Zac Efron: Security Stud

Zac Efron: Security Stud

Zac Efron strips off his leather and denim jackets as he heads through a security checkpoint at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 21).

The 23-year-old actor was spotted at the NBA All-Star Game over the weekend with former flame Vanessa Hudgens, according to the LA Times.

Zac was also spotted at Rihanna‘s private birthday bash in Beverly Hills, spy witnesses tell He gave the birthday girl a big hug when he saw her. Rihanna feasted on Sprinkles cupcakes and got her favorite flavor – red velvet!

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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  • Proudofzacnessa

    yes Zac and Vanessa were in the same place

    but together?
    i hope that
    zac…you ALWAYS look so hot!

  • bella

    Go to <<<<<GO FOLLOW!!!!

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Looking good Zachary.

  • http://twitter.comgdemidang demidang

    That’s not a leather jacket , looks like a jean jacket..

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    I think he might be going to NYC.

  • zacluver

    zac is so HANDSOME! he keeps getting hotter and hotter everyday. so proud of him! <3 also his hair is growing back!

  • Caroline

    Oh my god! that bella girl is crazy!! attack people in a way so miserable is terrible!! that is not a solution for nothing-

  • carly

    He’s looking handsome. I like his new blue bracelet.

  • abby14

    @Proudofzacnessa: Yes. According to the LA times they hung out together with their friends.

  • bella


    Shut up. GTFO

  • lauren

    is he going to new york?

  • griffin

    I can’t take any more of this. Are they on or are they off?

  • lauren

    wonder if he went threw the body scan or got paten down.

    lol at that lucky security people who get to pat him down or watch him walk through the body scanner and was like probaley like ” zac efron is coming throw” LOL

  • zahra

    Methinks I should get a job at that airport on the body scanners so when Zac Efron walks through i will get an eyeful

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Love the look.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    He’s scheduled to film the rest of his scenes for nye this week,

  • joanne

    i don’t think they are still together. it was probably just coincidence that they were there with their own set of friends.

  • stefanie

    WOW :D HE GETS HOTTER EVERY MINUTE..It amazes me ! <3

    & i don’t believe him and vanessa were hanging out because theres no pictures…there would def be pictures by now… . Whatever they are over im over it.. if they happy i am ,

    and Zac looks happy =]


  • sidney

    lol an all denim outfit? That’s a fashion faux pas:/

  • Mace

    yeah… coincidence… sure :/

  • Rob

    Who is the guy with the glasses behind zac he was also pictured when zac got back from new york wonder if it his publicist

  • Katty

    By NOW we would have gotten some kind of statement if things were officially over. They are either on a BREAK as said from the beginning or working things out or still consider themselves together.

    I doubt that if they both KNEW they were going to the SAME party and had ACTUALLY broken up, they would have gone and hung out TOGETHER.

    Respectable adults and broke up ‘friends’ or not, you need time to get over someone before you can go to the same functions and act all buddy buddy. And, we will not got any pix or much more info on the party because minimal press was there.

    There is ONE pic of V there with Brittany Snow found at:

  • http://none vanille

    zac look damen sexy here ^^
    about zac and nessa now they are only friends
    maybe they need a break and then back again who know ?

  • Katty


    There was MINIMAL press, as I said before. Hardly any to see arrivals, like none actually, and none inside. Very exclusive.

  • Chanon

    I think that they’re still together. You don’t break up with someone you’ve been going out with for 5 years then think it’s ok to attend a basketball game with them without thinking it would be awkward. <3

  • carly


    I wondered that too. We don’t see Zac with Gina his Publicist anymore. I wonder if she is still working for him.

  • Katty

    I know this is a Zac post BUT:

    Vanessa will be going on her Beastly talk show tour. She will be on The Late Show With David Letterman on March 2. She then will be on Live With Regis and Kelly on March 3. On the same day, March 3, she will be on Live MTV The Seven.


    Love Zac. Can’t wait for The Lucky One…..

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Is it me ? Or is did he get even hotter since the last time I saw him !? Zachary, Zachary, you are looking mighty fine.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Yes Gina, is not his publist anymore.

  • truthaboutzac

    I posted on Zac a few weeks ago I told you all he would not be coming to the Beastly premiere and he would use the New Years Eve movie as a excuse any person can get the filming schedule and verify what I am saying. He can come to Teresa and support her movie the one that is coming out the same day as Vanessas but not even show up to Vanessas as a friend. I am not saying he slept with Teresa but you fans of Zac will believe any thing the media puts up I was at that All Star party Vanessa danced with Brittan Snow and Laura New not Zac she did not even give Zac the time of day. You Zac fans are so enthralled with his looks I had to comment and speak the truth about him you young girls need to take your rosey colored glasses off and even you cougars take off the blinders. He is not scheduled to shoot until March go verify this yourself. What excuse will you use when Sucker Punch comes out? He is filming in Mexico? Or he is visiting his family in SLO? Quit making excuses for him when it is regarding Vanessa. Nothing wrong with admiring his work as a actor or liking his looks but he picked his job over Vanessa she sees that why don’t you? If him and Vanessa had dances there would be pictures there was 18 photographers there and they were watching them like hawks. Now you will say that they did not because they want to keep their relationship private it is over it has been over for two weeks because he chose the party life and his job over her. Vanessa is a better woman then he deserves she will make it through this with the help of her fans keep supporting her if you are in Los Angeles go to her world premiere because Zac will not be there or for her at Sucker Punch she wasted five years on him. My name is Joshua and this will be my last post not because I am a run away like him but because I hate to see young ladies delude themselves into thinking that him and Vanessa are happy he chose to be this way not her. You will see him run away again on March 23. He is scared to lose his fans not scared to lose Vanessa he does not care for her he wants his freedom and his fans to and you all will continue to support him he won and Vanessa she lost not only him but her time. Jared thanks for posting this and being honest about how Zac ditched Vanessas movie Beastly for the better bigger deal.

