Logan Lerman Took 'Three Musketeers' Role for Grandfather

Logan Lerman Took 'Three Musketeers' Role for Grandfather

Logan Lerman steps out at the 2011 Wondercon held at Moscone Center South over the weekend in San Francisco.

The 19-year-old actor sat down during the convention with a bunch of press and revealed why he first took the role of D’Artagnan in the upcoming The Three Musketeers.

“This is such an amazing role and I’m so honored,” Logan shared, “The reason why I really took it though was because…let’s jump back. My grandfather, as a child, had to leave his home and he actually grew up in China. He didn’t have much to take with him but one of the things he took with him was his favorite book, which was ‘The Three Musketeers’ [by Alexander Dumas]. And now to portray one of his favorite characters and for what this means for my family, it’s an honor.”

FYI: Logan is wearing head-to-toe Prada.

Logan Lerman – 2011 WonderCon Interview
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Credit: Araya Diaz; Photos: WireImage
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  • nicky

    Sweet, talented, and good-looking guy :)

  • lol


  • Adriana

    Love him.

  • Lmao


    Yeah, jealousy is ugly.

  • Majo Rueda

    @lol: why should I think that you are the ugly one?
    He is an amaizing actor, he is gona be huge in Hollywood without gossip and scandals!
    I’m his fan since Jack & Bobby and I believe that 2011 is his year!
    Love you Logan (:

  • lala

    i heart him!

  • http://hotmail maeghan scott

    i think logan and carlos and kendall and james are hot

  • dee

    probably should have explained why he had to leave his home. His grandfather had to leave because it was Berlin in 1938 or 1939. And he and his family spent the 1940s in the Shanghai Ghetto in China. The story kind of loses meaning without giving that context.

  • http://dnck_hoon Ray

    @lol: you mean lovely? thankyou!

  • Scarlett

    lol should get his/her eyes checked out.
    Logan is freaking hot..

  • Andy

    @dee: How do you know this? It makes sense but just wanted to know :)

  • jane

    logan is so cute and articulate – lol was probably looking at another post lol

  • alice

    @dee – agree i also wish he’d talk about what it was like to film in Germany when his family used to live in that country and had to leave because of nazi rule. maybe when 3M promo is in full swing later in the year. but logan is always so well-spoken

  • howie

    What an adorable and smart guy – so down-to-earth,. Logan Lerman wears plaid and a cardigan

  • zzzzz

    I agree. He’s very well-spoken and knows what to say.
    Hopefully PJO2 will be in production soon. :)
    Can’t wait for the 3M movie! XD October 14!

  • aly91


    because it’s none of their business, I mean a great story, but it’s his story to tell. In his position, I wouldn’t tell people about it either. I would want to be known for acting, not the actor who’s family survived Nazi Germany so people are giving me a break.

    I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • PercyJacksonrules

    @lol: I see comments like yours every so often and then I see about a zillion more saying how gorgeous, adorable, and hot Logan is so you’re either the minority that consists of a jealous male or a female that needs their eyes checked. You poor thing!

    That being said, Logan never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence and down to earth personality. This was quite a long interview and he handled it so well. He’s such an animated talker too, you never get bored when he talks. Of course it helps that he’s so adorable to look at..lol.

  • kay

    he’s kinda cute, he reminds me of zac efron with the way he speaks and what not

  • Miia

    @PercyJacksonrules: Exactly my opinion! Couldn’t say better than you.

    Logan is an amazing actor and he’s very serious and committed to his work, because that’s what he truly loves. Every time I watch one of his interviews, he amazes me because he’s so down to earth and clever with his answers. He doesn’t have that “oh-I’m-such-a-superstar-because-I’m-being-interviewed”, you know?

    There are so many girls who love him because he’s hot and adorable and funny.
    I ADMIRE him for his personality and career. The fact that he’s handsome helps, obviously, I’m not blind!

    He seems to be that kind of person that you can have both silly and deep, intelligent conversations. Basically, he’s amazing!