Miley Cyrus: Global Action Award Recipient!

Miley Cyrus: Global Action Award Recipient!

Miley Cyrus takes the stage at the 1st Annual Global Action Awards Gala on Friday (February 18) held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 18-year-old entertainer was presented with the Global Action Youth Leadership Award by Hilary Duff for her work with Blessings in a Backpack and her own organization Get Ur Good On.

“I want [kids] to do something they love,” Miley said about the importance of giving back and taking initiative.

“Not something that seems like a chore because someone tells them that’s the right thing to do or what their parents want or what’s important to people around them but what’s on their heart,” she shared.

Miley Cyrus – Global Action Awards Acceptance Speech

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus at the Global Action Awards….

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  • YAY ME

    love ya miley!!!
    you’re the BEST!!!

  • TayTay7
  • Dragon

    Miley looks fantastic! I’m so proud of Get Ur Good On, GO MILEY!! =]]

  • Kristina

    Congratulations Miley!

  • http://deeosment Dee osment

    Oooooh yeeeeeah….miley…way to go gal!!!!!………

  • alexz

    she is truly amazing..

  • Shannon

    Awesome. Love you Miley :)

  • Jolie

    Charming and precious : )

  • bad wolf

    phony hypocrite-nobody but the besotted buys this obvious act.

  • Gaby

    It really sucks that no one ever sees or talks about things like this. They only talk about the mistakes she makes… mistakes like every other human being in the world. ”When you’re right no one remembers, but when you’re wrong no one forgets.” – Miley Ray Cyrus I think that’s the difference between her fans and haters. We see things like this. CONGRATS MILEY!

  • Nour

    She’s such an amazing person! We’re all proud of you Miley and believe in u..Everybody makes mistakes..Just like ur song : Nobody’s perfect !

  • luvd80s2

    @bad wolf: Get a Life! Congrats Miley, we need more awareness of what’s going on here at home, keep up the good work!

  • headstrong

    Congrats Miley ♥

  • taya

    congratulations Miley, i love you !!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @bad wolf: I don’t think anyone with over 4 Number One multi-platinum albums and 13 Tohp 10 singles can be considered a nobody hun. Maybe you but not Miss Cyrus

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Gaby: that’s because people love to believe the worst about others. And the people who judge Miley probably is out there doing worst crap that she has done. Every time u ask someone why they hate Miley, the first thing they do is that they start listing every scandal she has been in. And then they use other false-gossip to back up their reasons. (She’s only famous cuz of her dad. ect ect) people don’t care about how many charities she works for. All the care about is what she’s smoking and who’s she sleeping with! SMH. All I can say for u Judge mental a-holes Matthew 7:1-6

  • jonnyb

    Has she been eating with Zac Efron? She needs to lay off the cakes, her face is piggy now

  • Shannon


    get a life, her face isnt fat. If you think she is fat, you need your eyes checked.

  • Miia

    That surprised me! I didn’t know about this one.

    I’m proud of her, I really am.

    Keep up the great work with this organization, Miley!

  • ValEm

    She is a good person, CONGRATS MILEY :)

  • Warren

    Miley does lots for charity. I’m happy she got this award. Miley is so beautiful in so many ways.

  • hiha

    WHAT???? what did she did to earn that award? I mean, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
    Oh god!

  • sammy

    i didnt know miley did charity work =0 but shes so lucky to get an award from hilary! i <3 hil

  • Warren

    @bad wolf: Miley is not phony at all. She is the real deal and is always doing good things, but hardly ever gets credit for it. Anybody that has ever met Miley knows she is nice with a great personality. Miley rocks!

  • Warren

    @jonnyb: Say what? Miley’s face is as beautiful as ever. And she has the most sexy body I have ever seen. Miley is in great shape.

  • headstrong

    @hiha: she’s with To Write Love On Her Arms, City Of Hope, American Red Cross, she works for Blessing in a backpack and Get ur good on, her family has a fundation she sold a lot of her Clothes to carity, she donates her clothes. she donate one dollar from each ticket she sold when she was touring last year to o charity, visits hospitals etc.

  • Patworx

    Miley Cyrus is a very philanthropic person. She rules!

  • http://@christinerara Christinejonas

    waww , congratulation Miley …
    but, I think kids still need parents as their conselours

  • miley looks like a slut


  • Angie

    Congrats Miley you are the best I like you the way you are.

  • ______

    Wow I miss Hilary she is Fine. And Miley is looking good. Nice award Miley.

  • Rochel

    You didnt get a Grammy Award :(
    Instead you got Global Action Youth Leadership Award :)
    This Award says it all !!!
    KUDOS TO YOU !!!!

  • Ingrid

    Hilary-Was famous on disney :)
    Miley-IS famous on disney.. love them both!!!

  • Erika

    She is so cool :)

  • Warren

    I wish I could marry beautiful Miley. She is the hottest woman in the world and is the best role model for teens.

  • Warren

    Miley is in Haiti right now doing good works. I thought there would be a report on here.

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