Miley Cyrus: These Boots Were Made For Walking

Miley Cyrus: These Boots Were Made For Walking

Miley Cyrus walks and talks with a couple of friends in thigh-high boots as she picks up a few things from a shop on Saturday afternoon (April 23) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 18-year-old actress/singer just has a few days left until she leaves for her Gypsy Heart Tour.

Miley tweeted about her excitement: “On my way to final day of dress rehearsal! Ah! One week until I leave! So stressed about packing? Anyone wanna help me haha I could use it!”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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  • chelle

    She needs to wear a bra…

  • emmy

    she looks pretty.

  • bee

    Is she still friends with Demi Lovato?

  • heatherr

    she looks beautiful but you cann see right threw her shirt and thats not good):

  • Abby

    WHY is she leaving the house in a white tank & no bra?

  • elchicacaliente

    Miley cyrus Sextape solo with her sextoy click her :

  • lb

    So cute :)

  • karen

    she has a nice body…amazing legs

  • mw

    she should invest on a bra.
    Not hating on her, but seriously it wouldnt kill her to wear one. lol….

  • rick

    that shirt needs to be tighter.

  • Leyla

    @chelle i guess she doesnt own one

  • http://yahoo Alex

    ok look i think miley looks fine i like her outfit and if your gonna hate well thats your own problem then go solve it because i think miley did a good job on the outfit and i just dont like it how people judge miley when they never met her in person ok so can you just leave her alone

  • laurent

    @abby i know, rigth??? can she be more pathetic? damn shes soo desperate for attetion, and shes sooo fat, woww just look at that huge fat round face! look even more ugly and fat wit her disgusting hair like that, ewwww she looks like a huge mess, get some style you nasty and talentless attetion whore

  • :::))))

    haha amazing legs??? those are her biggest flaw imo..theyre really big..

  • hedgehogzrkool

    @rick: creep

  • jonathon

    white trash

  • angie

    Its called a bra, it holds your boobs. Wear one.

  • http://@gotadedipirona Laura schurllet

    linda demais s2s2

  • ytht

    miley cyrus solo sextape with a sextoy: to see the video!

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @laurent: *Mocking Miley * So What if u can see a little boob from the side! I’m sorry, that I’m not perfect ;)

  • Dreamgirl

    PEOPLE please!!!…
    Look, I’ m not the biggest miley fan, to be honest sometimes she annoys the hell out of me BUT stop dissing how she looks…
    I personally think she looks good…
    I mean honestly how good would you all look wearing no make up, hair pulled back and dressed casually?…
    Most people on this site are young girls…
    We need to stand up for one another…
    Stop calling other girls fat and ugly…She’s a real person with real feelings…Have we not learned anything from Demi Lovato and her problems?…
    I feel so much pressure to be skinny that I’m constantly freaking out over food and my body…
    I’m not a stick insect, I have a big butt and chest but it’s part of my genetics!!…When I see people calling someone as slim as Miley fat it really breaks my heart..There’s so many problems in the world right now, so many disasters that I feel she should focus our energy on doing good, being positive instead of being negative to our fellow young girls!…Come on people time to wise up, this negativity is hurting so many people!…If you’re positive positive things will happen to you…Stay strong ladies and be positive!xxxx

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @jonathon: takes one to know one. What’s the address to your trailer park?

  • janiece

    i like her underwear…oh wait those are suppose to be shorts

  • actress

    @laurent: Get. A. Life. Have we not seen what calling people fat does for there self esteem? Its called being a girl. We all get a little bloated at a certian time of month. She is beautiful in every way and has the most killer body I’ve ever seen. So quit your hating and grow up. Don’t you know? Jelousy is the ugliest trait ;) Bio-tch.

  • actress

    @Dreamgirl: Thank you for being such a positive person!! Honestly your comment brightend my mood like 1000000 percent. Its nice to finally see someone who dosn’t hate on people for things they can’t help. <3333

  • nathalia

    i LOVE miley but she needs a bra asap! lol
    @Dreamgirl: i agree with u 100% !!!

  • rick

    @hedgehog: it’s not like she’s young anymore you bitch.

  • crazeekiwi

    some people on here are a bit mean. I mean i’m not a huge fan of Miley but that’s going a bit too far.

    WOW. Miley is not fat.

