Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: Lakers Are For Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: Lakers Are For Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens throws up her arms in cheer as she sits behind a booth with Josh Hutcherson at the Staples Center on Sunday night (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-stars were seen cheering on their home team against the New Orleans Hornets. The Lakers won, 102 to 84.

Vanessa‘s younger sister Stella tweeted about her lucky shirt: “sissy wore my goodluck lakers shirt. i’m telling you it works everytime brah! (:”

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Josh

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Credit: Noel Vasquez, Fern; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • Rita

    Wow! New couple?

  • Ella

    are they officially dating?!

  • Steph

    Ahh they’re so adorable :) <3

  • Zanessaforeverx3


  • http://peggy sue

    i hope not. that would be very disappointing

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Just because they’re seen together everywhere, people automatically come to the conclusion that they’re dating… No, we don’t know the truth !! Unless one of them admits it, for now, they are just two very close friends who are having a great time just hanging out with each other. Aw, looky, Vanessa’s wearing Stella’s shirt.. :D I hope Lakers win the championship again !! Then it’d be back to back to back championships.. :))

  • tara

    ^ Oh please they r dating. Did Vanessa ever admit to dating Zac? NO! It took them being caught in hawaii to finally admit it.

  • Boji

    If they are, it is her choice and I stand by her. I can see that Vanessa is a girl who is very much out there, fun to be with. Josh makes a good companion. They’re both young, and even a single girl like her needs companionship of the male kind every now and then. Josh does not have a hoard of girls hounding him and that makes alot of difference. Frankly, I think Vanessa is having the time of her life and if she needs someone to lean on, why the hell not Josh, friend or otherwise?

  • mooon

    A grown 22 year old woman, dating a 18 year old kid.Please find a MAN… whats wrong with these girls. lol.

  • aimee

    I’m so over these too. This is like the millionth set of pictures.
    If you’re going to publicly hang out together nearly every day, don’t go around claiming that there’s nothing going on.

  • ehryle

    JOsh And Vanessa is TOTALLY FRIENDS they are comfortable hanging around!! there are more a lot of sighthing together ahead of the day so overcome with it they are only really good friend!!

    If there is something between them let just wait and see but for sure now a days Vanessa is so HAPPY and Im so glad to see her like that she is enjoying a lot!!

    FYI: LAKERS IS FOR LOVER is the LUCKY SHIRT of her sister STELLA!!!

    XOXO V! V Rules forever…..

  • Rose

    I love them ,he is good to her they are so cute,go nessa..

  • Celestine

    If they are really dating! I do hope they stop lying and just come out as a couple already! But I really hope they are not dating!

  • emilie

    I love seeing these two hang out
    They always seem like they’re having the best time!

  • Karen

    Lower your guns and take aim at me but I find it odd that she needs this teenage boy who is barely 18 to be her CONSTANT companion and friend. She has the right to see who she wants, don’t get me wrong, BUT EVERYDAY, EVERY hour of the MORNING and NIGHT, and EVERYWHERE she goes with WHOMEVER she is with this boy is there. AND furthermore there are paps there to get pictures. I mean she was leaving her house and there is someone there taking pictures and they KNOW they are going to the game. Were they asked and they told them? Then there are pics once they get to the game…

    Hasn’t Vanessa and Josh been just a bit of OVERKILL lately? If she is in need of friends what about her girlfriends who would know her so much better? This boy has been with her family and shopping and eating and Vegas and… what, has someone given these two’s itinerary out to the paps?

    The wost of this is how we have heard from Vanessa for years how PRIVATE she is… And then we have heard how she is not much of a partier… and yet she has been out every night clubbing which someone else has gotten blasted for. Her face has been so broken out, she needs some rest.

    V can do what she wants with whoever she wants, where she wants, and and as much as she wants. BUT let’s be fair in return. She seems a little overboard or overkill, that’s all.

  • kate

    i think they are dating no more comfortable seeing nessa with josh maybe becuase josh is more carefree than zac though i still love zac efron…the last time i heard josh saying in his interview that he is doesnt care about being famous he just enjoy having a job and loves acting…

  • M

    I am actually just tired of seeing her. No offense and all, but it’s overkill seeing pics of her everyday. It use to be only a few days but now it is every single day. Either the paps need to find someone else, or she needs to go find a movie to do.

  • mishybc

    @Karen: I think she is chilling with Josh because they probably ARE dating FACE IT, and I agree there would be no reason for her to be hanging out with him so often that it’s more than with just the ladies IF they weren’t dating.
    I also believe that this girl needs to stay in her damn house for some rest that’s the truth. SHE IS BREAKING OUT I see all the Pimples on her face in previous posts. She needs to RELAX I am a fan and all… but it’s overkill in photos of her out every bloody night like she is trying to keep occupied or keep herself busy/DISTRACTED.

