Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Lakers Ladies

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: Lakers Ladies

Vanessa Hudgens wraps her arms around little sister Stella as they arrive at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (March 22).

The sisters sat courtside at the game, watching the Lakers play against the Phoenix Suns. Their courtside neighbor: Zachary Levi!

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15+ pics inside…

Vanessa Hudgens – Sucker Punch Interview

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  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Aw, sisterly bonding ! How adorable ! I love how Vanessa’s like protecting Stella, Stella’s gotten really pretty by the way. Their sense in fashion is amazing ! SUCKER PUNCH IS JUST 3 DAYS AWAY !!

  • suzy

    cute girls.

  • geee

    1st! they are so cute!

  • fanpopgirl


  • BabyBooZanessa

    Best sisters ever ! I love the way they hug each other <3

  • Ella

    sweet sisters! :)

  • emilie

    Wish I was this close with my sister!

    can’t wait for sucker punch btw!
    looks awesome:)

  • yets

    i love the sister bonding ha!!!

  • kerri

    the hudgens sisters are so pretty. It is so nice to see them together they are so sweet.

  • kerri

    I also find it funny that she is sitting next to a guy named zachary. I know that he isn’t zac efron but it is like a sign or something. Get back with zac! i could just be thinking too much.

  • Tata

    Love, love, love VANESSA!!!!!!!!

  • Fauve c

    Aww the Hudgens sisters are so adorable :) it’s good to have your family around you in good times and bad far as the Zachary thing goes the seats could have been purely coincidence as she stated in the Ellen Show she is single and still friends with Zac Efron. Right now I think her mind is centered around her career and dealing with that nasty problem not anything else.

  • sweet

    vanessa and zac are not friends , she cant stand him

  • kimann

    they really look alike.

  • lauren

    dont start crap on here.

  • justine

    stella is gorgeous <3 both the hudgens girls are beautiful!

  • kerri

    @lauren: People like to make up such nonsense. They are friends and maybe give it a couple months or a year but zanessa will rise again. Maybe in the future who knows?

  • maria

    They are SO cute together! I love how protective Vanessa is of Stella. She’s always been a wonderful big sister to her, and you can see the bond. Vanessa is looking GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous.

  • fiona

    omg so cute

  • sweet

    lauren, deal with it – its the truth, Nessa is just to nice to want to tell all the zactards what a pig he was in the end

  • LEI


  • lauren

    why are you so bitter?
    do you know her or zac personally?
    if you have nothing nice to say then dont say it.

  • fiona

    i hope hahaha

  • fiona


  • lauren

    omg you?
    dont even start,

  • lauren

    why are you so bitter?

  • Miranda

    Vanessa is protecting Stella like how Zac protected Vanessa
    Awwww :)

  • Miranda

    And I’d like to point out, Zac and Vanessa are still friends, Vanessa said so herself. So since they are really good friends like Vanessa said, there is hope of them getting back together.


  • lauren

    have you finally accepted that their finally over?

  • sweet

    no not bitter, to tell you the truth i was heartbroken for her because she did love him and to have him betray her like he did, i wish that on no one.
    BUT to say that i was also HAPPY to see him gone would also be the truth, he was changing and not for the better. Better Van be sad now because i know she will only grow better in time and have a more happier future and she is a lady that will always see the light

  • laurie

    vaness takles about zac !!!!!!
    Tonight “Sucker Punch” premiere !!! OMG

  • lauren lipkin

    idk just the way your comment was it sounded like im bitter or whatever.

    again i think there is more to this whole break up that no one is going to know or will know.

  • kerri

    I saw pics of vanessa at the game and she looks like she has a tongue ring. Maybe it was food but her mouth was open [she was probably shouting for the lakers] and i could see something that appears like a tongue ring. Am i right or way off?

  • sweet

    lauren lipkin i dont know where you got that idea from when i clearly stated that i was more then happy that thier relationship ended Nessa neede someone who will grow with her not hold her back. Zac is just a pretty face i dont think he has anything going for him otherwise.
    by the way i find your constant stalking on twitter and forums mentioning van or her ex annoying and i dont think im the only one

  • Daniela

    Beautiful girls

  • lauren lipkin

    i dont even go on fourms because i’m not even a member on it,,
    uh i delete my tweets after 20 minutes because i know ppl read my shit, again why i’m i getting hate for my comments? isnt the point of comments giving your opinion? how i’m i a ”hater” because im not a fan of vanessa?

  • lauren lipkin

    uh,,, i delete my tweets after 10 minutes, again its my twitter and not your’s . also i like to know how i’m a ”hater” on here? because im not a fan/

  • lauren lipkin

    where did my comment go/

  • ma

    I do believe that Zanessa can happen again… I mean, less than a month before the break uo news, they were seen kissing in public (something that they don’t usually do). And then they said they were over but were seen in a nicht club kissing and being affectives and stuff, and then Zac went to North Caroline I don’t believe it was a friendly visit…
    After 5 years of so much love, I don’t believe they are completely over each other and I’m sure sooner or later love will find its way back :)

    V and Stella loog very cute, btw. Vanessa is gorgeous like always

  • Haters Suck!

    Girls got a real treat as it was one heck of a game last night.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Aw, sisterly bonding how adorable and sweet

  • Paol

    Aww. cute girls. . <3

  • laquida

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww the hudgens sisters are soooo beautiful and cute!!! vanessa and stella are so protective of each other and lovvve how affectionate they are!! They are holding on to each other for life!! i’m glad they had fun at the b-ball game! btw, they look cute and i like stella’s boots!! they are soooo close!! finally,me and my younger sis are close like them!! I love the hudgens family!:):):)

  • laquida

    love the sucker punch interview!


    sister bond I love it. Stella is looking really pretty no wonder Vanessa is worried and protective I would to I’m like that with my cousins they’re very attractive But I check out their boyfriends like fatherfigure. Vanessa and Stella are so gorgeous.

  • Matthew thompson

    I like Stella’s jacket! What fabric is it made of? I am curious. Please respond soon. Again, I like Stella’s jacket! :-)

  • 333


  • 333

    love the sister

  • 333


  • hetevbh