Zac Efron: BLD Breakfast

Zac Efron: BLD Breakfast

Zac Efron keeps it cool in a camel colored sweater as he heads to breakfast with a pal in West Hollywood on Thursday morning (March 10).

The 23-year-old actor and friend grabbed a bite to eat at BLD restaurant to start their day off right.

Zac just recently returned from NYC where he filmed his scenes for the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

FYI: Zac is wearing an ecru cowl neck cashmere sweater with button detailing by 830 SIGN.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • mariana

  • zahra

    *drools* Seriously he has still got it!! I just wish he would smile a bit more #CheerUpZac

  • Miranda

    Zac Efron looks sexyy :)
    & I believe those are Vanessa’s sunglasses, just saying :)

    But I am super excited for New Years Eve :D

  • Skylar

    Wow he looks so amazing. As usual. :D
    Glad to see him back in LA!
    Anyone else see the slight hint of a mustache? Love it heheh :D

  • http://yahoo cassidy

    “dies” goshh hes sexy.

  • Carla marie

    Make CheerUpZac a trending topic. Keep tweeting it:D

  • Tiptoes

    I like his sweater…

  • celia

    I have never seen a guy who wears THAT MUCH bracelets

  • pop86


    I agree. His hair is growing back. Yay, he stop cutting it.

  • SE

    Always looking hot ;D

  • celia

    AND THAT SWEATER is just UGH … yuk

    and PLEASEEE stop with the whole cheerupzac… so stupid.

  • alana

    Aww, Zac ♥

  • Lauren lipkin

    I could say alot of things or negative comments but I’m not going too

  • Skylar

    @celia: It’s part of his style. :) At least they’re not diamond bracelets or anything

  • MIE

    WHAT A BABE! :3
    Love you Zac!

  • lauren

    also ive said in the past, he looks like a sexy porn star. lol (kidding)

    also do the bracelets means anything?

  • gaga

    well is that the kruipo bracelet between the blue bracelets on the left site..i have seen on the blue bracelets a V a few weeks ago…://

  • lady

    @Miranda: they are vanessa sunglasses, are they got sunglasses just a like.


    others pics with Vanessa brit and zac

  • Miranda

    @lady: I don’t know, I think they just look like Vanessa’s glasses.

    But either way, Zac is looking hot as always :)

  • susan1

    Zac always look amazing!! i like the color of his sweater….nice to see him again thanks JJr.

  • lol


  • cutie

    Love you Zac!!!!!
    Actually his hair is growing back ….

  • Allison

    Love Zac..
    but not that sweater…

  • jonnyb

    Zac seriously needs to improve his style, WTF is he wearing.

  • lauren

    i agree,
    i didnt want to say anything about his style because i get ppl mad by my comments

  • taylorzanfan

    idc what he wears he is still freakin hot end of story

  • Skylar

    I wish people would stop insulting his style D:
    I get it, you don’t like what he wears. (I’m not trying to argue with you, pinky promise!)
    But let him wear what he wants, his body, not yours.

    Zanessa forever <3

  • Aly

    The silver bracelet is a Oh Mani Padme Hum bracelet… hope i wrote it right lol. It has different meanings or so wikipedia says but for them it could just be another bracelet…

  • Viccko


  • http://Jje@twitter.cOm Erica

    Is he wearin the v braclet?

  • Nicki313

    I like the sweater, not sure if those pants really go with it but he still looks good, and I’m sure its just me but I really want him to grow his beard out again I was so in love with it :-)

  • susan

    someone mention the meaning of that silver bracelet already but i forget who is it.

  • susan1

    That sweater that Zac wearing if you go to the men shop so many of them but different colors gosh but they are expensive i can’t afford ….

