Vanessa Hudgens: Obsessed with Sun Butter!

Vanessa Hudgens: Obsessed with Sun Butter!

Vanessa Hudgens heads into an office building in Beverly Hills on Wednesday morning (March 16).

The 22-year-old actress, wearing a a floral print top and Edge of Urge feather earring, shared with Shape mag that she’s obsessed with a few other things including Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread and Apple.

Vanessa shared, “I’m obsessed with this. It’s my go-to snack.”

Also, check out Van’s cover shoot below!


Vanessa Hudgens: Shape Cover Shoot
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Credit: Juan Sharma/Miguel Aguilar; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • musicgirl

    loving all the vanessa pics!!!


  • carly

    I support you vanessa, stay strong and true to yourself. I’m very angry about the comments pp are making about vanessa and her family they are uncalled for and it went to far.

    You have many people supporting you, don’t loose hope and I hope they find the person who is leaking the pictures out. CAn’t wait for sucker punch!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ CARLY, Iagree with want you said, i support her and her family as well, i can’t wait till sucker punch, and i did read she will start doinf promo’s this weekend. she may doing some today, i hope they catch these people, put them jail forever.

  • suzy

    love the look. she is cute.

  • hii

    Love the look, and I really, really want to know what she will be doing next, can’t wait for the SP premiere next week.
    I wonder if the necklace she is wearing is a shark tooth, it’s not very clear but I recognice the shape becuase Zac have one too, maybe they got it around the same time.

  • justme

    I hope theres another movie coming… Our waiting for Sucker Punch its almost over!!! YYAAYY!!

  • carly


    yes, they deserve to go to jail. These kind of situations can end up badly..we have seen it happen before… and can lead to possible suicide. Vanessa is strong and has her family and friends to support her and i know she will overcome this and end up more stronger then ever.

  • sophie

    i like all those FEATHERS she has been wearing ;)

  • Telle

    @carly: if they find that person or not it doesn’t matter because hateful/mean people are gonna burn in hell …at this point that rat can do everything that he/she wants but we’ll see who laughs at the end.
    hey guys don’t worry is just only matter of time.BTW SHE LOOKS AMAZING …if she only knew that she’s like part of my family.

  • sophie

    also, yes it does seem like a sharktooth necklace.

  • carly


    yes that’s true.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Breathtaking and Gorgeous.

  • Telle

    @sophie: are you kidding me???
    btw i love snacks like Fruitabu ,Jell-O,Sliced fruit,Seeds (sunflower) , ice cream¡¡¡¡

  • http://! rox


  • kami

    ♥ she’s beautiful and has so much energy. ♥

  • mils


  • mils

    her audi is back?

  • mils

    Love this outfit and the hair

  • http://mikehla mike

    nice vid

  • vanfan

    I just have to say that Vanessa has been an outstanding role model for young women over the past several years. She shared a mature relationship with one person for several years. She did not sacrifice her career or friends or family in order to be only with that person. She did not get pregnant thus illustrating how to be responsible while being sexually active. Then when she broke up, she continued to show a joy for her friends and families. She did not mope around or go nutty with her behavior. She has not said a mean-spirited thing about her ex and/or his actions. In fact, she has shared the positive aspect of that relationship and that she is thankful for what they did to help each other.

    So I am really disgusted by all these ugly people who say the most wicked things about Vanessa because of those old photos. She continues to exhibit grace in the face of very malicious actions on the part of some sick person. Her behavior in the face of this recurring vindicativeness shows that Vanessa has more maturity as a 22 year old than most adults. Everyone – and I mean everyone – makes mistakes as teenagers and throughout their lives. What happened to Vanessa can serve as a teachable moment to every person. When you make a mistake, accept the responsibility, apologize and then move on with grace.

    And be careful how you use modern technology – from twitter to cell phone photos. Think about all the celebrities who have gotten in trouble for stupid twitters about Japan. Beware – posting on JJ included!

  • Koree

    I love her!!!
    & she should totally come out with a clothing line cuz she is my style icon!!!

  • troian

    HELLO gorgeous.
    vanessa’s news are the ones that worth it seeing it +some others like emma watson,emily browning,true people & that’s why i come to this site….the others are crap.

  • charl

    x17 have pics of josh leaving vanessa’s house this morning in the same tshirt as yesterday! talk about gossip from them pair. good on ya girl

  • zanessalover

    Vanessa Hudgens = :)

  • Telle

    @charl: do you have the link??? He’s a such a good friend

  • charl
  • charl
  • Aly

    And she left the house before him, and were at a concert last night too, and left separately… and the next thing he is seen leaving her house next day? And in the morning the sun is shining like in broad daylight… And his hair looks the same – and no, you can brush it 100 times, it won`t look the same even if you try hard.
    And wait a sec, she was seen in LA out before Josh did… and he left his bike outside all NIGHT long? Why didn`t he put it in the garage?
    I think they are using this to get rumors, because to me, it looks like the pics where in the same day. They go to her house, he goes out, they are seen at concert and she is seen in LA, because seriously, if those pics where taken on 3 different days he wore the same cloths 3 days in a row?
    Highly unlikely.

