Robert Pattinson Watched The Royal Wedding

Robert Pattinson Watched The Royal Wedding

He really is just like us!

Robert Pattinson admitted to Glamour UK mag that not only did he watch the big event last week, he thought it was sweet.

The 24-year-old actor chatted with the mag about the wedding, animals and his secret longing of wanting to juggle. Check it:

On being a natural with animals: “I just had a dog growing up so I don’t know if I’m a natural with anything. I like animals a lot. I’ve never really… I’m very trusting in them. I trust them more than I trust people. I think there is some kind of connection in that.”

On what circus ‘trick’ he would like to learn: “I’d love to learn how to juggle. I’m physically incapable of juggling. It’s very annoying. Circus school is tough. I mean she had to go there every day. And they’re really hard on the performers. I mean it’s like a bootcamp. I was really glad I didn’t have to do anything. I was like, I’m not a performer. I don’t know anything about the circus. My part doesn’t involve anything so it was great. I just got to hang out with animals for my part. It was very simple.”

On watching the Royal Wedding: “I was in Paris working and I was doing these interviews and the TV was behind the interviewer so I was watching it. I was surprised how interesting I thought it was. It was nice to see everyone look so happy in England. Because everyone normally looks so miserable walking down the street and you see everyone waving their flags. It looks very sweet.”

On still wanting to hang out with his Twilight cast: “It’s such a big part of our lives. I get on with everyone really well. Literally everyone in the cast I’m great friends with. So I would hope so. I can’t imagine not doing that. I mean, especially in LA. I mean most of my closest friends in America are people I worked on Twilight with.”

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