Vanessa Hudgens: 'Beastly' Beautiful!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Beastly' Beautiful!

Vanessa Hudgens walks the red carpet in her blue suede heels at the premiere of Beastly held at The Grove’s Pacific Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday night (February 24).

The 22-year-old actress accessorized her strapless purple graphic printed gown by Julien Macdonald with Pink Sapphire Shield Ring and Pave Drop earrings from MEUS Designs. So pretty!

Vanessa‘s whole family was there at the premiere, which was presented by Candie’s — including sister Stella and even her grandma!

Vanessa stars as beauty Lindy Taylor in the flick, which hits theaters on March 4th!

FYI: Vanessa is also wearing a flower ring and starfish ring by Irit Design.

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Kovac, Juan Rico; Photos: Fame Pictures, WireImage
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  • Fauve

    Vanessa was gorgeous and sweet cannot wait til the Sucker Punch premiere <3 everyone sweet and niece although I am now deaf from the screaming lol,

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looked so gorgoeus!!! i’m in love with the dress!!! and her hair!

  • andrea

    so beautiful, i love vanessa and wish her the best

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    That dress.., her hair.., her.. everything !! Vanessa Anne Hudgens.. you are breathtaking in that dress. Beautiful ! Gorgeous ! Just simply amazing. :’D ‘Beastly’ is finally coming out next week !! I’ll be counting down the days !! After that, it’s ‘Sucker Punch’ !! Keep on going V.

  • ehryle

    Pretty Awesome!! love her :)

  • Júnior Alves

    Vanessa Hudgens is wonderful, beautiful!!!!

  • Stefanie

    Don’t mean to hate but her movies always bomb in the box office if Zac isn’t with her…..& I mean beastly reallly it’s freakin beauty and the beast remade how orginial -______-

  • kika

    extension free!!! she loooks so fresh!!!

  • Dannie H

    Love shorter hair on her.

  • julie

    stefanie… i absolutely agree…. about the movie…. why made another remake for a such beautiful classic movie….

  • Abby

    She looks just perfect. LOVE the shorter hair.

  • julie

    shorter hair like rent and hsm2…

  • celia

    “her movies always bomb in the box office if Zac isn’t with her”
    are you fucking serious?
    Just go watch that movie before you judge.
    AND Zac’s last movie bombed at the BO …. just saying.

  • neGro xoxo

    she looks awesome…she is gorgeous as always…i wish her the best and i love her so much…have fun girl

  • james

    preetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OMGGGGGGGGGGGG LOVE U GIRL

  • lily

    She looks beautiful! I love these colors on her, it matches her hair and skin tone perfectly

  • julie

    wait… alex and her didn’t pose together on the red carpet??

  • HIH

    I love her dress XD

  • Abby

    @julie: he got there late because his house was on fire.

  • sky10

    She’s gorgeous! I’m so excited with this Beastly…GOD bless to Alex and Vanessa with their movie….i missed Zac and Vanessa seeing together.

  • jane


  • kimann

    Hahaha! I was like “Eeeep!” when I saw these posts. Poor Alex, hope the fire dies soon.

    JJJ, we’re having Zanessa Cravings here!!!
    Wish they just confirm that the rumors of them breaking up are not true.
    So, she cut her hair short … but still drop dead gorgeous. She seemed to have gain weight. Idk. :))) Sooo, pretty.

  • Abby

    @kimann: Their NOT going to comment on it. This story broke back in Dec. they sure as heck aren’t going to comment on it now.

    ITs THEIR PERSONAL LIFE therefore no one else has the right to know about it. Thats why they aren’t talking about it. I think people/the press just needs to back off and let them figure this whole thing out. Because tbh, I think they are both kinda confused right now and don’t know what to do/what they are.

  • talia

    i LOVE the dress and the hair… she look stunning dont get me wrong i’m just not 100% about the shoes. i think they are too blue.

    cant wait till this movie comes out in the UK!!!

  • Emily

    She looks gorgeous as usual, love the dress. I think its funny people were hating on her tattoo saying she’ll look awful on the red carpet and at premieres when clearly she can so easily hide it. Can’t wait until this movie comes out in Australia!

  • pamela

    OMG!shes looks like a goddess. love u girl!

  • susan1

    Vanessa look sexy and beautiful.I love the dress the shoes and the rings are gorgeous.
    When was Beastly comes out in the Uk??

