Zac Efron To Star in Mandate's Matt Drake Project

Zac Efron To Star in Mandate's Matt Drake Project

Zac Efron is set to star in a new project from Matt Drake which was picked up by Mandate Pictures.

Formerly billed as The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, the 23-year-old actor will play a suburban kid, who spontaneously travels to Eastern Europe to find himself. Early on in his comedic journey, he falls for an alluring young woman and the only thing standing between them is her charismatic, dangerous ex from a criminal underworld.

Armed with little more than his wit and naive charm, Zac‘s character endures one bruising beat down after another in order to woo the girl he loves and achieve salvation.

Stay tuned to JJJ for more details on Zac‘s latest project!

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Credit: Ivan Nickolav; Photos: WENN
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  • zahra

    nawww this is a cute plot cant wait to watch it

  • justme

    I wish Zac could take different roles, Its always the same drama in his movies. I would love to watch him in a action movie or the bad boy side…

  • Lauren lipkin

    How many projects does he have coming up?

  • Justine


  • Katty

    Haven’t we known about this for a while? I know I have. Zac has too much on his plate right now, it’s getting kind of ridiculous. I understand having two or three projects in the works, but he has like six. Plus, half of them don’t sound good.

    Come on, Zac, pick up your game and stop being caught with girls in publics AND drinking. If you’re going to join the Hollywood nightlife at least do it smartly. You’re seriously losing soo much respect and it won’t be long before I am not your fan anymore.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @justme: Action movie for the win ! I can see him as a criminal though.. :s lol, he’d be one heck of a master mind. :D I’ll support him either way. :)

  • http://yahoo zac lover

    some of you people need to let zac live his life. Like seriously hes a grown man living life and having fun hes not doing anything illegal. I would understand if he was in the tabloids everyday . but hes not. Drinking is okay hes a guy. He could be doing alot worse. I adore zac and i hope he lives his life to the fullest.

  • http://yahoo zac lover

    some of you people need to let zac live his life. Like seriously hes a grown man living life and having fun hes not doing anything illegal. I would understand if he was in the tabloids everyday . but hes not. Drinking is okay hes a guy. He could be doing alot worse. I adore zac and i hope he lives his life to the fullest.

  • MIE

    awesome zac!!

  • http://yahoo cassidy

    im so happy for him.hes doing great.
    Love you zachary :)

  • Butterfly

    this isn’t drama,this is supposed to be an action movie I thought o_O
    and I’m pretty sure that getting drunk every now and then and experience getting more edgy will help zac to get into those roles. just like in die in a gunfight. btw, I think when jared says ”endures one bruising beat down after another in order to woo the girl he loves and achieve salvation.” means something like action rather than drama. if the movie stars an drug boss gangster whatever looks less like drama… but I dunno ^^
    I do not blame him for partying,hope he had major fun and total blast.same way no one blames vanessa for partying ;) she was seen in vegas with a boy as well,there was a pic of them I saw,everyone said ‘ hope she’s lucky with him’ …so,but if zac parties he is a douche bag :( if he is with another girl,no one is happy he moved on o_O ?
    I’m just being fair,I neither blame zac nor ness for partying,drinking,dancing even if it was with another girl/boy.

    besides,nessa confirmed in the shape interview exactly what I’ve always thought : they split because they would be too busy the following months and a realatinship via iPhone doesn’t work … hope jared posts it 2morrow or maybe already has…

  • SE

    Always nice to see good actors getting jobs.

  • kerri

    God please let that alluring woman be vanessa.I would love if they were in a movie together. They could fall in love all over again with each other.

  • lauren

    lol on relationship via-iphone, clever

  • beatriz

    sounds great (:
    good for Zac

  • lol

    amazing!! it’s will be super cool!

  • Chris

    This would be no biggie if it was an occasional thing. But there have been SO many tweets starting back around Jan of him bar hopping, clubbing, doing shots, and making out with random unknown chicks. That with his face being so bloated kinda adds up to him having a drinking problem. He even looks stoned in a lot of the pap pics. He may have been drinking all along behind closed doors, but for the past 3 mos, it’s escalated and he’s taken it public big time.

  • pam

    He got a feather tattoo? How very….Vanessa.

