Kristen Stewart: LAX Liftoff

Kristen Stewart: LAX Liftoff

Kristen Stewart checks her carry on luggage as she heads through security at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (February 27).

The 20-year-old actress, who’s arm is still in a splint, showed up at a Pre-Oscar party with costar Robert Pattinson, according to US Weekly.

Sources at the event say Rob, 24, and Kristen, “”were dancing the whole time” and “definitely kissed a few times.”

Looks like it’s back to work for Kristen though — off to Vancouver she goes!

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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • fun

    so where’s Rob if he was in LA too; plus people on twitter saw her yesterday at a place in Ventura&a guy on twitter said this… RT @awhowell Just hit it off with Kristen Stewart from Twilight, booyah!
    uh oh… some1 has been slutting around!!!!!!

  • lol



  • captainhowdy

    Stew better cut back on that drinking and smoking. Girl’s been lookin’ rough lately. Anyways, where’s Rob?

  • fun

    @lol: no little Krisbian, YOU better take your meds, you’ll need them for your brakedown soon! It’s all over the net since yesterday that she was flirting with a guy!

  • ruby

    Love Kristen! She looks tired, 6 months of 5am wake up calls will do that

  • Nicole

    @fun: actually it was all over twitter that she and rob were at a party kissing. I never saw anything about Kristen flirting with a guy. All the info on twiiter since Friday were sightings of ROB AND KRISTEN!

  • Holly

    She is really not attractive, maybe she has a good personality that she hides in all her public interviews and such.

  • Lisa

    LOOOL @ ‘lol’
    good one.

  • RealityBites

    The crazies have come out to play because Rob and Kristen were spotted all over LA this weekend together. Plus, private pics of them in 2010 in NYC were posted all over. That random guy on twitter was in Austin TX. Hmm. Not even in the same city she was in this week.

  • lol

    @fun: ok Psycho u focus on the one tweet but there were other tweets from people saying Rob and Kristen were at the Griffith Observatory on friday night together, and FYI Rob knows what you psycho nonstens do , he knows so you better shut your hole Cyber bullies are getting arrested , good luck Batshit crazy!!! hope u like prison food

  • That Girl

    I love her. (:

  • Nicole

    @fun: Oh and you might want to take that twitter comment with a grain of salt since that guy is in AUSTIN TEXAS not Los Angeles were Kristen was. He was more than likely joking or drunk

  • pete

    Poor thing. Looks tired. At least the injury seems mild. Would have nice to see her in the Oscars though.

  • Abby

    I don’t get it. She was in Vancouver, flew back to LA JUST to attend a pre-Oscars party but NOT the Oscars, and now she’s going back to Vancouver ????

  • fun

    @lol: but NO Rob anywhere right? As for cyber bullying.. you got that wrong baby, it’s the other way around!!! YOU are trying to intimidate me, LABELING me a nonsten? What is cyber bullying? Saying she was hitting it off with a guy&flirting with him???? The guy himself said on twitter!!!!! Oh wait.. it’s the fact that I’m bursting your bubble that she is virginous Bella isn’t it? Don’t see why you’re freaking and defending her, she was cheating on her boyfriend with Robert Pattinson 2 years ago!!!

  • lol

    @fun: you really really need some meds wow what is wrong with the world that people are so insane ?

  • Nicole


  • lol


    she went with Rob and Rob’s parents to a Water For Elephants screening just for the cast and families , thats why she was in LA this weekend , Rob is still in LA doing work fro Water For Elephants

  • Normal Person

    I think it’s amazing that people like “fun” actually exist in the World. It’s pathetic! Sounds like Kristen and Rob had a great time at the pre-oscar party…good for them!!

  • cs

    @fun: Gosh, you’re pathetic!

  • krisbian

    omg the nonstens are so anoying (@fun) kristen is so beautiful and TALENTED and funny, sweet, smart, down to earth, real i love her so much she is my role model and i love robsten!

  • gracy

    Rob Pattinson – Puppy Love – Vancouver – Drunker than drunk

  • rose

    @fun: yeah you are pathetic

  • Hugh

    Kristen looks beautiful.

  • 1545

    kristen now ashley? geeeeeeeezz

  • jj

    She looks very pretty and tired.

  • bill

    @fun: Yeah… I also had a bit of fun with Kristen this weekend, cause I said so on twitter… cause everything everyone says on twitter must be true… I mean it’s so hard to make up things like that on there… duh! Stop making yourself look stupid!

  • Copy cat

    Kristen and Rob were in LA with Rob’s Parents to attend the private screening of Water For Elephants. @fun: havent you heard a famous phrase that karma is bitch? Stop your anti kristen campaign already. Go invest your energy in doing something production instead of bothering kstew fans by posting vile comments about her. I bet you secretly envy kristen’s life. Yep! She has the perfect boyfriend, great career and millions of fans, unlike you! :X

  • renne

    Kristen looks tired but still pretty!!

  • @fun

    A guy who’s Texas said that he got it on with Kristen on twitter without any proof and you believed it? LMAO Seriously how pathetic are you? or.. lemme rephrase that -How desperate are you?

    And please stop saying “Where’s Rob?” coz its makes you sound more idiotic.Just because they are dating doesn’t mean they must be with each other all the time.

  • filipa

    does anyone know where’s her back pack from?

  • blah blah blah

    The pre-Oscar party story was debunked. Someone took a camera phone picture of the flight manifest and Rob flew out of LA to Vancouver at around 6pm.

    Kristen looks rode hard and put away wet.

  • mel

    Her bag is from Urban Outfitters… I got the same one

  • filipa

    @mel: thanks a million!!

  • http://Nowebsite Kevin


    Hi, Nicole I’ve alway’s thought Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the perfect couple and people talking about her smoking and drinking should pray for her and don’t judge her. I love Kristen Stewart I think she has gorgeous brown eyes, sexy lips and beautiful brown hair. These are a few of the many features I love in females Kristen its Kevin I love you sweetheart you’re still Bella Swan.

  • Nicole

    @Kevin: I totally agree I think Rob and Kristen are perfect for each other. They have the same views and just complement each other very well. And I agree Kristen is very pretty I wish I could look like that with no make up on.

  • mily

    wow! she look like she needs some sleep but she she still loook good

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