Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss, Kiss!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss, Kiss!

Justin Bieber shares a quick smooch with Selena Gomez outside the Vanity Fair Oscars Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

PopCandies TV caught the two sharing the sweet moment on camera while they left the star-studded bash.

Selena, 18, and Justin, who turns 17 on Tuesday (March 1), held hands as they arrived at the party and stayed close to each other the entire evening.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kiss Outside Oscar Party
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  • francie


  • Sahina

    it looks like he’s kissing her on the cheek. but there’s no denying that there’s something going on.



  • andy

    They’re starting to grow on me!

  • j

    Wow he’s looking at the camera. Can you say fake.

  • girlleader1

    you can definitely see selna puckering her lips so it was definitely on the lipss.
    omgosshh. this is sooo cutee. it gives me butterflies just looking at themm :)
    but now theres just guna be a whole bunch of haterz comin and hatin on them sayin its just a publicity stunt…ughh. theyve been together since december if not moree. give it a restt, their perfectt :)
    lovee themmm.

  • Selena fannnn


  • http://heartsrule99 saffron

    im so happy for them, he’s 17 she’s 18 1 year is not a big age gap compared to other celebrities who have an age gap of about 10+ years
    People need to stop hating on selena she is doing the best that she can and shes allowed to make mistakes, haters should just lay of they cant do anything about it, so they should just accept and move on

  • mishybc

    They are two cuties I’m no groupie but they cute..

  • http://heyimemm Smile wide

    Awwww I think its cute. But he doesnt have to lie to his fans saying nothings going on. I mean people will hate but it doesnt matter.

  • That Girl

    awe, she wanted to kiss him on the lips afterward. He’s a real gentlemen, I have to admit. They’re growng on me, as a couple.

  • lala

    but like its weird cuz when he kissed her he was looking directly AT the camera….and then she turns and looks and then LOOKS away….so idk

    there a cute couple love them both but…maybe its all for the media????????????

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @saffron: They are not 1 year apart they are two years apart Selena turns 19 this year.

  • headstrong

    lol i didnt notice he was looking directly at the camera thanks @lala

  • hedgehogzrkool

    ugh! selena can do SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than bieber

  • Kayla

    Awwwwwwhh real cute! selena wanted another kiss they look real cute. But its weird y didnt justin close his eye while kissing her he didnt even look at her while kissing her

  • jblova123321

    I LOVEJustin and I’m jelous but they are truthfully an amazing couple

  • http://@team_tylercaleb stefanie

    AW CUTE.

    Selena & Taylor Lautner were CUTER

    Haha but theyr cute too =]

  • abby

    they were looking at the camera……i can tell this is for publicity….they are so weird.

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    soo aorable..u can tell selena want more wkwkwkw…
    they looked at the camera…
    well maybe they think this is the right time to go public so they kiss..
    letting us know that they dun give a SHIT for haters..
    for so much have they get for just being normal..
    they hav their own life..

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    soo adorable..u can tell selena want more wkwkwkw…
    they looked at the camera…
    well maybe they think this is the right time to go public so they kiss..
    letting us know that they dun give a **** for haters..
    for so much hate they get for just being normal..
    they hav their own life..

  • Mm

    They r the new zanessa

  • Daniel

    Selena very beautiful!
    make a beautiful couple!
    Love Selena Gomez!

  • Jocasta

    make a beautiful couple!

  • http://ALexgomezplant alexgomez

    i dont like so much bieber like sel’s couple,,,,
    i dont know…. i prefer nick,,,,, :G

  • Helio

    Selena Gomez love you!

  • Jay

    Love Selena!

  • javi

    he wasent looking at the cameras she was raising her arm i think they were looking for a cab or justin’s ride to leave the party to go home or a hotel either way they looked good.

  • drea

    you can tell it was on the lips because they both licked they’re lips after .
    i can’t lie, they make a really cute couple but in my opinion,
    i think selena looked cuter with taylor . i like jelena too though . (:

  • Kaitlin

    Not gunna lie….I’m really jealous! haha ;D

  • jojo

    @lala: so true and he din’t even close his eyes or something. that’s wwwwweeirrd!