    Ultimately it’s her life I’m just a concerned fan.
    I LOVE/LOVED Zanessa but she is trying to move on we should let her, And I honestly don’t mind Josh he’s young and might just be able to keep up with her BUBBLY personality. Zac is a little too serious at times although i do appreciate his sense of humour. Anyways, She can go out every day and eventually burn herself out that’s on her. I just hope she doesn’t crash and burn. Where are the Zac Efron updates just curious… did ‘he fall off the earth’ or something?

  • mishybc

    OH yeah the 4th picture is completely ANGLED to make them look like a couple… which they very well could be… same things she did with Zac before they confirmed they were dating 5 freakin’ years ago!@mishybc:

  • Noele

    M – no offence and i dont intend to start a war or anything, but it seems like your blaming vanessa for being ‘exposed’ out there ? when really its not her ? its the paparazzi ? i dont think she- or most likely any celeb- like being stalked by paparazzi everywhere they go ? it comes with the package of what they do . and as for you seeing her pictures everyday , well its jared who choose to post these pictures really . “she needs to go find a movie to do” – she still hasnt even finished promoting sucker punch yet ? and i hear she has another movie coming out. chill . no need to blame an artist for minor things such as ‘over exposed’ that is not even her fault . x

  • http://lala aiwen

    look a little bit couple….i don’t know,maybe just very good friends
    whatever!!!love u vanessa!!!!!!

  • Carla

    Aw I think they’re cute. I still love Zac and Vanessa but these two are adorable <3

  • wrestler

    @karen, i get what you are saying but maybe, just maybe this is her way of moving on, just like what mishybc is saying, keeping herself distracted….maybe this is what she needs to keep herself away from depression. moving on from you ex of 5years is not an easy job so she takes all the help she can get.

  • http://peggy sue

    @Karen: I agree this is just overkill. i don’t know whether this is for publicity or what but this is everyday. Is he going to Europe with her also? I guess she do not care about being private anymore. He is like a tag along. How could she not find him annoying. Does he not have any friends to hang out with? I guess we know who really care about their privacy in her last relationship she is eating this up. He is beginning to look really stupid like a little puppy dog following her.

  • Boji

    It is not her fault if the papz are hounding her, Karen. In this respect I disagree with you. Besides, what is so wrong if she enjoys Josh’s company and he hers? Okay, he may be 4 years younger than her. To some 22 and 18 is a big age gap esp. if the guy is the younger. I have no say in the matter as so far I have not seen any intimacy between the 2 of them. She has been seen out frequently enough with Laura. I don’t see why it is such a big deal that Vanessa hangs with Josh who happens to be a male if they both enjoy the same things. I really think we are going overboard here with the critique.
    And if you’re thinking her threads are an overkill, then tell JJ/JJjr to stop posting them. Zac himself has been known to have an overkill of threads, I have not complained about them. He is MIA and on a vacation I gather. Vanessa is leading a separate life and so is Zac. Neither of them are perfect specimens but Vanessa has a movie to promote and if you think her over-exposed then, blame it on Zach Snyder, her publicist, Just Jared, the paparazzi but least of all blame Vanessa who is just going on about minding her own business, enjoying the single life the same as Zac. Enough of the unfair critique.

  • Sizuka

    I guess now I know, for whom you stand for…..

  • Fauve c

    @Karen: Karen, aren’t you the delegated older, wiser, voice of reason for this bunch? Then why so condescending? His age does not reflect his maturity level. I’ve met him numerous times since Bridge of Tarabithea came out, and he was very respectful, kind, and gentlemanly it comes naturally to him. After all that Vanessa has been put through with the ‘leaks’ at least he has been there for her, and deflects some of the negatory comments that have come her way. I am sure it also makes her whole family feel good to know he is one of the rare few who publicly support, and stand by her while she goes through this.

    She has to go out and about for promos. Even in my contract I will have to do promos whether i am tired or not, going through legal issues, or heart broken. That is how the industry works. You have to keep it moving along.

    Far as the people hating on Josh, being unkind, and calling it over kill. At least he is there, and at least he does not hide that he cares, and cares for her family. People only dislike him because it kills their unrealistic fantasies of “Zanessa” who people thought of as ONE person and not two. A few months ago many of you were bashing Zac for being seen with Teresa, Victoria, Rumer (who he hung around with in the Turks and Caicos with Bruce Willis that was confirmed maybe they dated who knows), Taylor, Brittany, and so on. The only one who we saw him have pictures with in a private setting was Victoria thanks to Perez Hilton. You all were all over him like a cheap suit, and also dogged him for all the every night partying and beer ponging.

