Jennifer Lawrence: Katniss in 'Hunger Games'?

Jennifer Lawrence: Katniss in 'Hunger Games'?

After much speculation, looks like the coveted role of Katniss in The Hunger Games is going to Jennifer Lawrence!

The 20-year-old actress “is close to getting an offer” to star in the upcoming film adaptation of Suzanne Collins‘ series of the same name, according to Variety.

Emma Watson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin were rumored to have been considered for the role.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer playing Katniss in The Hunger Games?

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  • NOel
  • Ginny

    WTF?! she doesn’t even look like Katniss! If that is true I’m totally disappointed! I would prefer Danielle Campbell ( I always imagined her like Katniss ),Emma Watson or even someone unknown

  • celia

    I really hope Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get the role. Maybe the filmmakers see something we book readers don’t, but she doesn’t fit the part at all.

    Abigail Breslin is also VERY wrong. She’s like 10 years old.
    Emma Watson would not do another series so soon after Potter.
    Hailee Steinfeld would be great! But I would also love to see Sarah Bolger or Ella Purnell in the role.

  • mariella

    I can see it (dye the hair, put in the gray contacts) she was awesome in winter’s bone, she can definitely pull it off

  • tier

    Ugh please no! I really dont think she would be a good Katniss!! I think Hailee would be perfect though!

  • NOel

    Same. She’s too tall, too blonde, too not-underfed looking, still too well known, too blue-eyed, to white, and TOO OLD!!!

  • Always_faithful

    For anyone who has ever read The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence in this role is like drugs… Just say NO.

    She looks nothing like Katniss.

  • Chelle

    NO!!! I want Hailee Steinfeld!

  • Ale

    She can’t be katniss and + plus she is older;i don’t know but i think that they don’t even know how katniss is!!!! she need to be brunette;tan skins;little and thin;i don’t mean jen is not beutiful but she’s not katniss; and if she got the role i will be pissed because they don’t evene put attention to the fanbase. I WANT HAILEE OR KAYA ¬¬

  • Dannie


  • OPenMind

    NOOOOOO. she is not right seriously goodness.grrrrrrr

  • OPenMind

    Wait…. you know what nevermind i don’t care. As long as she can act i guess and maybe dies her hair or sumthin.

  • OPenMind


  • Chanon

    OHHHHHHHH, HELLLLL NO. WHAT THE FUCK MAN? This chick doesn’t even look like a Katniss! She’s too old, has lighter skin and blonde her! Can people even cast now and days? -________-

    If this Jennifer girl is casted as Katniss then I’m not even going to bother to go see the movie.

  • aya

    nooooo! if theyre gonna cast older then i want chelsea kane. she has dark eyes and is thin and would look great with dark hair plus shes an amazing actress. and chord overstreet as peeta and steven r mcqueen as gale. dream team!!!!!

  • lyndsey

    oh my god, she is way too old! i’m a huge fan of the books, but if she is cast i will not be going to see it.

  • Holly Golightly

    Hailee is fantastic but she is too young to play Katniss! I’m still rooting for Lyndsy Fonseca, but Jennifer is a close second in my book.

  • Abby

    She’s only 20 years old but looks more like a 26-27 year old. WHY would they cast her as Katniss? I mean, could they REALLY make her look like a 16 year old girl? O_o

    Plus doesn’t Katniss have like olive skin, dark hair, and grey eyes? Jennifer just looks like a white girl. They should get someone more exotic looking for this roll.

    I WILL say out of the three actresses (Lawrence, Steinfeld, and Breslin) who were up for the roll Lawrence I think would be the best bet. Steinfeld and Breslin are too young for the roll. It looks like they want to cast a 20 something year old for the male leads. That would just be really wrong and gross to see a guy in his 20′s acting next to a young girl like Breslin & Steinfeld are.

  • Areyoukidding

    She may be talented, but this girl is NOT Katniss…I was hoping the director and casting directors had actually READ the books but, like Twilight, the movie will fail to live up to the books. What a disappointment.

