Vanessa Hudgens & Emily Browning: Lakers Ladies

Vanessa Hudgens & Emily Browning: Lakers Ladies

Emily Browning leans her head on Vanessa Hudgens‘ shoulder as they watch the L.A. Lakers play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday night (March 14).

The duo costar in the upcoming Sucker Punch as Blondie and Babydoll — out March 25th. Did you check out JJJ‘s stills from the movie?

We have more coming up tomorrow afternoon!

The L.A. Lakers beat the Orlando Magic 97-84.

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • BabyBooZanessa

    Gorgeous ladies. <3

  • lovenessa

    how i wish i could be vanessa’s friend ^_^

  • talia

    sweet :)

  • musicgirl

    awww they are so cute ;)

  • http://deleted Troy

    Wait a minute, these two are in a movie together, PUBLICIYTTY STUNT!!!!! j/k

  • Rose

    Awwwww…..soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • mishybc

    buy SHAPE magazine with Vanessa Hudgens on the cover she admits to “WHY” she and ZAC broke up!.. or you can look for a picture on tumblr to save your money.

    I LOVE That cardigan…&@Troy: could be a publicity stunt but it has no effect on me because I’ll be watching Sucker Punch it was already instilled in my head.

  • flinch

    Emily Browning is the main character in Sucker Punch and YET celebrity blogs like JJ only post about Vanessa Hudgens (Just like for Bandslam). The trailer barely shows Vanessa Hudgens. I think they picked her because she somehow promotes the movie. But it is clear that the movie revolves around Emily Browning’s character

  • toty

    @mishybc: Did u read the mag??? what did she say about that?

  • toty
  • toty

    If this is true ,then stop saying that zac cheated on her..
    Love ZAC & VANESSA

  • moi

    @flinch : so true !

  • J

    @flinch: JJ really seems to be the only site that’s promoting her as being the main promotion for Sucker Punch + her star power from HSM still carries strong. It clear that JJ is bias to certain extent, because she has a lot of fans here, but I guess you got to go with what going to sell the movie.

    If I was Emily Browning though, I would be pissed. :D

  • Rose

    @J: So what?? This is female assemble ,if the other nothing meaning to say it’s not sucker,so ,what is your problem,and Vanessa ,she well show the all heaters that she is small but terrible,ha…ha..she well be amazing in this move .

  • emilie

    aw how cute :)
    love these two
    both absolutely beautiful!

  • kerri

    Vanessa looks so pretty. I am glad her and her co-star have become friends. I mean who wouldn’t want to be her friend she is so nice. I find it weird that she likes the lakers game because zac is a big fan.

  • Fauve

    This post is about Vanessa and Emily not Zac let Zac and Vanessa have a rest from things while they live their lives, and mature as adults out of respect for them both, and their decision please. Vanessa again looks very beautiful as does Emily. Emily does not seem to mind that people gravitate towards Vanessa in sites she probably does not even look at, or in articles. Emily knows she is the lead, and that the critics will center around her. Vanessa plays in the ensemble, but her character sticks out, because of the intensity of the scenes she has. This will show a whole new side to both Emily and Vanessa. I am happy that Vanessa went out, and had a good time, even though some people in this world wish to cause pain to her, and her career. It shows once again how strong Vanessa is as a woman, and a person, and will fight to have the life she dreams of. I also admire Emily for showing her love, and support, and friendship no matter what people say or do. At times like these its those who stand by your side that matters more then what people think or do. People will always be jealous of Vanessa, and put her down for being a beautiful woman inside and out. What goes around comes around it will backfire on them. I am happy that Vanessa is the brave woman she is, and continues to be true to herself, and loyal to her friends and family. She is a class act. We love and support you Vanessa Hudgens.

  • kerri

    @toty: Do you really believe that? Zac isn’t that guy people are making up such nonsense. Zac loves vanessa he wouldn’t do that. They are taking a break couples do that all the time and then they get back together.

  • ALi

    Mami should date a sexy chocolatey black guy next! (;

  • kerri

    Hey i just saw she is wearing a feather earing. Two in one ear. Zac has a tattoo of two feathers. I am just saying

  • http://deleted Troy


    I was totaally joking. It was a probably not too clear reference to the “High School Musical” days whenever a post with Zac and Vanessa out in public appeared there was always someone who claimed it was just a publicity stunt sent up by Disney.