  • Irene

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! <3 the hair, the make up, the dress…wowwww! stunning!!! :) she never ceases to amaze me with her look, seriously! I’ve missed to see the butterfly though! hehe! I wanted to see it without the “red mark” around it we saw when the first pic surfaced! *pout* but…I’m sure we’ll get to see it rather sooner than later – summer is coming on towwwwwwwwwn! lol

    I can’ wait to watch that movie…seriously, I so need to watch it NOW!!!

    with that being said – not going to go into whether zv are together or not, but I’ve read here people commenting that he never supported her career, that he didn’t (and don’t) care enough about her and blahblahblah – I’m not his fan at all but even I can say that’s not true! he went to more than one of her performances of her summer tour (identified), he went to the three rent shows, he participated in her video (say ok), he’s never ceased to talk about how excited he was about SP…

    he haven’t been able to see to her premieres…wait? why am I talking in plural? vanessa’s only had ONE freaking premiere. I love her so I’m not saying this in a bad way (like, she’s worked this less than him way) but…he wasn’t able to go there because of work and he’s proved that when he’s been able to be with her, he’s gone. don’t attack him because he had to work because that’s freaking unfair if you have in mind that he’s missed her one premiere yet he’s supported her in all the other things.

    plus – if you want to attack zac, attack ashley tisdale as well, for example. she’s never been to one of vanessa’s performances, she didn’t go to bandslam premiere, she never went to watch rent… yet no one attacks her because of “how bad friend” she is??? come on! some of those times ashley was indeed working…others, instead, was in hawaii enjoying a vacation, so…….

    laura new was there (that’s what she says on her twitter), if brittany was in LA, I’m pretty sure she went too (in fact, there are pics of laura and brittany at some party from tonight), her family was there, it seems fans were like crazy… – the ones who were able to go, went, so I’m SURE vanessa is more than happy, feels more than supported, feels more than loved and feels proud of her work and the excitment it’s made people feel….which I’d say is more than enough :)

  • Abby

    @Irene: I get what your saying and I agree 150% but who the heck are you talking to? NO ONE here has made a comment thus far about Zac not being there. No need to write a whole long thing like that if no one has even said anything yet.

    Well I guess it will help once more people comment and people comment on him not being there.

  • Kate

    Beautiful dress.

  • muse

    I cant wait to see Beastly! Ive waited soooo long, read the book a few years ago and thought it would be cool to see a film adaption, next thing you know, one of my favourite actresses is being the lead female.
    I know alot of people give Vanessa shit, but why? She is talented and she is working on her career to make herself even more so. People may say the movie is bad or she’s horrible but I WONT believe that. I believe in time people are gonna shake their heads and take a double take and see this magnificant indivudual who can carry herself well and has amazing confidence and is talented beyond what people EXPECT.
    I really think people need to stop thinking so negatively towards her and they’ll see this really talented beautiful person. Haters may disprove but it doesnt matter, dont fill yourself with hate for someone you dont know. We like Vanessa and enjoy her because we believe in her. We take the time to support her and cheer her on.
    I hope to see Beastly soon, seeing as I just moved to a town with NO MOVIE THEATRE!!!!! So Im taking a trip to the main city PERTH and gonna see BEASTLY and SUCKER PUNCH :D
    I cant wait, and I cant wait to see Vanessa continue her career and make some great and interesting decisions.

  • Laura

    GORGEOUS! enough said.. (:

  • vfan

    i am the only one that at about 0:26 she says zac

  • Irene

    @Abby: never thought about it, really!!!!!!! O_o

    I was just answering things I’ve read in previous posts! :S now I feel bad because my intention wasn’t to bring up a hurtful or conflictive topic so the war begins again :(

    is there a way for me to delete it? or better, JJJr STAFF, please, can you delete it??

    I’m sorry… :(

  • Isabelle

    Finally! A new ‘do for Nessa (or old by just getting rid of those pesky hair extensions)! It’s about time!

  • nathalia

    Vanessa was wonderful

  • maria

    All I can say, is WOW!! Again, she gets it right….not flashy and trashy, not over the top glitzy. JUST right……soft, feminine, sexy, yet elegant in a 22 yr old way. SO, SO pretty. Love the length of her hair….it’s not so heavy looking and over powering for her lovely petite frame. Just perfect for her. And I love the support of her family and friends, like Brittany and Laura. Just gorgeous!!

  • tara

    @Stefanie: actually, it’s an adaption of the BOOK beastly, which is similar to beauty and the beast

  • Daniela

    wtf?? how can someone be so freaking beautiful?? she’s stunning

  • temi

    she looks gorgeous – the outfit, the hair and her smile ! :D

  • Dee


  • Daniel Tang

    A very lovely lady. I’m rooting for “Beastly” to do well at the box office.

  • masbonita

    Can’t wait to see Beastly, because I love the book and the characters. Don’t understand why people can’t be open to it. Vanessa looks beautiful and I’m sorry Alex had a bad day. Wish him the best.

  • lauren

    not a f an of the dress. sorry

  • lauren

    anyone who went to the premiere,,
    did people yelled out where is ”zac”? or did the interviewers ask her bout zac?

  • Skylar

    Everyone who’s all mad at Zac for not being there, keep in mind, he’s kind of filming a movie at the moment. Just saying. Maybe he’ll be at the Sucker Punch premiere?

    AHHH Vanessa looks AMAZING. So beautiful. I’m SOOOOO excited for this movie. It comes out in ONE WEEK!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!! <3

    Tons more pictures at-

    Zanessa Forever <3

  • http://jjj telma

    Hope for great things in the future. This is a big year for her
    love her look and love her

  • http://jjj marcy

    Alex is hot.Vanessa looks gorgeous

  • pop86

    She looks beautiful

  • lslsharon

    sooooo gorgeous