  • joan

    Zac is my Idol he is The Best I Can’t Wait to see this Movie

  • kerri

    @pam: The tattoo does make me think of vanessa’s earing she wore. He did get two feathers him and vanessa maybe. There is so much stuff about them i don’t know what to believe.

  • peggy

    His PR people are a piece of work. First of all this project does not even have a director or a start date the original director and original star Shia LeBeouf dropped out but since Vs Shape Mag came out they had to throw something out there the whole team is insecure,

    As for him having too much on his plate. What does he have none of the mentioned projects recently are even remotely close to production that’s why he’s got so much time to club and run with those ninjas.

  • gracemarie

    I wish the name wasn’t another Charlie but I guess that’s the name the author gave it.

  • http://google BARBARA

    i still believe his pr people are behind the break up, they wanted Zac to focus on his caeer, i just read they have a director now but i can.t his name, you can’t fight your pr people so both are suck. i wish Zac would open his eyes, about his pr eople esp. Gina.

  • http://_iAzn_----twitter ZanessaLuvr95/iAzn

    @Katty: I completely agree with you..

  • griffin

    Big f’n deal

  • mishybc

    WOW be a damned co-star.. THEN work your way up to LEADING MAN. You’re movies flop when you are the star and everyone around you is an unknown actor!!! LEARN FROM THE BEST to be BETTER.

  • Annette

    It’s gonna be awesome! Can’t wait ti see

  • kyle

    I’m happy for Zac – i hope this movie will be a good vehicle for him to penetrate the action genre films.

  • http://Jje@twitter.cOm Erica

    Barbra but it was still the distance. What u kno culd it affect them n the future? U think they’ll get back together

  • aMBER


    Mandate Pictures just released a statement saying they found a director for this movie. It has nothing to do with Zac’s PR people. Gosh, some people are so stubborn.

  • duuumm


    here’s the thing. ‘in the works’ can mean months, most likely years, or not going to happen. so it’s good for him to be actively developing those projects now, as opposed to later when he might not have as much time. having many projects is never a bad thing. and i feel that you have a certain hatred against zac right now, that’s why you’re calling his list of films ‘ridiculous.’ it’s not only only. it’s with all the zanessa fans. but point is, you don’t know half of what happened between them so don’t blame zac for something he didn’t do. half of his projects might not sound good to you, but to hollywood, they’re considered gems (snabba cash, DIAGF, this project here all made the blacklist)

    as for partying, why would you believe every single sighting of him at a club, because so far, out of the hundreds of tweets we’ve gotten of him hanging out in this club or that, we’ve gotten ZERO pics. the only pics we’ve gotten are from a PRIVATE party in a PRIVATE residence (emphasis on PRIVATE) which more or less means he was at a party with friends, not random girls. and seriously, what’s wrong with being seen with girls in public? has it suddenly become a crime…i mean, he is a guy, right?

    #nohate. just hate the negativity you’re bringing here.

  • vanessa Laygan

    i hope zac efron could play a sexy role

  • Observer

    @ Barbara why would you think his pr people are behind the break? You of all pple( based on ur age and experience) should know that it is not wise to stay in a relationship if you don’t feel like, the end result will be disastrous, thats if u are a 100% sure he initiated the breakup. @peggy why can’t you live him alone to make his choices, irrespective of how you see them, its his life not yours.

  • maria

    @aMBER: And some people are naive. The PR machine in Hollywood is cut-throat and evil. Zac’s is no different, if not worse. He is their cash-cow, and they don’t want anything to affect their darling boy and the cash in their pockets. They don’t care about morals or values or who they hurt. Please, don’t be so naive.

  • aMBER

    @maria: Funny you’re calling me naive when you act like Vanessa can’t do no wrong blaming everything on Zac. Of course I know Hollywood PR machine is manipulative. It baffles me Vanessa fans accuse Zac’s people of being cunning when her people are no different.

  • http://google BARBARA

    AMBER, that is true but they are number one team in hollwood, and they have done some really ruthless things, yes they do things , but his. i cont team is the worst! Gina is the worst, they call her medusa, the snakewoman withe all the snakes, she never liked Vanessa, and they are saying that she is the one who hires people who put

  • http://google BARBARA

    sorry push the wrong button, she is responable for having Vanessa’s pictures out there, because very time a movie comes out, this happens, she tryed the CHEATED WITH JOSH THING, but it blew up in her face.i hope the catch these people and put them in jail,and lock the door.