    If you think miley is fat there is something wrong with you. Miley is not ugly either. i think miley is pretty and she does have talent. Miley can do what ever she wants. She’s not a lil kid anymore. If you have a problem with her then don’t read the post.

  • Have It hollywood

    Nice boots! You go girl!

  • amy

    Love her, but hate those boots – wierd heels. Can’t wait for tour info.

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    Miley<3 love the boots !
    i hope shes still friends with demi

  • sahina


    wow. you sound exactly like that attention seeking moron on here called Claudia/Paulie/Andy/ imbecile.

    get a life and stop bullying people.

  • SheilaJ

    Umm, those are knee-high, not thigh-high.

    And what’s with all the hating? We’ve all got shorts that are short-short in our drawers. Go into any mall and you’ll see lots of girls doing the exact same thing.

  • headstrong

    @laurent: Eres mala, muy mala, te llaman la malparida (8) Dont you think its time for you to hmm you know.. to grow up?. You dont need to change you ‘name’ because we all know your the same pathetic hater. You’re’ in your twenties, act your age. Get a life you nasty and stupid attetion wh0re. You’re the one ‘desperate for attetion’.

  • Cassy

    i was unaware that tits out was a new style

  • Dani

    I’m kind of indifferent to Miley – I don’t like or dislike her -, but girl really needs to wear a damn bra. Sel was seen 2 times without it, Jennifer Aniston too, etc… I don’t know what’s up with this HW girls/women. It seems that they like to be in the gossip news, it’s doesn’t matter for them if it’s because of her non-existent bras instead of their talents.

  • amber

    So what if she’s 18 and “can” do whatever she wants
    that doesn’t mean that she “should” do whatever she wants

  • angie

    i agree im seventeen years old and i don’t dress like that or act how she does.

  • demi lovesvodka

    dressed like a hooker, as always. fugly face too

  • lola

    she’s not fat you hater!!! what are you doing in this neighborhood… at least she’s healthy not skinny …. how about you we cant see you so we really do not know if your ugly and fat… Miley is okay the way she look . actually she got great long legs, not skinny as far as the bra it looks ok ; if she have a big breast woth no bra it will be a disaster… so shot your mouth and gosomewhere else, is you have nothing nice to say!!!!!!

  • lola

    @Dreamgirl: I salute your positive attitude…. you understand people with your age, i agree with you, what they doing here in this blog those haters are called bullying; doesn’t look like it , but it is cyber bullying. so keep up the good work and speak up…

  • Warren

    Wow! Miley looks excited or maybe a little cold. Too bad it’s not raining. Miley is so sexy! What hot legs! What a top! Now I’m excited! Miley is beautiful!

  • Warren

    Some of the haters on here are so jealous of Miley. She is not fat. Not even close. Miley has the most beautiful face and the hottest body I have ever seen. Miley is a dream girl for a lot of guys. I bet not one hater even comes close to the beauty of Miley! And Miley has a great personality too. And can sing!

  • Um No


    She needs to show more tits.

  • Jeff Luther

    I’d love to pleasure her nipples!!

  • Jenna

    miley is beautiful. she def could wear a bra, but i am a true miley fan. i support her 100%. she is her own person and she can do what ever she wants. it is absurd that people call her fat. are you blind? haha she is NOT fat at all. don’t push your insecurities on other people. you are beautiful in your own way too. send love to everyone people!! LOVE YOU MILEY!

  • Claire

    @laurent i really think that you should rather start by trying to improve yourself before trying to get others to improve themselves because there honestly has to be something wrong with you that you seem a little bit insecure to find fault in others.There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks and she is defintiley not fat or ugly…Luv all the Miley Cyrus fans :)

  • Maximum miley on Twitter

    Miley Looks Amazing! Totally hot!

  • Maximum miley on Twitter

    Miley looks gorgeous, she is just out shopping and having fun. give her a break. You haters need to get a life and stop obsessing about Miley. Do something positive like seek have deep issues. I love you Miley<3

  • that’s news

    Why did it take for someone else to point out that she wasn’t wearing a bra for me to go back and see for myself? Should I have noticed that from the beginning? No, because… I’m not a pervert!! I prefer to see the kid doing good instead of what she is or isn’t wearing. BTW some of you people walk acting like a boob all the time…what’s the difference? hers are covered.