Vanessa Hudgens: Letterman's Lady

Vanessa Hudgens: Letterman's Lady

Vanessa Hudgens grabs a quick iced coffee from Starbucks as she heads into the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape her appearance on Late Night with David Letterman in NYC on Wednesday afternoon (March 2).

The 22-year-old actress is back in the Big Apple to chat and promote her new film, Beastly, where she plays Lindy Taylor.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa stopped by the Jeffrey store for a little retail therapy.

Check out a new Beastly TV Spot below and stay tuned for more Beastly stills!

UPDATE: We just updated the gallery. 10+ pics inside…

Beastly – “Beautiful” TV Spot

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Photos: Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so beautiful and goregous can;t wait to watch Letterman Tonight Love Vanessa.

  • Laura


  • ma

    GORGEEEEEEEEEEOUS!!! can’t wait to see her :)))
    but i’m afraid of waht she can say about her and zac…

  • 3niefronhudgie

    T___________T it’s so beautiful
    specially when she’s kissing him!

  • Diamond

    OMG she looks soo gorgeous ! I love her hair now that it’s cute and she straightened it , it looks really cute. I also love her outfit I saw it from an interview she did earlier it was really pretty ! I already have her appearance on Letterman recorded , and cannot wait to see her on there ! BEASTLY FRIDAY!! ♥

  • Daniela

    woooooooooooooooooooooooow! she looks gorgeous! and zanessa fans I think is today you will get your answers! how is her relationship with the douc… I mean Zac!

  • sarie

    i love vanessa! she seems to be in a really good place at the moment and is doing really well :)

  • http://@mayzvd4ever mayra


  • pam

    wow, she looks great! Better than I’ve seen her lately.

  • grow up!!

    hmmm i hate her but she looks JUST OK!!

  • lauren

    Dear vanessa,
    you look like a cheap hooker,
    get back with zac
    serenely lauren

    also dave letterman is pretty good with getting answers out of people.

  • pop86

    Can’t wait to see the interview

  • pop86


    That was rude and unnecessary.

  • carly

    I love her hair, it’s really cute straight.

    Can’t wait for beastly!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Douchebag, your to nice to say it but I’m not so I said it for ya, your welcome. And honestly I don’t think well get any answeres tonight as I really don’t think letterman is going to ask and I don’t think Regis and Kelly are going to ask tomorrow either although I give them more of a chance. If she went on Ellen then I think we might find something out cause Ellen seemed like a big z&v fan and I think she would most definitley ask.

  • peggy


    Dear Lauren

    Grow up and get a life and one must wonder how you know so much about cheap hookers. Raised by one perhaps.

    Vanessa looks amazing

  • lauren

    @ peggy
    i was being sarcastic,
    get over your self
    you stupid bitch

  • zanessalover

    she looks so beautiful can’t wait for Beastly!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Flawless !! I love that jacket !! And its really great to see her smile. :D

  • Maria

    I love her! I think she looks gorgeous! I’m recording all of her interviews this week!

  • lily

    Cool! When does this air?

  • Tini

    I love her! she looks so pretty! And I do hope to get some answers about Zac!

    Maybe even some… I dunno photos of them? Since he is in New York too and as they both said they are still friends?

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • mone

    @Laura: Eww..yourself. She looks freakin stunning!

  • mone

    @Laura: You must be ew yourself. She looks freakin stunning!

  • Joochi

    @lauren: Name calling is the best way to say who & what you are so I’d think before I start calling anyone names.

  • marie


  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful
    I’m excited to see this film

  • lauren can’t spell!

    @lauren: Dear Lauren, For the love of God! Learn how to spell when attempting to be a smart-ass!!!

  • kyle

    I hope to see more of her with this hairstyle. It suits her.

  • kami

    ♥ she is beautiful. love her in hot pink. that must be what she’ll wear on the show ♥

  • alwayshopeful

    It seems as though Vanessa has a new sense of maturity and awareness about her. It’s fantastic and I hope it continues. She seems really happy and that is ALL that is important. She is a true beauty and I can only hope that she will always continue to be true to herself even when it isn’t so “popular” to do so.

    On a side note, the zanessa lover in me has to put this out there….Is it just me or does it seem that she has been wearing that ring on her pinky finger since around Valentine’s Day. That seems to be a constant in her jewelry choices these days. She wore it even when she was out jogging in LA. It probably means absolutely nothing, but the hopeless romantic in me would like to think that it is maybe a gift from the “old Zac”, not the partier that he seems to be able to be at the drop of a hat these days. Could it maybe be a “pinkie promise”, so to speak, of things to come in the future. A girl can always dream right!!!

  • yets

    Looking good Vanessa!!!

  • Chanon

    @lauren: Hey, Lauren, what is “serenely” suppose to mean? Don’t you mean SINCERELY? If you’re going to insult someone, try and learn how to spell first. :)

  • bella

    @lauren: Shut up

  • laquida

    @lily: its air’s tonight at 11:35.

  • laquida


  • Anibal

    awww Vanessa I love ya sosososo much!

  • Britt

    I adore Vanessa!!!!! Can’t wait to see Beastly out this friday!!! :) And as for “Zanessa”, I am a HUGE Zanessa fan (more V than Zac), but some fans are truly in denial..didn’t anyone read her interview in Details?? She stated that they are just friends and are working it out! :) I too was upset when they broke-up, but you have to admit that it’s pretty cool seeing Vanesa doing her own interviews and truly promoting herself and coming into her own! I am super proud of V – she’s doing some amazing things at the moment! :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looks so happy, and beautiful.

  • Pao

    gorgeOus!! like always!! love her style!!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @lauren: you know I don’t hate haters like you, cuz no matter how hard you try you still find your time to comment on someone you don’t like, she’s popular either way whether hater or love, she doesn’t hate you either she loves that you make her stronger, she loves that she doesn’t give a shit about what you got to say about her but you find the time to. So thank you for being a hater it doesn’t knock her down, it builds her up

  • maria

    She looks UH-mazing!! She is absolutely glowing and radiant. Wow!!

  • jasmin

    Gorgeous and she looks hot! Can’t wait to watch her interview!

  • ZANE


  • rox


  • Bradley Bobst

    After watching her on David Letterman I just Totally Fall more and more in love with her.

  • samantha

    vanessa looks so beautiful i can’t wait to see beastly seriosly :)

  • tara

    @lauren: i’m sorry, how does wearing a COAT, a dress, WITH tights make you look like a cheap hooker?
    i’m sorry, you must have problems.

  • ………….