  • Zac fan

    @BARBARA: You’re an idiot. V is the only one who benefitted from leaked pictures. Only tweens knew her from HSM, everyone knew her after the pics. During the first two leaks, Z had movies out and all the attention on him, after the leaks all the attention went to V including his support. How on earth do you figure that his team would want people to turn their focus off of him and on to her and for all the fans to feel sympathy for her and support her through her difficult time, please. Try thinking, it makes life much easier:)…

  • Miranda

    @Katty: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Miranda

    I have been waiting for Zac to make this movie, I’m excited :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    ZAC FAN ,YOU ARE THE IDOT! if yoou believe that, she did not i’ve read were alot of people know G. is responable. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!!!

  • say what?


    Do people seriously not realize that saying things like this is slander? These people are high-profile professionals with high-profile clients. Implying that they would try to destroy the careers of other people’s clients for no apparent reason is more than irresponsible

    Obviously someone who had/has a vendetta before Zac even went with these people is still targeting the girl- this kind of irresponsible slandering of professionals who are in a profesion that relies on good will in the industry really must stop

  • Observer

    Barbara u disappoint me, really any negative publicity about v is instigated by z’s people? Wow then it is save to say that v’s pple are the one putting out the bad publicity about z. If u really knew how the job went, u wouldnt believe so much in hearsay. How does v’s career affect z,and how does his affects hers. If a director waz looking to cast someone for the role of a mary he be thinking of zac? And likewise the role of a adam he be thinking vanessa? To promote your client your best strategy will be negative news about an ex? If that waz the case, then they can’t be considered to be one of the best in their field. Please stop tryin 2 figure out a reason for their break up or any negative press. The negative press,if you ar observant of what goes on in HW comes with the fame and success. The media loves dirt, if they can get the better if they can’t, they will rehash past mistakes, misread behaviours and attitude. So if the media said she waz dating josh, she waz seen in his company,same for zac with any girl or guy so they write whatever they like cause they know pple love juicy if not truthful gossip.

  • laquida

    love u zac! proud of you!:)

  • Ashley

    I don’t think the movie sounds that original. I wish he’d take a break and do theater or something like that.

  • Allie

    I wish he’d take a supporting role. The best roles are usually supporting. This film better have a co star with a name. If he’s the only name in this film again, I’ll be seriously annoyed.

    The film sounds interesting, but the fact that the director has only done commercials and not actual films seems a bit worrying to me.

  • Observer

    It is sad what is happenin to v wit the pics, she has one big sick hater,advise v ignore no matter how had they try to bring you down you can rise above,i think the pics are old don’t care to see it,but i hope they are not recent it would mean she did not learn from the past. The whole G responsible thing, like barbara said she read,probably they all got it from one speculation and have began to run with. Just like someone can get that from barbara’s comments here and take it to another site. Where i come from, we have a sayin that goes, they say you say, what exactly is the truth? Stop runnin with rumors and slander.

  • Allie

    Zac’s got at least 10 projects in the work, but if he even films 3 of them, I’ll be surprised. He’s just giving himself the opportunity. Same with this film and Die in a Gunfight. Whichever one comes together quicker, with the best script, director etc, he’ll film. Unlikely that he’ll do both.

  • Zac fan

    @BARBARA: Just wondering – Is using all caps your way of yelling at me? LOL… The person who wrote the blog on Disney that you are basing your misinformation on sounds as though they are about 13 years old. Seriously! Just answer me this – How has Zac’s career or his personal life benefitted from the leaks or the break up? Btw, you shouldn’t worry too much about Vanessa, look at her latest post taken today. She certainly doesn’t look as though she has a care in the world and she seems quite happy to be on the motorcycle with Josh and leading him into her house. I bet no one will speculate on what they are doing in there since obviously she can do no wrong……………..

  • Aly

    The necessary Death of Charlie Countryman WAS the original name of an unnamed movie. Die in a gunfight it`s the name of the movie that HAS the same story line as the other one, and we get news about him doing either that or that, but i have a feeling that this might be the same movie…