Joe Jonas: Cruisin' in the G-Wagen

Joe Jonas: Cruisin' in the G-Wagen

Joe Jonas goes for a drive with a pal in his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen on Friday (March 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Is that sun I see in LA?,” the 21-year-old singer tweeted.

Earlier this week, Joe took his bulldog Winston for a walk around the neighborhood before heading to the Sucker Punch premiere.

In case you missed it, check out Joe performing at the Concert for Hope with his brothers Nick and Kevin!

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  • karin

    Wow! Joe drives?! We haven’t seen Joe in what…a day?! Find pictures of Kevin in NJ or Nick and John Taylor golfing. That would be more newsworthy.

  • katta

    karin @

    I like Jonas B….but Joe Jonas is special for me…he is carismatic and a wonderful artist

  • Ann

    even though i haven’t heard their music in forever… i’m still a fan… especially Joe.. he was always my favorite…

  • carly

    HANDSOME is a cute person i adore joe

  • Ella

    my handsome baby. ♥

  • ebbie

    Sorry, Karin…some ppl are just boring.

  • tastelikecandy

    @karin: they can find pictures of them all around but main stream media doesn’t not care about any Jonas other than Joe..sorry they don’t

  • http://justjaredjr Shamilah

    JOE! whenever he wears black he looks super hot!

  • carlytrash

    JOE! whenever he wears black he looks super hot!


    fuckyeah!!! he looks too hot for us!!!!!

  • carlytrash

    I really want that Joe shave his beard…..
    I like his beard but he looks more beautiful without it


  • a

    Joe goes to more popular spots. Can’t wait for his album!

  • rebecca

    @carlytrash: I agree Joe looks hot without the beard he should shave it off ASAP. It’s ruining his beautiful face.

  • me

    I would climb him like a tree.

  • gaby

    God he’s beautiful.

  • gaby

    @rebecca: HELL NO! His scruffy beard is crazy sexy. So rugged…

  • hello

    his new boyfriend is cute. i wonder were he met him? they make a nice couple. they looked good together at shopping the other day, at frankie’s game, and now here. i hope they have more staying power than him and ashley.

  • Georgia

    I love the Jonas Brothers but i dont like joe…infact the only JoBro i like is nick cause’ hes awesome. BTW why does Joe never wear his purity ring anymore mmmmmm, hes like the bad boy of the jonas brothers :P

  • rebecca

    @gaby: Look, I don’t mean to be rude ok, but you like his beard and I don’t , OK? It’s ruining his perfectly beautiful face and he looks better without it. So I’m sorry, gotta agree with @carlytrash on that one. And don’t you dare come back and say nasty things about me or you will face the consequences.