    Hypocrites much???

    So now Vanessa can’t hang with Josh who has been loyal, who has been a real friend, who treats her family like gold, who many people in the industry respect, and who like Zac has a long list of credits on his IMDB? Because he is 18? He does not act 18. He does not mistreat any person, or hide what he thinks of Vanessa.

    Let her have fun! It is her life, and she is an adult like he is. I was taken aback a little to by the age, but in the end it is her life, and he is more mature then most in his age and predicament. This may be a rebound thing, or a ego fluffer, but I feel he is a genuinely good person.

    Vanessa can handle bad press her whole career has been bad press thanks to the hateful media, hateful fans, and the picture leaks. She has been a target for people due to jealousy for dating Zac Efron, and because those pics she sent were for him, and someone tried to use them to destroy her.

    I admire her strength and doing what she wants, because she knows no matter what she does a bunch of hating, jealous, busy bodies are going to hate her. She still rises from that and is herself.

    I admire her work, her strength, and her ability to let all this crap roll down her back. Far as the paparazzi they are getting to dangerous with her chasing her down with their cars thank God Josh is there to check up on her. I am sure it makes her feel good that Josh does care to go to her premieres, and I was there he spent the whole time Stella and Laura he never kissed her he let her have her press and people time. At least he showed up when a few others did not, and were in town.

    I like Josh. I am happy for Vanessa. I have nothing bad to say about Zac he is his own man, and he is having fun just like Vanessa does with his friends. You don’t know who dumped who but I remember how depressed she looked in December and how happy she was when Zac came to he something happened from NC on, and it’s a mystery that will remain as such.



  • Boji

    # 20 Fauve C, Amen to that. Loved your post and Right On, mate!

  • laurie


  • kerri

    Ok they are dating damn it. I guess it is out of my hands and there is nothing more i can do about it. I can’t exactly force vanessa to be with zac. It is sad zanessa are no more. I will continue to support them both individually. It doesn’t mean that i am ok with her dating someone only 18! I mean maybe they are just friends [i know i still am hoping for that] anyway i really miss zac has anybody seen any new pics of him lately?

  • tina

    I personally had her pegged a long time ago. Quiet and shy with Zac who stood by her and taught her the ropes but really a wild woman pent up inside that sexy body. So, she finds another guy, dumps Efron and moves on, rather easily, and no longer cares about privacy and has become a great party girl. Poor Zanessa fans just can’t deal with it!

    This gang is your sweet Vanessa Hudgens.

  • sjk

    Poor Vanessa. Hope she works hard on her career and takes a breather from “celebrity” status. Don’t want people to see her as a Paris or a Kim K. I’d rather her be seen as an actor. (And according to her own words in interviews, so does she.)

  • Boji

    Tina, not at all and Vanessa is still sweet by the way. She ain’t quiet and shy. Seems like you have not followed her career and appearances. I have nothing against Zac and am not accusing him of anything. If you have outgrown a relationship which I believe is the case for both of them, then so be it. I respect both of them. I see nothing wrong with either Zac or Vanessa enjoying themselves as only Single people do. They have been living in each others pockets for long enough anyway, and am now experiencing the Single life. Leave her alone and Let her be. I’m still her fan no matter, Zac or not. And if God willing that they do eventually rekindle that relationship so be it. I’m not one to go overboard.

  • Glassofwine

    LOL I really don’t get all the hate.
    So, she’s supposed to lock herself in her house because a few people on just jared are tired of seeing her? Or because she has a few SPOTS? God, people here are so petty. She’s gone to a basketball game – such a crime. and so what if she is going out with Josh? I’ve seen bigger age gaps in my life, believe me. It’s NOT A BIG DEAL. She’s not stumbling out of clubs, making out with random guys…. so I’m good. If your so tired of seeing her, just scroll over the article – it’s not rocket science.

  • mykmicks

    There’s nothing permanent in this world except Change.

    Maybe its Vanessa’s way to make herself loose over the Sucess she had for the two movies done and her way of out of depression after the break up.( whatever)

    Its the media/paps that makes her trivial & argumentative on this board as well as the over obsess immature fans & haters who does it to her. Im saying that Vanessa is a hot item celebrity at the time being because of her relationship with Zac (ex) whatever!

    But for me, there’s nothing actually new as to what she is doing now & as to her preious routine except new friends / people around her (with out Zac) That is why whoever, whatever, whomever she is with right now , everything is magnified. Because a lot of Vanessa fans are still expecting that one day they could still see both of them together.

  • sophie

    they don’t seem very coupley to me, they just look like friends
    having a good time, i feel bad that everyone assumes they have to have that type of relationship

  • Sizuka

    thanks for being so wise…
    love you too…..