  • amtfan

    they are off. brittany confirmed it. sorry. (:

  • Ava

    Since when is Gina not his publicist? If you all are basing it off the fact that Leslie Sloane was seen with him at the event in NY, she is co-president of the same company Gina works for. As for the guy in these pics, I think I read somewhere he is one of Zac’s assistants.

  • pop86

    Zac looks great

  • truthaboutzac

    @BARBARA: Lindsay Lohans old publicist is and she is worse then Gina her name is Leslie Sloane Zelnik she was at the Rock of Ages show with him. UPDATE: Seriously, forget what I said about CAA, Untitled, and all the rest, it’s Lohan’s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik who now wins the award all by herself as Lindsay’s mastermind. Just check out this latest masterstroke, chronicled in Defamer. Mark my words, either this will play out as arguably the best PR move in the history of high-stakes celebrity PR or result in Lohan’s going to jail for admitting she used cocaine in a taped conversation with a Vanity Fair reporter. Either way, let’s hand it to the adorably-named Sloane-Zelnik, this kind of brinkmanship takes a big set of steel balls. And you’ve got ‘em lady. You’ve got ‘em in your boobs.
    Good bye all you young people Joshua

  • Katty


    That E! News video was editted, even E! admitted it.

  • Katty


    I think it’s wishful thinking. Gina is a horrible publicist…or so we have come to believe.

  • http://none vanille

    lets hope they back togethere someday
    and support both of them and stop the hate ^^

  • Ava


    Oh, I was beginning to think I’d missed something. lol.

  • Katty

    This is how much Zac does NOT like to be seen out in LA anymore:

  • hii


    I have to agree with thata little, since the whole “break-up” thing started she have announced/said exactly two thing, the first one was right after it came out and she said that zac had cut of his hair and donated it to charity, I didn’t get it at the time but now I think it was probably a way to make sure that everyone would still see zac as a good guy (not that he isn’t, I really don’t know), and then there was the part just recently when she said that zac isn’t jewish, neither of these thing really mattered to anyone and have not helped zac’s imaged the slightest, now again I’m not saying that zac is the bad guy. Zac is actually really lucky in a lot of senses, but one that he broke-up with a great girl who have never once bad talked anyone in interviews and I can’t imagine her doing it now, even if she could pull a Taylor Swift and start crying about it and win everyone over, so he is lucky because I can’t picture Vanessa doing that though since he have left it pretty much all up to her to have to take this during HER promo tour for HER movies, I have to say that he lost a few points in my book by avoiding this, hopefully the people that interviews Vanessa will be mostly if not all guys (they are the once that cares less about peoples personal life) and hopefully she won’t have to deal with to much of it. I still think it would have been so much easier for them to make a statment, they wouldn’t have to say much, just something to avoid the speculation and the rumors. I aldo agree with you Katty (I think it was anyway) about how hard it is to go back to being friends after such a long time together, it might sound all great in theory but imagine if one moves on and the otherone isn’t ready or think the otherone is moving on to soon, it could really destroy any chance of a friendship ever, no, it’s always best to server all ties, at least until both have time to process it and deal with it.

  • http://none vanille

    thank you hun ^^

  • susan

    I doubt it’s hard for Zac and Vanessa to be friends. They’ve always cared about each other a lot and I think their friendship has always come first for them. I still believe the first “source” statement: There was no drama, no cheating, the relationship just ran its course. Time to move on.

    I’m excited for some lucky bike messengers in NYC to work with Zac this week. The extras casting agency put out a call for real bike messengers to appear in New Years Eve on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Guilty Pleasure


    I think before you all start hating on Gina Hoffman,you all need to remember that as a publicist she can only release something once it has been approved by her client. Maybe Zac has no comment on something that comes under his personal life.

    Also Gina has more clients than just Zac she cannot be with him all the time she has to work with her other clients too.

  • ;*

    Looking hot !!

  • http://justjared mig345

    zacy get cuter everytime I see a picture of him

  • Haters Suck!

    Zac’s not gonna be at vanessa’s premeire again (not that I believe he should be I’m just trying to make a point) after she was there for him. I think that speaks volumes about the status of their relationship or any kind of friendship they have but that’s just what I think.

  • reginageorge

    Zac pulling your typical publicity stunts of leaving Vanessa alone at premieres what else will happen face it people this relationship is over he dumped her we need to move on I do not even respect this man any more you lost a fan today I might not count but as time goes by you will lose more when they realize you are not that guy you said you were sorry Vanessa I used to not like you but now I do Im sorry I used to joke on you you turned out to be the better person and I hope you read this Vanessa

  • tina

    They were together at a party not just seen at the same game. You know what only two people know what’s going o n and they’re not talking.

  • louise.

    @Haters Suck!:
    if he’s busy. he won’t be able to make it, he didnt go to the bandslam one either cause he was busy and they were together then :D

  • beatriz

    i love him(:
    he’s so hooooooot and he and Vanessa are “Good Friends”