Zac Efron Finds a Director!

Zac Efron Finds a Director!

Zac Efron holds onto his drink while heading to his car after a visit to Earthbar on Tuesday (April 26) in Hollywood.

Later in the day, the 23-year-old actor wore a Kobe Bryant shirt and a Stand Up to Cancer jacket to the Lakers game.

Zac‘s upcoming flick Die In A Gunfight has found its director, according to Deadline.

Anthony Mandler will direct the film about “a fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man (Efron) who pursues a romance with the daughter of his father’s enemy.”

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • lauren

    he looks sad?

  • karla

    Can’t wait to see this new Zac’s film!!
    He’s a great actor and for sure he’ll do it awesome :)

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    He looks very hot ! Gosh, his muscles look amazing.. *drools* Haha. ‘Die in a Gunfight’ sounds awesome !! Anything that involves falling in love with an enemy is my kind of movie, it’s intense and yeah. And the fact that Zachary is in it makes it better.. :D I can’t wait to hear more about it !!

  • kyle

    An action movie for Zac, yay!!!

  • Stefanie

    I LOOOOOOVE YOU ZAC EFRONNN <33333333333333


    cant wait too see more from youuuuuu <3

  • Mie

    Omg he looks amazing :)

  • Lawrence

    That boy and his sexy biceps!, hot!.

  • SE


  • kerri

    Beautiful. I can’t wait for his new movies to come out.

  • Carebear

    Zacinator you could wear a trash bag and still look hot!!

  • kerri

    Does anyone know when the lucky one will come to South African cinemas?

  • sjk

    WOW! Like a fine wine…… he just gets better with age! Can’t wait to see him in such an action packed movie. What a way to start the day!!

  • Nicky

    @kerri: Up to now is no date set when the movie will start in the US.
    That’s a tweet from Nicholas Sparks, he has written the book and doesn’t know more about it:

    The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron, finished filming in December, and will be released most likely in early 2012. It’s FANTASTIC!

  • kerri

    @Nicky: Thank you. You are a great fan of his. Most of his fans have stop liking him because he isn’t with Vanessa but i still like them both. People are just too immature now days.

  • Jessica

    cant wait for his upcoming movies!

  • http://peggy sue

    I just have to get this off my chest and I know this is about Zac but I just have to say something. There are alot of people out there hating on Zac and calling him a douchbag and everything else and want to call him a cheater. I do not understand this because is it just me but does it not seem odd that Zac is not the one dating his co star Vanessa is and not only her costar but the one she was doing the movie with when they broke up . The same eighteen year old that you see her and Zac in a picture with on a boat. The same guy she is holding hands with in a bowling alley last night,(but they are just friends). All these co stars Zac was suppose to be with he is not. She broke up with Zac to be with Josh, she seems to be the one who cheated but no one wants to say that and say anything bad about her she is just being comforted by a friend. I think it is disgusting that she is flaunting that BOY in front of Zac. He can’t even go to a basketball game alone without everyone saying bad things about him that is so unfair. All people can talk about is RUMORS that have been pretty much proved to be false. I do not like Vanessa anymore she does not seem to have any feelings she just care about herself

  • woooow

    daaamn he looks amazing!! look at those biceps! what is vanessa hudgens thinking holding josh hutcherson’s hand when she could be holding those arms! SEXY!

  • kerri

    @Sue: I also hate that people are bashing Zac. Vanessa is obviously happy with a freaking child sorry i mean 18 year old boy. Zac can go out now and have all the fun and woman he wants.

  • kerri

    I want him now before i respected his relationship with Vanessa but they are done. I know i don’t stand a chance with him but who the hell cares now if one day i meet him i will flirt with him like crazy.

  • Ella

    bb is chillin’ like a boss. <3

  • Merlin’s mum

    Sorry I put the wrong name on!!

  • Merlin’s mum

    @sue: I did reply once but it didn’t come up. I’ve said before that I do like Vanessa as an actress, but I have to say I agree with you. I don’t get why Zac even looking in someone elses direction makes him a douche, a cheat, a liar, a ba****d, whatever, but we’re not supposed to think bad of V for hanging out with another guy from virtually the day they split? Of course it is none of our business, but after all the hate her fans sent Zac, come on you gotta expect some back after this. We have never seen pictures of Zac doing the things he’s supposed to have done.