  • happilypeculiar

    Who says they ere looking at the camera
    Have you ever looked in a direction while doing something.
    I do it I’m talking but I’ll look to the side.
    I mean come on with all the cameras that were there trained on them. It would look like they were looking at camera since lens is pointed right to their face.

  • rox

    @Mm: don’t even dare to compare them

  • ______

    Son of a Bieber :( wish we switch boy does every man wish to switch with BIEBS!!!!!!!!!

  • sandra

    I think Selena can do better. i hope this doesnt last. I thought she adn Taylor L were a much more beautiful couple, they looked much better together. Ah well. What’s meant to be is meant to be i guess. hope they’re happy at least.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i have feeling that justin will dump selena this year, he doesn’t seen happy in the pics with her. i think justin is still a flirt!!!!!.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    and… i saw justin on the talk on youtube, when the were playing ” how much do you know justin, he was such a flirt with the two of his fans!!.

  • http://Donthaveone Brittany

    That should be me :’(

  • http://twitter ZVFAN

    You cant compare them to ZANESSA. Gosh. Justin is staring on the camera . They just want attention.

  • nancy

    Yuck!! justin have girlfriend but NOT selena!!! my friend stella (not stella hudgens) is his Girlfriend.. my friend think that Selena want justin to be her boyfriend!!! but well sorry Selena YUCK!!! Justin have girlfriend..

    her name is STELLA C________

    .. her last name is private.. coz she’s a private person!!!

    message to Sel: Don’t Grab Justin!!

  • Ella

    OMG!!!!! So cute!!! <3
    love is in the air. ^^

  • Linda

    It seems silly to me that they don’t just announce the relationship. I know they want to keep their personal lives private, but everyone already knows!

  • cristinaSpain

    O_O pero no os dais cuenta de que justin solo lo hace por la fama?
    bueno.. puede que algunas direis que le tengo envidia o yo que se que mierdas direis pero que sepais que hay mucha gente que se a vuelto anti-bieber (como en mi caso) por lo mucho que a cambiado justin , que hace dos años o mas estaba en la calle pidiendo dinero! y ahora se cree dios o algo asi solo por que tiene muchas fans….y las fans podeis decir lo que querais ¨que nunca me dejara de gustar bla bla bla..¨ yo tengo todos los discos de justin y los de los jonas y ahora no los aguanto.
    Y por si alguna tiene dudas (aunque creo que ni dios leera esto) yo era una fan de estas locas que gritaba si los veia en la tele , que mi ordenador tenia todas las fotos , videos ect… posibles de ellos … y al tiempo cuando me di cuenta de lo que de verda son … ahora no tengo nada de ellos ni discos ni posters ….NADA! asique por favor , intentad tener algo de madurez y seguid a justin solo si lo quereis como es el en verdad , no porque tenga nosecuantas fans y nosecuantos millones. :) os dejo mi email por si me quereis poner verde un rato o por si os aburris y quereis compartir vuestra opinios conmigo sobre esto :) kity_rubilla2@hotmail,com

  • eli


    grenade incoming. . .

  • David

    @javi: He was so looking to the cam look at the beginning of the video.

    @hedgehogzrkool: You’re right she could WAKE-UP GIRL!!!

  • Luxor

    omg, he’s looking directly at the cameras! how classy. selena can do so much better.

  • stellz


  • dcstarinthemaking

    omg i really hope they’re NOT going out, stupidest looking couple on the planet, she’s wayyyy too pretty for him and he’s too into his career, she’s older, he’s weird just NO NO NO NO NO!!! don’t do it selena you can do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

  • stellz


  • anybody?anybody?

    @NO ME GUSTA: i’m pretty sure you meant STEAL, stupid. and Selena was born here, so you’re doubly a moron. i truly hope you’re under 15, cuz if you’re not and bubbling after bieber… anyways, i think with the whole haircut and maybe a few more sharp suits like that he won’t look so childish beside her. Selena is classy and has this mature vibe beyond her years, so it’s kinda hard not to think of bieber as a baby. but they look sweet, and i can’t see bieber being a douche to her, so maybe this’ll work out for the best. i just feel bad that Selena has to deal with all the crazies who think they have a shot with a guy who doesn’t know they even exist (looking right at you, NOMEGUSTA)