Kristen Stewart: Splint at LAX!

Kristen Stewart: Splint at LAX!

Kristen Stewart touches down at LAX on Friday (February 18) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old actress, surrounded by security, sported a splint on her left hand while arriving at the airport. Hope she’s OK!

Kristen is expected in Vancouver soon to continue working on the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, with co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

In case you missed it, check out pics of Kristen in her other upcoming movie, On the Road!

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Claire

    WHAT DID YOU DO NOW ROB?! :) hahahaha

  • fun

    ugly b*tch! 2 more years of her face around, but thank God other girls are coming out in the HW scene&media aren’t focusing on her as they did 2 years ago! Your time is up you ungrateful b*tch! PS: Hate all you want idiotic twifans! She’s nothing but Bella to you anyway, you proved that at the box office… X4!

  • Sandy Mills

    Wow girl! Vampire sex can be rough! Haha! Noooo..
    I am sure she will mention it during interviews to promote Breaking Dawn.
    Hope she has a speedy recovery, and all is well with her.
    She looks great! Missed her lately!

  • Normal Person

    Fun: What a jealous psycho you are.
    Hope Kristen is ok.

  • mala

    Hater!…Why do you have to hate…if you don’t like her …then why comment on stuff about her?

  • pete

    Oh no. Hope it’s just a minor injury.

  • Wow

    It is honestly scary how some people are so hateful. ESPECIALLY over someone you don’t even know. Get a life and quit being so pathetic….the name “fun” certainly doesn’t describe your attitude.

  • Amanda

    @fun: You need something better to do with your life rather than complaining and putting down someone else. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to do any better.

  • cami

    hello, gorgeous <3

  • kimk34

    i hate when people come on these sites that are marked someone from twilight and make an ass of thereselfs…if you don’t like twilight or any members of the film don’t go o their sites or anyother site that is regaurding them…i like kristen i thnk she is a good actress i have watched just about all of movies and she does a good jobin them all…

  • DavisR

    So the little cave-ling has finally emerged and is looking just as miserable as ever. What a surprise.

  • lol


    Get help kid


    @FUN you really need to get serious help…just because you can’t get to hollywood and become famous or something doesn’t mean you gush your anger or jealousy toward twifans and Kristen Stewart. She’s broken her hand for crying out loud and your still criticizing-gosh most of you haters don’t know when to stop do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway hope Kristen Stewart just have a minor injury and I hope Robert Pattinson is taking care of her and giving her lots of love and comfort. Plus, I hope ROBSTEN can make it to Vancouver together without being hounded by the mixture of CHAOTIC CRAZE!!!!!!
    P.S.Kristen Stewart is wearing the Gold ring that Rob gave her with rob engraved on it; on her left hand’s middle finger. YAY!!!

  • LK

    @FUN: when you pust a REAL picture of you than talk all you want about ugliness. #peace

  • to fun

    she is going to be snow white next suck to be you jajajaj

  • to fun


  • Arkansas

    I would guess that she jammed her finger. Will she still be able to smoke? (ha, ha) -

  • Lily

    @fun If you don’t like her , why do you see her pictures and movies??? dude yiu need help! GET A LIFE idiot….Kristen You are the best,, Fuck you haters

  • hAYLEY

    @fun: GET A LIFE

  • kim

    I hope she is OK and get well soon. She looks pretty though

    @fun: yes, please get help.

  • monica

    TO FUN she is going to be snow white so you will see her long time jajaj suck to be y0u get help bb

  • bob

    she looks flawless as always…love & miss her so much..

  • Nessa

    It looks like it a simple splint, she could just have slight carpal tunnel (which is easy to get from typing too much) or the worst is she could have possibly sprained it. She should be fine :/

  • http://no gaby

    @fun blaah blah blaah! you need HELP!

  • ROBsten.

    Hi! kris………
    I hope she is Ok . God bless her in every steps & get well soon …….. she looks beautiful in airport to ……….. I think kris is missing Rob so much …… love u ………….

  • dandy

    Well, that makes smoking a tad bit more difficult.

  • Koolkatt17

    Wow! talk about self loathing ! this so called fun , I guess you needed attention , ok you got it now cause everyone is replying to your idiotic rant !! but right now your is up so crawl to that nasty hole you came from! Kristen Stewart is quite talented unfortunately some people only knows her from the twilight saga , but she has done a lot of work for her age , so before some people make comments or whatever on her acting , please do your homework at least have the decency to watch her films first … Also I don’t think she gives a damn about those negative comments from all these idiots she doesn’t even know . Can’t wait to see what she does in the future .. I
    I’m a fan , and I’m not 10 !

  • Marcie

    I read somewhere else that she broke her thumb yesterday on the set. Poor baby. She looks really pretty in these new pictures. Love her hair. It’s getting so long & sexy.

  • lulu

    @fun shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!

  • nanci

    It’s nice to see photos of her again – it’s been too long. Sorry it’s of an injury. She always looks great – plus she’s wearing the gold ring and the necklace I love to see on her.

    If you read this Kris, please take good care of yourself – many of us love you!!! I’ll be sending a birthday card with a few recipes to you soon through your agency. I’ve got a few good ones for you to make Rob for a quick breakfast/dinner.

  • virenkapoor


  • hAYLEY

    She looks pretty <3

  • kimk34


    their in L.A together…he had a press confrence for wfe…thats why she is there…

  • Diana

    Someone’s been punching Jacob again!! xD

  • http://ravenadams edathyield mas

    Jackin off tooooo much Rob??? jeez, now she’s getting injured…..

  • ATwilightKiss

    Get well, Kristen!

  • http://facebook twilight chick

    hay i love kristen sooooo much i have seen all the movies she has been in and i want to meet her hope she get better soon lol xxx
    btw people do any you know wit happend to her anywayz xx

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