  • http://facebook amanda

    i cant wait to see it it sounds interesting and i want to see it zac is such a great actor and i cant wait to see

  • SeL


  • Allie

    I really fear for his career. If he’s not working with experienced actors, he needs to be working with experienced directors, not music video and advert directors. I don’t get where it all went wrong. After Me and Orson Welles, it looked so bright and promising.

  • zacluver

    woot woot! he looks amazing! cant wait for “die in a gunfight” :D

  • Nicki313

    @Allie: He’s 23, most actors don’t get highly established untill their 30s, and you can’t always work with the go-to people in Hollywood. If actors never took a chance with Directors, movies, etc. we would have people like James Camron out there.

  • http://www.twitter.londrinek Roberta

    Ele = minha loucura! Admiro tanto ele..♥

  • kerri

    If i had a bad day i just look at Zac and i feel so much better.

  • kerri

    Why is it so little comments? Where are all the Zac fans?

  • http://yahoo so what………………….


    chillax girl everyone of you……………stop hatin this boy is movin on and that girl (V) is also movin on…………………………………. she also said that she’s single………………………. have everyone of you readin any of her latest news…………………………. she and that boy is friends (just friends) and zac is lookin good hope him the best of the best.,…….

  • kerri

    I am just curious how long did Kate and William breakup? and how long did it take for them to get back together? I know i am going to sound crazy but i hope one day Zac and Vanessa get married.

  • Mia

    Forget it, since she moved on with Josh, they will never get back together. Believe me. I wonder where Aly, Karen or Barbara are. The Zanessa supporter. Now that there is no real hope anymore, they won’t post again.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @Nicki313: also i would like to add that scott hicks(tlo) is an academy award nominated director whose movie shine was nominated for 8 academys. Zac is working with experienced directors and the scripts of the action comedy and die in a gunfight are black listed( 2007 and 2010 respectively). Also its been just two years that he got out of disney he surely is taking very mature roles that would attract a mature crowd.

  • Nicky

    @kerri: You sound like a nice girl. Please don’t think that Kate will have a nice life. William and her jnow each other for 9 years and the queen has received her just one time up to now. The queen doesn’t like Catherine. The name Kate doesn’t exist anymore. She’s also not allowed to use the title princess, because she doesn’t come from an aristocratic family. She’s the Duchess of Cambridge now also William is just allowed to use the title Duke now, he can call himself a prince again when his father becomes the King. The queen has also received Catherines family just one time and that was last week. The queen didn’t know Catherines family up to this appointment. Living in a royal family is anything else than easy. Now she has to do what all other people tell her. I hope she’s strong enough for this life.

    And as for Zac and Vanessa it’s better the way it is. I respect both and maybe one day, they can be normal friends again but no couple anymore, and at this it’s better they avoid each other.

  • Have It hollywood

    Zac is so hot

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://www.twitter.londrinek Roberta

    Sou fã do Zac e da Sun a partir de hoje!! Sun falou tudo que eu queria dizer sobre a Vanessa Hudgens e o fantoche (Josh) dela!

  • http://www.twitter.londrinek Roberta

    Sou fã do Zac e da Sue a partir de hoje!! Sue falou tudo que eu queria dizer sobre a Vanessa Hudgens e o fantoche (Josh) dela!*

  • http://yahoo cody

    life is a bitch and zac is a unhappy
    man he is still in love with vanessa
    but she cheated on him with a boy
    but he will not be happy tell vanessa is in
    him arms again

    he love her so much
    so fight for her she love you too

  • Merlin’s mum

    @kerri: Zac’s fans are getting tired of his posts being full of hate, sometimes from both sides. If we pass a comment that someone doesn’t like, they proceed to be sometimes extremely hurtful and personal. I have been called a liar, told to leave the site, a pervert and stupid. And I’m not sure I want to be verbally abused by people who don’t even know me any more. I’ll continue to follow whatever posts that I want, but I won’t get so involved anymore.

  • kyle

    I totally agree with you. The sensible ones left JJ for the mere fact that they are sick and tired of the infighting and name calling of most posters on Zac and Vanessa’s articles. It is also tiring to defend any one of them from malicious attacks and lies from their respective fans so i can’t blame them for totally abandoning the jj site.

