Nick Jonas Will 'Always Wish' Demi Lovato 'The Best'

Nick Jonas Will 'Always Wish' Demi Lovato 'The Best'

Nick Jonas is the first of the Jonas Brothers to say anything at all about former tour mate and costar Demi Lovato.

EOnline caught up with the 18-year-old musician during the Night At Sardi’s benefit last night to chat about Demi‘s return to Lala land.

“I think that I’ll always wish her the best and hope that she’s had a good recovery and just all of our thoughts and prayers are with her,” he shared.

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  • karin

    I’m sure he does wish her well. Not sure why the media thinks this question is pertinent. Just glad that Nick doesn’t think he has to say more.

  • Dragon

    That’s nice, Nick, but have you missed her? Is she still your best friend? Did you even notice she’s back on Twitter?

  • steve

    good for him. i wish everyone the best.

  • Alison

    You’re asking all those questions like Nick is fake. Nick went to go visit Demi while she was in rehab and Demi didn’t even bother to follow Nick on twitter. Nick is still following Demi on twitter though. And he’s the only Jonas Brother that made an attempt to mend things with Demi and speak out about her.

  • dawn

    nick doesn’t talk to demi anymore. it was nice for him to even say something. he got sick of her aways trashing his brother. i can see why none of them like her anymore.

    anyways i wish demi well, but she has turned into a little brat.

  • Bunyy

    Aww Thts Sooo Sweet.!!! ;)
    I Think tht Nick Is The Only One Who Really cared About Demi Lovato.!
    I Hopee Nick && Demi Are Still Best Friendz.!! :D
    Luv u NEMI.!!!!!

  • none

    He gave a very political answer. Demi has turned into a Fake. I am so sick of Demi. I stopped following her on twitter.

  • doug

    Joe deserves being trashed. He treated her horribly.
    I seem to remember that Kevin said some nice things about Demi not long after she left the tour, so kudos to him.

  • Jocasta

    I am very happy that Nick thinks so

  • Angelina

    very good, I thought worthy of Nick

  • Vanessa

    Good! Love Demi!

  • Emma

    He should have said before

  • Katie

    I do not believe, now is easy to say! because Demi is great

  • Rebeca

    just know that Demi is amazing

  • Brenda

    Love you Demi!

  • Simone

    this is beautiful

  • Ellen

    very good

  • Noah

    Should he is being a good friend
    but since so chose, he is losing Demi is amazing

  • Gabriel

    Demi is amazing

  • Leornado

    it was great

  • Fernanda


  • Yara

    Love Demi!

  • Lara

    Demi is alright without you! thank you

  • Taylor

    I love you DEMI!

  • Paris

    he should have said when she most needed

  • Vivienne

    Love Demi!!

  • Nien

    The stupid siding comments need to GTFO because one Demi’s changing and how is she a brat? its probably better for her to distance herself from them because thats were her problem were around. She’s fucking 18 you think she’s suppose to be perfect or something. She had problems and she had balls to go out in public with it. Besides Nicks not gonna say stupid shyt, the interviewer asked him so he was obligated to say something since theirs still some respect their. I LOve Both JB and Demi i think its just stupid how people are siding when their shouldn’t be.

  • naomi

    @Noah: That made no sense :S

  • Eliane

    I’m happy

  • Robert

    very cute

  • Ashely

    Love you Demi!!!

  • Ashely


  • Georgia

    Demi is my DIVA!

  • Angelina

    Love you Demi!!!’

  • Helena

    Love Lovato!!

  • ______

    Good thing one Jonas is cool and well respected. Demi deserves all the happiness in the world and a better man.

  • Jmp3000

    I feel he was the one really pulling for her to be strong, during the tour, but then she went and lost it. I’m glad she is okay and I think it was very nice of Nick to stop the interview from going to another direction and just let her know his well wishes and that she has been in their prayers. Althought recently I don’t know about her, she seems different. I just hope she doesn’t throw away the wonderful friendship she had with Nick, because of what Joe did.

  • Alan

    I love you Demi!

  • Penélope

    no use now, you have to talk to Demi and when she needed more

  • Jocasta

    Demi is the best!

  • Gisele

    Love you Demi!!

  • Samanta

    Demi is amazing

  • Richard

    Demi is amazing!

  • Yara

    Demi is very diva

  • Louise

    Nick Good, we need to Demi

  • Emma

    this is wonderful

  • Talula

    should have said before

  • Kelma

    Demi, Demi, Demi!

  • Samuel

    Demi, Demi, Demi, Demi is just incredible

  • Katie

    Demi love you!