) . But my heart is obviously more sympathetic for Vanessa.

  • maria

    I believe that time will tell us what is going on with them. We just need to be patient. The way I see it, they were “hanging out” and “figuring things out” just fine up until he came back from NC. Then we had that little “incident” that blew up in the press about Zac. This happened when they were supposedly “working’ on things. So, if they are both back in LA, and we do NOT see or hear of them “hanging out”, then we will know that the TP incident was “the straw that broke the camels’ back”. That will pretty much prove that he cheated. If they are both in LA, and they DO hang out, then nothing happened with TP. It’s pretty simple. She’s not going to take a cheater back OR be friends with him. So we will see. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Stoptheworld

    I hate the ppl who talk bull***t about Zac, i have to remind Vanessa’s fans who stay whith her when her naked picture came out!! He always stayed by her side!! He support her!! She always say good things about him so u have to listen to your idol!!!