  • carly


    No i don’t believe those pictures were from this morning, they where from yesterday when they went riding. Vanessa went to a concert at Roxy to see the band her friend Laura NEw is in yesterday night. And she left alone to go home. I think we would have already gotten news if this was true that josh spend the night. But it is not true.

  • charl

    woahhh dont shout at me for saying they were today. im just sayin wat the article reads. back off a lil yh. shout at x17 instead of me

  • sophie

    yeah exactly, she was at a concert the night before. i love how x17 is trying to start crap. dont believe it guys!

  • http://peggy sue

    There is a picture of Vanessa on Zanessa Fan Club Twitter at the concert taking a picture with a fan and Josh is in the background with the same shirt on, so it is possible that he did spend the night at her house.

  • http://google BARBARA

    CHARL, That could have been the same day, because Vanessa, went Kim K. party were her best friend Linda-new and her band was playing, yes Josh was there, and everyone including Ken Baker, from E. Said Vanessa was hanging out with Brittany snow and the band in the VIP room, she was not hanging out with Josh, he wouldn’t go to the party dress like that, it was even on the internet were she was, thay picture was taken yesturday, he was visting her and supporting her,he is a true friend, when the put things it is always from the day before unless it was taken in the morning, Ken said they were not together. she proably gave her something to drink, and they visted then he left.

  • Chanon

    I hope she has been offered another movie! <3

  • Aly

    Hmm, look at this, i think this is the right order.

    1. They arrive at her house and go in.
    2. Josh leaves her house some time after.
    3. They arrive at the concert.
    4. She leaves the concert at 9:30
    5. She is seen in LA in the morning.

    And why this? Because of this:

    1. He had to leave his motorcycle on the driveway since he got to her house to when he left.
    2. They arrived at the concert in a car.
    3. At the concert he has a jacket on.
    4. She left ALONE.
    5. If there was anything to indicate something happened we would have gotten other media sites, not x17.
    6. x17 don`t even know about the concert. If they “caught” them the next day, they had to be parked there to see when he would live, but, they went to the concert, and x17 nothing, they would have had to get back, and x17 nothing, they would have caught V leaving her house, and x17 nothing.
    And lastly, x17 sounds like since they went inside the house they didn`t left at all.

  • sophie

    yes, he was at the concert. but hwoodpartygirl and many other eyewitnesses, stated that she spent time with her girlfriends, and she did not seem to be in any way “with” him.
    give it a break guys. they are friends, get over it. the article is a lie obviously.

  • sophie
  • carly


    I saw the picture vanessa took with a fan and josh was in the background. But ken baker was there and said that vanessa was with her girlfriends in the vip spot and she also left alone. and that is cool that josh came as a friend, i hope he also enjoyed. But those pictures of josh leaving vanessa house where the same day they went riding.

  • lauren

    whats the story with vanessa, zac and josh love triangle?

  • Aly

    Yeah, and now they edited the interview and added the josh part… Earlier it wasn`t there.

    Another edited report… it said firs thaty they “might get back together” as in zac and vanessa and now they changed it to “they might never get back together” but don`t be surprised if you see them randomly hooking up. It`s all over hollywoodlife…

  • sophie

    i had a feeling their love didnt just disappear.
    something that didnt change and probably wont is they have a great love for each other :)
    just taking a break, all these sources say this.

  • carly

    Does anyone know about the E league that both zac and josh are in together in the same team. Is it a basketball team? And who else is on it??

    I love vanessa’s feather ear ring. I just find it weird that zac gets a tattoo with 2 feathers but it is symbolic. I can’t wait to see what vanessa wears for the sucker punch premiere.

  • Diamond

    She looks really relaxed and pretty here , I love her outfit and those shoes are just tooo cute !!! Hope she’s going here for a new project Everyone keep supportin V she is sooo strong and not letting anything hold her down , she’s an amazing person ♥ BTW , love her and Josh’s friendship ! =)

  • Diamond

    Btw , love the Shape behind the scenes video her personality just shines through ! I hope she does win an academy award one day she will deserve it and also the clothing line !

  • lauren

    @aly are you referrring to v and zac secretly hooking up?

  • jane

    btw…stella apparently rode on a ducati last night..which is the motorcycle josh rides. she posted it on her twitter

  • sophie

    see guys, they all were just hanging out as friends!

  • Fauve

    She looks gorgeous as she always does… love how she can go from shorts to dresses to pant suits! Classy as always. Proud to be a fan knowing how strong you are even in the face of adversity. I am also happy that Vanessa has some great friends who are there for her, and stand by her side, no matter what people say or do to her. I do hope she gets justice and they find out once and for all who this hateful person is, it is not cool to betray someone who she entrusted with her body. Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.

  • 77
  • 77

    lmaao stop