  • anabel

    she can’t be katniss. i won’t watch the movie if she would be cast as katniss. it will be better if emma watson, Jodelle Ferland, Malese Jow or Lyndsy Fonseca :)

  • erica

    after watching winter’s bone i could see it…dark hair and grey contacts and then she looks as much like katniss as the other girls

  • :)

    she’s pretty and a good actress! i think she will do a good job!

  • X

    Absolute failure. Should be Alyson Stoner. period.

  • Maddi

    This is a serious F.A.I.L. She may be a good actress but honestly, she’s gonna age with the franchise and she’ll probably be close to 24-25 yrs. F.A.I.L. Makes no sense.

  • Diana

    NO NO NO NO! I don’t like her for Katniss, she just doesn’t look the part, even if they dyed her hair…

  • alice

    People it’s obbvious she got the role live with it. But I don’t get what the casting people see in her, she looks nothing like Katniss.
    I’m a sad Hailee fan… :(

  • alice

    Also… alot of fans won’t be happy, on twitter&forums the majority of people ( say 85%) are not happy with Jen as Katniss…

  • Ellie


  • Katie

    Nooo!! They should just cast someone totally unknown.

  • Jill

    NO. If that’s true they already screwed up any chance of making an awesome movie.

  • Martina

    Wtffff! NO! Katniss should have dark hair!!!! FAIL. Kaya Scodelario, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin or others should have gotten the role.

  • aly91

    you guys are so stupid I rather have a talented actress play Katniss than a sack of crap like Kristen Stewart ruin the role. This girl can dye her and get a spray tan y’all idiots. She’s not too “under-fed” looking…UH NONE OF THESE ACTRESSES ARE. In my opinion I think Katniss needs to look older as well, not youthful. To be youthful means to give her an innocent look and we all know she’s not PRIM. Out of everyone I’ve seen I like Jennifer the best.

  • maxride0

    Heck no!!!! Hailee Steinfeld would be SO much better!!

  • Brenna

    Eh… she’s a bad choice.

  • daniella!!

    Wow this was like the WORST pick ever. This will REALLY dissapoint the fans omg what are they doing

  • daniella!!

    @lyndsey: Omg ikr i don’t think anyone will see it if she is cast

  • daniella!!

    @X: Alyson stoner should play Katniss. I think most people agree with it

  • Lisa

    bad idea!!

  • Ana23

    NO! She’s too old, too fair, too glam. Hailee is PERFECT… I really hope they don’t ruin this movie.

  • todd

    Did Alyson or Malese even get the chance to audition? It seems they only wanted girls who APPEAR caucasian.

  • poppy

    Are they going to airbrush the distracting moles?

  • Lucy

    She looks nothing like Katniss and not to mention too old to play the part!!!! Very disappointed with the casting directors, it’s as if they havent even read any of the books, not even the first one :(

  • angie

    she looks too old no offense actually offense.

  • Cacey

    Some of you are just dumb. Suggesting alyson stoner get the part?? That girl cant act for anything.I would rather have somone who can act and do the role justice over some one who looks the part but cant act. She honestly doesnt look that old, her height and somewhat puggy cheeks, I think might be the only draw back, camera angles can help that . How about you go watch winters bone. Tell me you dont think she could pull off being katniss. It’s called hair dye! Sure there might have been someone who looks more the part and can act. I personally wanted sarah hyland for the longest time or an uknown. Hailee would have perfect I think if she was a little older, but the movie is suppose to come out in a year, I think lionsgate picked the best out of who they were working with. If she gets the part I’ll be happy.

  • effy


  • rebecca

    WTF!!!???? I WILL HURT SOMEONE IF SHE IS KATNISS!!!! i think hailee steinfeld should play her. she’d be sooo much better!

  • Saskia

    Jennifer is a good Actress, and even if she had brown hair and not so much make up on.. I just can’t see Katniss in her! Sorry. I would not be happy if she really get the role :(
    For me ALEXANDRA DADDARIO is perfect for the role! =)
    (and btw. Alyson Stoner would be a HORRIBLE choice for Katniss.)
    … and Jeremy Sumpter for Peeta, please! ^^

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  • mary


  • mary