    I don’t think that’s the case here at all that’s why I put the “jk” for Joke at the end. It was just a lame attempt at humor.

  • Emma

    I read an article about Ashley saying how she’ trying to get them back together bc she believes in them and she wants Zac to be with his true love

  • james

    vanessa is super hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • maeli

    cute love the cardigan too

  • kerri

    @emma: Is that true? if you are making it up then don’t .It gives us false hope. I want zac and vanessa to be together. They are taking a break. I still find it weird that she has 2 feathers in her ear and zac has 2 feathers tattooed on his arm. And she is at the lakers game. Zac loves the lakers.

  • lauren


  • lauren

    what article did you read that from?
    teen beat?

  • rachel

    I only looked at this thinking there might be pictures of Robert Downey Jr and his beautiful wife, who were also there.

  • Tata

    girls are having fun!!! love how they bond!!! go girls :) cant wait to watch Sucker punch

  • maria

    Lovely ladies!! Love that Vanessa’s costars become her friends, and how they adore, support, and love her. That speaks volumes as to her character and loyalty. She is a very special, gorgeous young lady, inside and out.

  • mykamicks

    Both girls has no insecurity. They’re just watching ang cheering lakers. Whether Emily is the lead & Vanessa is only second lead , they dont bother it.

    Why make it hard on Vanessa always having friends around her? Its not a publicity stunt, its fun fun fun fun for girls.

    Love her, she has lots of friends: Emily, Jaime C,, Jena, Abby, Ashly G., Sarah H, Selena, Michalka Sister, Avril L., Nicole L., Nikki R., Victoria J., Olesya, Monique, Tisdale’s Sisters, Jessic a S., Laura New… Most special mention to Brittany whose been there side by side for her. I may have forgotten some to mention.. Anyways, I wont count anymore the Boy friends she has ( corbin, lucas etc….. All I know she is lovable & adorable that’s why she has plenty of friends around her.

  • http://jjj marcy

    love vanessa
    zanessa 4ever

  • Katty

    It’s not a publicity stunt, they’ve been seen out together before because they are good friends. Good friends are allowed to hang out, even if they have a movie coming out.

    Yes, Vanessa said in SHAPE magazine that it was too hard being away from Zac for so long, and that is what led to the breakup but said how thankful she was to have him and the relationship for so long. Whether that is true or not, we will not know, its not like she will come out and be like yeah! He was turning into an as$ and wanted to bang other girls! Personally, I think she did the breaking because she is loving life and he looks just plain pitiful.

    Can’t wait for SP and more news on her next move!

  • lol

    aw can emily get any more adorable?

  • susan

    Having some fun girl time before the media blitz goes into full swing. Good for them! Hope their movie gets good reviews and makes big $$$$.

  • http://google BARBARA

    ALY ,will you go to the thread below this one. I’m so glad she has so many friends, thats because she has a good heart.

  • yets

    i love to see her like that.
    Go Vanessa no one can put you down.
    we here to support you and pray for you always.

  • Panda!

    I agree with @Katty: . But I also think it was a mixture of The Long Distance Relationship Thing, and that Zac wanted to be with other girls.

  • http://deleted lei

    Thats our Vanessa!!!
    So sexy!!!!!

  • lalala

    She is with a friend who is exactly have the same hair style with zac:P Just kidding!! They are cute:)

  • Lissi

    I think she was the one suggesting it, too. Zac always said during promo, that he went home during the stops, bc Vanessa wanted to see him <3 But maybe V thought it isn’t working out anymore, bc the way he talked I don’t think he was the first suggesting it. But in the end it isn’t really mattering, bc it always takes two to tango. I would never say it’s her fault or his alone (except one cheated). And now it’s over and we have to accept it. For those who want, there is always hope for them, for the others there is hope they find someone new they love.

  • http://google BARBARA

    i love it she wearing her feather earings.she is so beautiful.

  • 333



    she is so gorgeous!
    love you vanessa


    Vanessa always develops close relationships with her costars <3


    Did you read the title?

  • 333

    love emily and vanessa

  • laquida

    awwww so sweet! love it!

  • 333


  • 333

    he did