Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus: T-Mobile Twosome

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus: T-Mobile Twosome

Brenda Song keeps close to beau Trace Cyrus inside the launch party for the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G on Wednesday night (April 20) in Beverly Hills.

The twosome met up inside with Trace‘s sister Brandi and her Frank and Derol bandmate Codi.

Brenda, 23, who wore a navy blue Bird by Juicy Couture “Kate” blazer over her little black dress, was most recently spotted out at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Tickled Pink Gala in NYC.

Psst, did you get to see the “Graduation On Deck” videos yet? It’s going to be a tear-jerker!

FYI: Brenda accessorized her look with lia sophia‘s square Cubist ring.

15+ pics inside of Brenda Song

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Credit: David Livingston, Michael Buckner, Juan Rico; Photos: Fame Pictures, Getty
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    Why the FCK is Trace Cyrus in the headline title? this site has never EVER wrote anything about this assHOLE so why start now? and include it in the headline? WTF???????????????

    As if this douchebag is any more relevant than his sister Brandi Cyrus. I mean SERIOUSLY, what the hell? why not have Brandi Cyrus in the headline with Brenda? It’s not like Brenda and the Cyrus horse walked the red carpet together.

    I’m gonna go barf now…

    and any proof brenda is dating douchebag? lmao

  • joanne

    how long have they been going out now?

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    @DANCEL: 0.0 *speachless*

    calm down dude ! its not worth it

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    and seriously brenda ? there is better for you out there

  • bonnie

    I think they are a cute couple!!!hell is her life!!!Maybe he makes her happy!!!

  • jojo

    @joanne: They haven’t been going out.

  • KIKI

    brenda looks so cute! GO BRENDA!

  • sara

    lol her fashion sense is so tacky! she dresses like a hooker

  • kelena

    She looks gorgeous. Seems like she had a blast :) but the even looks boring.


    OMG she looks really bad here, like a dirty gypsy…WTF?!

  • sel

    gorgeous brenda!

  • Maya

    she looks so washed up here, does she ever bother combing her hair and washing it? never seen her with such washed up, ‘druggie’ hair and tacky clothes.

  • sara


  • SLOD fanatic

    shes so deliciously hot! x x x x

    btw, who the eff is this trace person?

  • SLOD fanatic

    and good to hear that TSLOD is ending. 3 years of that lovely crap is enough.

  • Samantha

    And she wonders why Ashley Tisdale didn’t visit her when they were in Vancouver at the same time.

  • Holly


    @jojo: If you ever happened to check their twitters, you’d see they’ve been datinf for a looong while. Way to be weird and a spazz!
    @SLOD fanatic: He’s Miley Cyrus’ older brother.

  • bonnie

    she look better compare to the other pictures she took..

  • Holly

    @Samantha: Brenda never said she wonders why Ashley Tisdale didn’t visit her when they were in Vancouver at the same time, Brenda said she couldn’t have visited her because of their conflicting shooting schedules and Brenda’s The Social Network promo commitment prevented them for seeing each other in Vancouver because Brenda had to go back to LA. And then she said ”but it doesn’t matter because we live near in the same neighborhood”.

    And second of all, wtf is your problem? Why would she wonder why? Brenda isn’t dating Trace, Miley is this emo’s sister and Miley, Ashley and Brenda are still friends. Each one of these girls who are friends/or related to this emo guy have been seen with Ashley since the emo Cyrus’ comments about how Ashley is the ‘WORST PERSON EVER’ and a B*tch. So I really don’t get what you’re talking about. When Brenda’s mom had cancer, Ashley moved to Brenda’s house to comfort her. They were best friends for over 10 years and then when High School Musical became the new Grease, they weren’t as close as they were before.

  • drift

    is she obsessed with the satanic occult stuff now cause all she ever wears has to be red or pink or black

    really worrying..

  • starry


  • bb

    :) nice brenda xD

  • Amy

    Awww! She looks adorable!

  • pinkplastic

    Love brenda! ..and I’m so sad for TSLOD ending. would like to make it last forever. …yes I’m gonna cry! :) though I’m happy cause is a new begining for all of them! :D!!!!! excited for what’ll coming next.



  • baby

    She is TOO gorgeous! And I miss the metro station band,they were awesome! shake shake shake shake SHAKE YA!

  • love

    pretty cute dress and smile! and miley’s sister looks exactly like miley!

  • sami


  • Blair

    love brenda always and she is so gorgeous

  • indialovesubrendasong

    her friends look cool and she’s so beautiful ! i love her her !

  • GG

    To be fair, why do people like presuming things like she’s dating him? Just because she was seen with him out two times this year doesn’t make then a couple and before that the only time they were seen together was May 2010.. so in all of 2010 they were only seen together once. And in May 2010, when they were seen together, there’s a video by the paparazzi of both of them leaving a NYlon magazine event and they clearly looked like a couple. But after May 2010, Brenda has been photographed frequently by the paparazzi and Twitter sightings of Brenda outside were incessant, none of which included a ‘Trace Cyrus’ or ‘Tall Pale Guy’ in the description. The tweets were more like ‘OMG Just Saw Brenda Song in Santa Monica’, ‘ooooh OMFG BRENDA SONG’. What happened between May 2010 and now is unknown, so the ‘they’re dating’ rumors are invalid.

    So it really doesn’t make any sense for people to assume they’re a couple or not. I hang out with guys a lot, it doesn’t mean I’m dating them. I have a best friend who’s a guy. Does that mean I’m dating him? No, it means I have a friend who is a guy. Looking at these pictures of Brenda and Trace at this event, they DEFINITELY do not look like a couple based on these pictures, they look like friends. On top of all of that, in the other 2011 sighting of both Brenda and Trace together, they didn’t look like a couple at all. She was walking metres away from him when they were seen outside together for the first time this year in the end of February 2011.

  • sidra

    haters **** offfff!!!!
    she does wat she wants to do
    maybe even one day u mighty do dat too!!!!!!!

  • foofo

    awww she looks sooo cute!

  • sa3ooda

    Love her! Thanks for the Brenda news Just!

  • foofo

    i hated this season of on deck so i don’t care

  • Jojo

    @Holly: Brenda doesn’t have a Twitter and I follow Trace Cyrus on Twitter, there is absolutely nothing on his Twitter that asserts or hints he’s dating Brenda Song. You need to accept that and get over it.

  • Soniya

    Brenda looks hot!

  • pinky princess

    gooo brenda

  • pinky princess


  • angelic pain girl

    brenda :)

  • mel

    woah, miley’s big sister looks like her doppleganger!

  • Jojo

    @Holly: You’re such a lying weird spaz.

    Grow up, psychopath. Like seriously, stop making up shiiiit to suit yourself, lifeless freak!

  • Lolo

    cute xD

  • amy

    who the hell cares about this trace nobody? more brenda please

    no one cares about irrelevant trash

  • Dano

    What is someone as hot as Brenda doing with that turd Trace Cyrus…she’s gott do better than that piece of s***!

  • brenda-Fan

    trace is not good enough for brenda.brenda dylan sprouse data and should not disen asso called trace

  • sienna

    y is brenda with trrace cyrus ? eww. she can do so much better !

  • ???????