  • Ivy

    He’s wearing this sweater AGAIN? Holly ****, doesn’t he has any other one? Btw, in the pic its seems to be warm… But I still love u Z. Just don’t like ur sense of fashion lol

  • Lawrence

    I think Zac needs to wear less clothes!*lol*, I’m glad the summer is coming. He’ll be wearing cut-off shirts!. :)

  • Skylar

    @Nicki313: hehe no I agree, I hated it at first but then I was like all dissapointed when he didn’t end up keeping it for the movie (:
    He’s kinda got a little facial hair going here though :D :D

  • Ivy

    don’t like the sweater… neither then pants… love zac, but dont get the fashion sense of his

  • Merlin’s mum

    Georgeous young man, don’t care what he’s wearing, still looks lovely.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I know everyone gets up set, but that braclet he has one, Vanessa, has the same one. the blue one has the letter V on it and he wears Vanessa’s hairtie, and those are Vanessa;s sunglasses, because the are not broken up, there just takeing, a break, and keeping there realionship private, as anyone notice they have never said the are broken up, or their pr, people, have never sais it, it’s the media who says your broken up, i have listen to all her interviews, they put the words in her mouth, i have seen the blue braclet when he was in NY, and i saw it blown up it has the letter V. He wore silver bracklet , at a function back in January,brittany snow, sopia Bush was there, vanessa had to go to NO. He wore it when he got back from vising Vanessa in NC, He had it on when he was at the pub, with the six girls sat around the table, and you can really see it when he left tne pub, by himself, and the paps were really bothing him, By the way the reason he doesn’t smile much anymore he hates the paps taking his private time away from him, if you blow up the pictures you can see his eyes, he’s irrated. i very observant i took 4 yrs of art, i had study parts of the body, so i can draw them. espeically animals are really hard to draw. Vanessa has a braclet just like it, or it’s Vanessa’s

  • lady

    barbara you are right.i belive think you have say.they get nest on here.but you do tell the true.i read all you post and you are right,and they are people don’t want to belive.keep up the good work.

  • Aly

    It isn`t her bracelet, hers is made of only one piece and it`s bigger, but yes, the writing on the bracelets it`s the same. Back in January someone said that they are those bracelets with weird names. They have different meanings.
    And on twitter everybody wants to cheer up zac `cause he`s depressed. We have him laughing and going out with friends and then in paps pics he looks more mad at them. That isn`t a reason why he`s depressed.
    And sadly, i agree with you, even if some are going to call me delusional but there are so many coincidences that are coming ever since December and every time it`s just another coincidence but there are dozens of that right now…

  • http://google BARBARA

    ALY, I have a very good memory, i don’t forget, and i am very observant, if you want to check look back in Zac’s in the middle of January, when Vanessa went back to NC., then when he got back , he was at the pub, which proably was the the first of Feb.. I wish i could tell you more, but we have just people who are just so close minded, they are always trying to change your mind to there thinking, without proof, and you know who they are They are not broken up, and i do know a few things, but not on here. @ LADY THANK -YOU!

  • http://google BARBARA

    ALY, THANK YOU, I remember, she also wore a wider silver bracklet next to it. I think you are the best!

  • Katty

    Love his hair on top of his head, not on his face. He looks so effin weird with facial hair. Some guys can pull it off, but guys like Zac and Brad Pitt? Definitely not.

    That sweater makes him look even weirder.

    Who cares if the bracelet/sunglasses are Vanessa’s? At this point, to the public, they want to be portrayed as single even if they are ‘figuring things out’ with each other. It’s just easier this way. Vanessa looks quite happy, even with paps around, and Zac always looks so sad and gloomy. Let them figure it out and just leave it alone.

    But really, Zac, go shopping.

  • nathalia

    Barbara Aly, I love the comments you
    I also think that these little details of them has much meaning

  • neil

    Wow! Great outfit Zac! I wish I owned that!

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    hes so hot i love him so much

  • http://google BARBARA

    Alot of people have there heads buried in the sand, the reason why they really don’t say there single, just the media, says there single they want their relationship private to them selves, if they say anything the Media and the paps would give them a living hell they wood not leave them alone, they deserve, there privatous, By the way he does not like the paps following him, thats why very one think he’s thinks he’s depress, lol his eyes are the window, that tells you he’s irrated with them he only going to smile for his friends, or his fan’s and at functions, he is not going to smile at paps. Vaanessa has her hat on , acting like there not even there.taking pictures of them, they get tired of it.she is not smiling at them.

  • Aly

    And buy a washer machine!!! or to get his cloths cleaned… he wore the same weird thing days ago too…

    @Barbara, thank you, you`re the best too ^^