Vanessa Hudgens: BBC Beauty

Vanessa Hudgens: BBC Beauty

Vanessa Hudgens stops to say hi to some fans as she arrives at BBC Radio 1 studios in London on Thursday afternoon (March 31).

The 22-year-old actress drew a large crowd as she headed into the studios for an interview with the Scott Mills Show.

After the London premiere, Vanessa and her Sucker Punch castmates headed out to the after party at Cafe de Paris.

FYI: Vanessa was wearing the AllSaints “Zoraida” Trouser and carrying the Jimmy Choo “Roxana” bag.

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Credit: Simon Earl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://@mayzvd4ever mayra


  • tere995

    She looks happy.

  • Carla marie
  • Aly

    What`s with the pants Vanessa? They look so ugly. Yuck! The top and shoes are ok, i guess.

  • maria

    Why does she keep weraing baggy clothes?

  • lauren

    how long is she in the uk for?

  • Diamond

    I never get tired of her smile , she is soo pretty and I love how she is connecting with her fans her personality just shines through <3

  • aly

    @Carla marie:
    I hoped the part with “stupid celebrities” would have make you see the truth, but lol, she isn`t pregnant… That story came from a page I suggest you visit it, it gets you to a page where you can create FALSE web pages…

  • aly

    So you are Aly and the old old old real Aly is aly now… O.o
    And girl, if you continue to post stupid rumors, i`m seriously going to find out who you are… and i`m going to say in every comment that i`m the old old one… Ugh, so annoying -.-

  • Carla


    then why does she have a bump?

  • Chanon

    She’s makes the ugliest shit look so pretty. <3

  • jody

    I usually like her style but this is the worse she has ever looked.

  • karen

    love her hair.. shes so cute but why are u guys so upsses with her looks… on a website were they had a Beastly review.. i think it was la times they said that vANESSA FIT THE ROLE OF LINDY PERFECTLY CUZ SHE IS A TYPE OF GIRL THAT CAN GO THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL NOT STANDING OUT…SHES NORMAL

  • kerri

    I love her not feeling the pants though but pretty smile. When someone asked her about zac and his body she was Oh god and walked away. She obviously wants nothing to do with him or she is mad at him.

  • sophie

    where is that video?

  • sophie

    ps, it could also just mean she doesnt want to talk about him, since its supposed to be about herself and her movie. dont assume so many things.

  • faty
  • sheila

    @kerri: she is there to promote her movie. if she and zac were still a couple, she probably would have responded with something like “zac looks great” but ultimately, i think she and her manager could see that the reporter’s agenda was to put her on the spot and create drama. she does not need to give zac lip service at an event that has nothing to do with him, particularly when they are no longer a couple. it doesn’t mean she is mad at him.

  • Haters Suck!

    one of my new favorite videos. Good for her.

  • e

    Doea anyone have a link to that video, or at least can tell me when and where it was taken, and maybe who took it (the site/company etc.) I really want to see it. Thanks.

  • meryam

    i really loved her reaction in this interview this her night not zac’s

  • aly

    You would have really answered about how hot his new body looks like? Hmm, i don`t think anyone would have answered that…

    Seriously, why everyone that is happy she walked away when asked about zac keeps forgetting why she left and don`t remember the question? Really? You listen to the interview and don`t hear the “What do you think about Zac Efron`s not new body? Hmm… sometimes i`m wondering why i still try to reason with you -.-

  • Allison

    She looks beautiful, and her pants fit her style perfect. She has a bohemian chic style, and she loves clothes from the 60s. That’s exactly what she’s wearing here.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Yep, I’m loving her hair more and more ! The highlights are cool. Her pants are craaazy !! But they look awesome on her. Gorgeous ! ♥

  • Boji

    Ooooh, I like what she’s wearing. Those pants are art itself, interesting, the white top and her long gold chain and those black peep shoe pumps add a nice touch. In fact I love the whole ensemble, stylish in my opinion. Doesn’t need a stylist.

  • laquida

    i just love vanessa’s smile! always looks pretty! i know she is having a great time there in london and i’m glad she is so in touch with the fans!:):)

  • laquida

    i loved the interview vanessa had with scott mills on was funny when she was talkin about kanye’ just loveee that laugh she’s got! she makes me laugh! oh and mama hudgens standing in the background all smiles during her her and the family!!!:)

  • http://google BARBARA

    I love her smile , she has a beautiful smile, she really looked beautiful, i saw her and Zack Syder,on the morning show , she is so beautiful, she has a sheer, yellow dress on, she did great with the interview,it was just her and Zach, and i heard her on the radio, she was so adorable,to hear, she had a good time, i love she is always up.

  • camie

    okay am i the only one who thinks her fashion changed and it changed for the worst. I used to admire her fashion sense, they were so well put, but recently all of her outifts are kinda ugly.

  • gracemarie


    You are too silly – check Lopez filmed the night before she left and the silk dress and the silk dress last night falls and shows everything even the slightest imperfection.

    Look at these pics- in short -USE YOUR HEAD.

  • wrestler

    I dont like what she is wearing also but its ok, i still like her :-)

  • jonathon

    Why does Vanessa Hudgens look like an orange Oompa Loompa?

  • gracemarie


    I liked what she wore on Ellen, Conan, Lopez, Beastly premiere and Oscar after party

    Everyone has a bad one here and there

  • mils

    so cute <3

  • mils

    @Carla marie:
    are you serious?

  • mils

    she is <3

  • mils

    hahahah it was awesome

  • mils

    best video ever!!!

  • mils
  • mils

    IKR?? hahaha gorgeous!

  • Soni

    What is this about Vanessa buying a pregnancy test?
    Well if by chance she is pregnant, which I do not think she is, it is for certain Zac’s. The reason is because of the times they have been together earlier this year. And, there is nothing between her and Josh, not matter how much people might think there is.

  • http://yahoo anonymous

    she aint pregnant, and that wasnt a bump, her figure was in a slant thus giving a shape of a bump but if u saw her sides her back slants forward giving a false vision of a bump which is not!!!!!!!! use ure eyes and ure mind.

  • athenais

    Her trouser is ugly ! but she’s smiling

  • peyton

    does anybody know if she’ll still be in the UK this weekend??

  • Boji

    Each to their own, actually I thought her pants were kinda artsy. With pants like that, you do not need a fussy top or fancy accessories. Loved how she put it all together. Would have preferred her with a plain black cardi but I guess that was all she had at the moment.

  • kerri

    @Aly: You are right. I didn’t say that vanessa had to respond to the question i just wanted to tell everyone what happened. It was her night so she didn’t have to answer. I am sure that the person who asked her that question wanted to stir up trouble. Vanessa handled the situation well she walked away. She wasn’t nasty or anything i respect that.

  • ehryle

    Vanessa’s doing great she is in the right track her management are very good hadling her career..keep it up!! kudos V!! you are pretty awesome!! xoxo :)

  • yets

    Looking Good V.

  • http://jjj marcy

    loove herr but the outfit not really

  • Nicky

    @Soni: Are you sure?
    From a magazine from today:
    As for Efron, she hasn’t spoken to him since the break-up and doesn’t know whether he’ll be going to see her in her new role as a kick-ass fighting machine in Sucker Punch.

    “I know all his friends are going to want to see the movie,” Vanessa smiles, “so hopefully he’ll get to see it with them.”
    That sounds really as if they have seen each other very often the last time. Exactly for this reason Zac doesn’t go to Lakers games even though it is his favorite basketball team. He has seen the last game because Vanessa was not there. He keeps out of her way and she does the same.