  • http://mikehla mike

    like the shirt

  • Karen


    You really don’t know anything at all. I have stood by her in all her problems and defended her when it came to her pictures even when her fans didn’t feel as I did. I want her to have a successful career and be happy. As I said she can see whoever she wants whenever and wherever.

    I just think it is strange that she has now been so much “different” than she had been and said she was for the past 5 years. And I don’t like how some of you have blasted Zac as such a horrible person but what she is doing is just fine and dandy. I’m just saying turn around is fair play and she is doing things that simply can make people wonder where she is coming from.

    Because I said this then there are those who like you automatically will say I am for “the other side”. Well, that’s wrong. I do think she is having an “in your face” type attitude right now and if it was the other way around I would be taking issue with Zac too. As someone said, we have NO idea what went down but you can bet IF the situation were turned around and we saw Zac hanging day and night everyday and everywhere with some female we would be hearing how he was being DISRESPECTFUL to Vanessa or numerous other things. So think what you want.

  • kerri

    Whatever if vanessa wants to be with josh then ok. I shouldn’t stress myself out about it. I watched zac and vanessa together and i feel in love with them. They spent 5 years together something that noone can take away from them. I should see the bigger picture that vanessa is happy and that is all that matters even if it is with [gulp] josh.

  • Miriam

    @Rose: i agree.e

  • Miriam

    Vanessa and Josh are adorable. I love them together. I am so happy for Vanessa. I think that this is Vanessa’s life and if she is happy with Josh then so be it. I am so happy that she is out living herl ife and enjoying herself. She was so upset back in December and now she is happy. Let her be happy.

  • http://peggy sue

    I am kind of sick of hearing people say that Josh is standing by her in her time of need like Zac never did. When the first pictures came out everyone was saying he should leave her she will hurt his career. Zac stood by her and was there for her even when the second set of pictures came out and stayed with her for 5 years. He supported her when she had her concert tour he was there ,when she did rent he was at her rehersals (Neil Patrick Harris said how much he supported her) and went to evrey performance and when they left the afterparty for Rent there was a video where he kissed her in the car when he did not think anyone was watching. When he did his promo for csc he talked about her all the time and said how wonderful she was and that his relationship was the best it had ever been. So please Josh is not doing anything but trying to move in on Vanessa. He is like any other guy taking the fact that she is vulnerable because of the breakup and taking advantage. I do not like them together I wished it was someone else instead of Josh (because of alot of reasons that does not look good for her) and waited a little while before she jumped into a relationship. That thing with Zac and tp was unfortunate but I think he was drunk and hurt and it was a one time thing if is actually happened (we don’t know). I do not blame him for not going to the premiers Josh was there why would he want that slapped in his face no one would.

  • lauren

    im sorry but how much longer are they going to pull ”were just friends” crap?
    also does anyone else feel like this is for PR? who the spends all this time with a friend and says were not dating.

    vanessa, do us all a favor and get with zac,

  • kerri

    The reason i think it is hard for me to except that vanessa and josh are together is that vanessa and zac were together so long.Not because they are cute together obviously they are good looking people but i feel in love with them because they stayed together through everything even when people said they should break up. You could see the sparkle in their eyes when they looked at each other. It is going to take me a long time to get over them. It feels like when your parents break up. That hasn’t happened to me they have been together for like 25 years but even imagining it is sad.

  • kerri

    @Sue: You are right. I can’t force zanessa to get back together that is their choice and god’s choice only. People should stop the hate with zac now because they are both moving on.

  • http://peggy sue

    @kerri: I agree the Zac and Vanessa looked at each other and the way they touched each other you just saw the love in their eyes and I just knew it was special and different than any other and the fact that he liked her even before hsm when she was in Thunderbirds and they got together for hsm just made it seem like fate. She in on way looks at Josh the way she looks at Zac and never will.

  • Lari

    que noojo. Ele tem 18 anos, como pode a vanessa querere ficar com ele? quero o zac de volta. que decepção ver isso, totalmente puta com essas fotos no lakers.

  • JN

    I admire her strength..People tries to bring her down..But she’s a strong person.She can party and have fun the way she wants. It doesn’t matter, she’s a good person living her life. And people are so judgmental like they’re so perfect. Grow up people. She’s perfect with her imperfections. Learn to prioritize what’s important and see beyond those flaws. Would you rather talk about somebody doing drugs and drunk driving?

    Vanessa supports organizations and do good to people. She’s a strong independent woman who make mistakes. And of course this is Hollywood. Need i say more?

  • tsquared

    uh…can you say “REBOUND”….I don’t see this ending well at all!