  • maria

    @sue: @Merlin’s mum: You two just need to shut up. She did not cheat, never did. Who had all the rumors of cheating during their relationship? Not Vanessa. Do you even understand the concept of a break-up? They are NO LONGER together, in spite of trying to work things out in January. That means, they are both free to do whatever. Not that you two Zac-freaks would understand, but Josh was the ONLY person who was there for her in NC when everything ended. He was the shoulder she needed. There was NOTHING but friendship before that. And if something has developed, then that’s her business. And that’s normal too, to develop rebound relationships when people are vulnerable. At least he’s a great guy, VERY mature as Annette Bening, his Oscar winning costar has said, and has been there for her. You have no right to judge them, as she is free to be with whomever she chooses now. As is Zac.

    So why don’t you two talk about Zac and his movie, instead of Vanessa. He’d be pissed that people are talking about her on his thread about his career. Back to topic please.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @maria: And thus another one proves my point. You are a bully. And one who doesn’t pay any attention to what people actually say. I NEVER mentioned Josh. YOU DID! Cyber-bullying is becoming a big problem People are killing themselves after being spoken to in this manner. Are you PROUD of yourself? Lose the hate and think before you type. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, personal attacks like yours are something altogether different. Love is Louder. BB )O(

  • kerri

    Gosh i am so sick of people bashing Zac. He will never be good enough for anyone will he? The guy is trying to live his life and make movies but all people want to do is just tear him apart.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @Merlin’s mum: @kyle: @kerri: agreed with u all. Its just sickening and most of zac’s fans don’t comment or read his posts bcoz of the namecalling and rumor mongering. Who would want to read bullshit abt their fav celebs so most of them stick to other sites even i do sometimes.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @kerri: omg kerri just take it lightly ignore the hate posts ,i know it is a little difficult even with me but remember it doesn’t affect him and lots of people have good things to say abt him like on twitter, his costars, friends and other good sites besides he has millions of fans all over the world and all of them don’t visit jj or jjjr. Also he is on a path to make a brilliant career. Let The lucky one hit the theatres its going to be a sure hit (all nicholas sparks adaptions are) plus he is talented and a lot of critics have appreciated his performance and said that his good luks can let people not see his talent fully and thats so true. But then a lot of good luking actors(tom cruise, brad pitt) have become established actors before which they were called a pretty face,i am sure zac will too. Also he has the star power to open movies no.1 at the bo required for a leading man status.Hence he is a complete package. His projects are very different(like comedy, action, romance etc) and i am glad he is taking different kinds of roles. Also when he was doing those hsm roles people thought he was another disney kid(who can’t act just dances and sings) but he proved that he can act with movies like maow and 17 again .I am sure he would prove himself with the action movies tøo. Without a doubt he would be awesome but still i would just wish him good luck though he doesn’t need that.

  • gIrL wOrLd

    @Merlin’s mum: lol ignore the crack heads one poster told me to go sleep with zac coz i had only good things to say abt him or do what i do just give a scorching back reply so that the poster next time does not mess with you .I mean the haters are so evil that they are throwing mud on him even when he is doing good things like watching lakers or supporting charities. But then who cares zac is living his life so should we and just ignore the haters.

  • chris

    @sue: I also have the same sentiment as you.

  • maria

    @Merlin’s mum: Please stop with your self-righteousness. You are the one who insinutated that V has been with her “co-star” since the minute filming ended. You didn’t need to mention his name….you brought it up. And why is that wrong? Not that it’s true anyway, but Zac and Vanessa have been broken up since NC. We hear about Josh with her AND her friends/family very occasionally. Big deal. How do you know what Zac is doing day to day? You don’t, cause he’s hiding whatever he’s doing. At least Josh is a great guy, and not some VS model or some chick named Amy, who tweets about missing him and being in love with him. So don’t toss stones, when you don’t have a clue about what is up with him either. Let’s remember, they are free to do whatever they want right now. And that includes having a friendship with Josh, and hooking up with models. Whatever floats their boat, and it’s up to them.

    As far as bullying, I have nothing to say unless people start assuming and insinuating about Vanessa. You do the same as far as Zac. So if you insist on using that term on me, I really can say the same for you. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.