Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: St. Patrick's Day Date?

Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: St. Patrick's Day Date?

After a mid-afternoon meeting, Vanessa Hudgens headed over to a local pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 17).

The 22-year-old actress was joined by some friends along with costar and rumored new beau, Josh Hutcherson.

Vanessa was also spotted out with Josh earlier this week, getting a ride on his motorcycle. We’re glad she had her helmet!

Andre Pochon is also pictured. He’s one of the guys behind the “Straight, But Not Narrow” campaign.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Current/Elliott jeans, Elizabeth and James “Park” sunglasses, and Wildfox’s ‘#9 Love’ baggy boy tank.


15+ pics inside…

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Justine @ 2:12 am on 03/18/2011

awee i miss zanessa but i am definately starting to LOVE joshness ;) or janessa? :P <3

Vanessa 143 @ 2:17 am on 03/18/2011

@Justine: Ha…ha,me to I love them so cute!!!!!!!

OMG. That’s very sweet Nessa. U r amazing girl. :)
Love u <3 <3

:) @ 2:23 am on 03/18/2011

love them :)

Lee @ 2:28 am on 03/18/2011

yeahh, i like jonessa.

Vanessa 143 @ 2:30 am on 03/18/2011

JONESSA IS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby @ 2:38 am on 03/18/2011

“Long distance relationships are hard” – Vanessa

Yeah because its not going to be a problem with Josh either right Vanessa?

Sorry but if this is the truth I can’t be happy for her. It would pretty much mean she was flirting with Josh when still with Zac. Sorry but IF they are together I REALLY don’t think she/they waited until her & Zac were done.

Abby @ 2:38 am on 03/18/2011

Then again other people are there therefore I will wait until we get more info.

Abby @ 2:42 am on 03/18/2011

Hold on, head to a pub? Josh is only 18 lmfao.

ness @ 2:54 am on 03/18/2011

i doubt she’s dating an 18 year old?

EOw @ 3:10 am on 03/18/2011

NO WAY..!!!
JOSHNESS is so horrable..!!

Notlying @ 3:12 am on 03/18/2011

c´mon guys hes 18 ?? stop the rumors seriously, its making me sick !! i dont know what ur thinking really … grow up alredy ! whats the problem if friends go out, maybe they are really just friends .. let her be herself and i guess she doesnt need ur advice whom shes dating or not … and exactly thats the problem … if rumors are spilt u uys flip out, but making ur own one its okay??? … thats bullshit

ehryle @ 3:18 am on 03/18/2011

Wow she is so pretty gorgeous!! Hey chill out this two are really good friends they are comfortable hanging-out around! and Josh are already close good friend too to her family .. but let just wait and see if Josh really want to court Vanessa…

kristy @ 3:30 am on 03/18/2011

i’m sure they’re not dating hence they’re with other people. i think she’s just hanging out with people in general to show people that she’s strong and wants to be with her friends instead of staying holed up in a house because the tabloids will call her weak if she does. she’s living her life and having fun with friends and doing things. they seem like good friends and brother/sister relationship. i think he is trying to hang with her because she’s a good and fun friend to hang with and he wants to cheer her up because of all the things that have been going on. some of you fans need to calm down and let her live her life. she eventually has to move on and that’s what she’s doing. i respect her no matter what.

emilie @ 3:48 am on 03/18/2011

She is soooo darn pretty
And I’m really liking Josh, he seems like a cool/fun guy:)
So if they are dating or if they become a couple in the future, it would be fiiiine with me!

Emem @ 4:11 am on 03/18/2011

No.. Way. I don’t like Josh for her, period.

mishybc @ 4:12 am on 03/18/2011

Zac has that ‘Wildfox’ shirt in white… she rocks it well here though. Even though a part of her bra keeps showing in a few pics.

Yonz @ 4:17 am on 03/18/2011

I think it’s sad how some of you so called Vanessa fans are so quick to chastise her. It’s pretty obvious where your feelings and allegiance lies and your comments are disgusting and embarrassing. E.G Abby

mishybc @ 4:21 am on 03/18/2011

@mishybc: NEVERMIND Vanessa owns it in both black and white not Zac. pffft.

Shauna @ 4:22 am on 03/18/2011

Is it me, or does he look incredibly short for eighteen?

******* @ 4:24 am on 03/18/2011

josh your so lucky!! ZAC where are you…..

muse @ 4:43 am on 03/18/2011

Truth is…we dont know the actual facts of their private lives. JJjr could be putting false healines up, just like magazines do to gain an audience.
If the fact of the matter is true, and she is dating Josh, be happy for her. If you’re a true fan. We are her fans, coz we love her work, love her style, her passion, her grace and integrity, and we LOVE HER.
If for whatever reason her and Zac broke up, its their business. not ours. Although Im sure we’d all love to know, its non of our concern. They broke up, and could or couldnt have the chance to get back together in the future.
She’s young, she’s single, she can flirt OR hang out with her GUY FRIENDS whenever she damn well pleases.
She’s an adult, she can do whatyever she wants, she can dance on table tops, she can drink and dance with guys…who are we to say she cant or shouldnt. We dont have the right to, and the people who hate on her so visiously, shouldnt concern themselves with her at all.
Fans come here and give positive outlooks and comments coz we love her and ackowledge her potentiol, why come here just to shoot someone down, someone that you dont even know.
Thats my rant, and say what you will, but if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. its unfair and starts unesscessary drama and negativety.
I wish Vanessa the best and I cant wait for Sucker Punch. Im flying to my main city just to see it, seeing as the town I live in, doesnt have a cinema :(

But I can bet it’ll def be worth it :D

Louise @ 4:43 am on 03/18/2011

Get a grips people..they became friends on set of Journey, they hang out, nothing more. They have movies coming out soon so hence thats why they are seen more.They have hung out before this and just have a laugh with each other, example oscar, globes party.

I dont believe that a 22 yr old would date an 18 yr old. He’s mature for his age but I believe they have things in common and just generally like hanging out as friends. Publicity relies on idle gossip so i’m sure they know what people are saying.

sue @ 4:54 am on 03/18/2011

she is dating him and it is awful. it only proves to me that she wanted Josh when she did the movie and that is why she and zac broke up not the long distance because Vanessa and Zac spent alot of time together. He would go and visit her whenever he could when she was at another location. The only time he did not do that was when he was filming in England. There were always rumors about Zac with his costars but they were not true. The first time she does a movie away from him except Bandslam, because Galen is a geek, she calls the relationship off. Everyone wants to call Zac and douchbag but at least he is not seeing any of the women he did a film with and the women he is seen with is of age, but you want to give her praise like she is so wonderful. REALLY!!!!!!

Jess @ 5:10 am on 03/18/2011

i believe that they’re not dating. that’s impossible. he’s only 18. i’d rather they are friend or brother and sister more

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